There’s a woman. She was casting spells on me and ruining every facet of my life. Looking back, this has been going on for a few years. I was so afraid of her. She’s a Luciferian, herself, who also uses professional casters. This woman does not even know me, personally. She wanted my boyfriend. We were deeply in love. We are no longer together, but she also is not ‘with’ him, with him, though she is in his life and I am not…it took over a year to accomplish that. (She turned him into the worst version of himself.) I was living in FEAR, trying only to protect myself from further attacks. I could not conceive of going after her, of retribution, or of being offensive. UNTIL I FOUND LILA. Even then, it took some time. I witnessed, over and over, the results of Lila’s work, before I felt confident enough to do anything to this person. I was afraid, and now I am not. This woman didn’t just take my relationship, THEY then took my plans and left me with an empty business and almost no way out/forward. My life was shattered, and now I have hope. I’ve done so many spells. My confidence is coming back, my will, my drive, my hope for the future. Every time I open my email and see “It is done” is like Christmas morning. I don’t want to learn to forgive the people that f*k’d my life. I want to mess them up. I want my life back. Better than before. And, thanks to Lila, I know I can have it. So grateful xx.


I feel so bad for not leaving a testimonial earlier but Lila has been working my rituals for the past 2 years and I have grown and my love for demons have grown substantially. My salary has doubled since her, currently making a quarter million, and many of my targets have caved in to me sexually and romantically and several enemies have fallen. Thank you Lila for everything and I have much love for you and your work

Alfonso Acosta

This isn’t to speak of the spells (I’m still waiting for them to manifest entirely) but this is to speak of Lila’s work ethic. She flat out says no to any work done on a minor if it can be baneful to another target. I respect that. Twice I asked for a refund for different reasons and there were no questions asked but the refund was given. I respect that too


Lila is a life saver!
Her spells are so amazing.
I was having trouble sleeping and my car had broken down and generally having bad luck.
Since i had the curse removal i have had better sleep and the last few days have been going great.

I have also ordered a personal custom ritual which i wont publicly disclose but its for an ongoing problem i have had for years and i am sure Lila will take care of me with this ritual too.

I am forever grateful to be one of her clients 💕💕

Victoria G

Lila has taken care of so much for me and I am so grateful to her and the demons that I have been able to bring so much to them. I cannot express enough how important Lila has been in my life journey. Thank you Queen. I love you xx Thank you for all the patience, strength, and life changing work you do/have done on my behalf. So much gratitude and respect to Lucifer, Lilith, and ALL the Amazing Demons that have helped me SO much thanks to beautiful Lila’s intervention. Thanks to you all I have so much to look forward to now, and I am unbreakable.

Love you forever,
- Es


When I first learned about Lilith, I came to her for matters of the heart (break up spell, miserable without me, dream of me, and . It was a complicated love triangle on my part as well as the person I was involved with. At the time, different spells manifested at different times. Some almost overnight and others showed signs of movement. But now? Wow! Suddenly, they all have come together to bring about the results I always wanted. Patience is everything.

I also ordered the Heal from Abuse/Emotional Healing spell and I have seen that come to fruition the strongest. I was depressed, second guessing myself, an emotional mess. In the past year, I have become a different person and started to focus on my career and getting ahead in my profession. Let me tell you that my area of work is competitive and people will not think twice about stabbing you in the back while pretending to me friendly. I ordered the Protection Spell, the demonic charisma and the road opener spells at different times. I am now advancing faster in my profession and am able to be just as competitive as the others. I am one step closer to getting what I most want in my work.

My next spells will be curse tablets for all of those who stabbed me in the back. Those curse tablets are powerful. I am also ordering another spell that will protect me in the most beautiful way but I do not want to mention it here because of how special it is. I don’t feel guilty anymore. I have the courage to go out and get what I want. I am still learning about the Luciferian way of life and doing my best to honor all the demons from the spells. I am learning to live my best life and thank you to Lila for making that possible. My deepest respect to Lila.


Llevo año y medio trabajando con Lilith en distintos rituales. Solamente os digo que uno de los últimos que le encargué, el del cabello, supe que lo había realizado antes de que me mandara la foto de confirmación. Mi pelo había perdido su volumen y sus rizos de forma inexplicable en los últimos tres meses y este hecho me tenía bastante deprimida… Un día me paré en una tienda y algo me impulsó a comprar una línea de productos capilares que desconocía y que no había probado nunca… Fue lavarme por primera vez el pelo con ellos y que mis rizos empezarán a tomar forma de nuevo. Evidentemente, fue la efectividad del ritual. Por siempre, una clienta; por siempre, una admiradora.

Aurora Rodríguez Ariño

I wanted to leave another update. The Come Back To Me spell worked the fastest out of the most recent four love spells I’ve requested. Lilith casted it last night (3/27/24) and before I’ve received her confirmation this morning, I already knew because my ex called me. Mind you, I broke up with him for valid reasons a month ago and we did not communicate at all. However, he called me last night and we talked for almost four hours. He admitted how much he’s missed me and took accountability for his part on why I broke up with him. I told him I would be open with us starting slow with no titles, as I did break up with him for a reason so I want him to show me. But, I highly reccomend the Come Back To Me spell if you desire communication and/or realization from an ex!


This is an update post <3 My spells have been working wonderfully! My target and I consistently speak and he is chasing me all the time. I have completely relaxed and no longer chase him. This is a complete 180 from where we were before Lilith casted her spells for me. These spells are continuing to work and I am so excited to see how they continue to help my relationship evolve. My gratitude to Lilith and all the demons is indescribable. Hail Lilith! Thank you Lilith, you are truly amazing, I will be in touch soon for more rituals <3


This is an update for several spells. I think it is important to share them, because I appreciate it when others also post on their progress. Before I get into the details, I think it is important to share the approach that I take when ordering spells. I think about my end goal and what steps (spells) I need to take to get there. Depending on my objective and reading of Lila’s descriptions, I’ll know if I have to order one or two or three to get what I want. It’s like a chessboard almost.

I’m so obsessed with Lila’s curse tablets. They are extremely powerful and have always brought about better results than I could imagine. The target of these curse tablets deserves it all. I decided a while back that I wasn’t going to sit around and wait and feel resentment for all the terrible things this person did to me. The person got “justice” in the way that only Lila can deliver. What was once a super vain and boastful person, thinking they were untouchable is a now a super self conscious, insecure and ugly person. I don’t feel bad at all. I’m still working on my next spell for the horrible things this person did to me. I can sleep at night and have peace knowing that this person is getting what they deserve.

I also ordered the weight loss and beauty spells. I am already down 10 pounds and I look far younger than most people my age. Where they have wrinkles and look tired and worn out, I have glowing skin and look young and fresh. My clothes fits different and I don’t have the same cravings for junk food like before. I am making better choices with food and have not changed my skin care routine at all.

The last one is the demonic charisma spell. That one is pure fire! I can’t get into too much detail about what has happened because I am in the public and need to be careful. I will say that I have been noticed by all the right people and see my career going upward. I have very high favors of all the powers that be in my industry and opportunities have been plentiful that would not be there otherwise because hard work is not enough if you are not noticed. Being a good worker and waiting to get noticed while other people who did less than me get ahead was frustrating for me. They knew how to be fake – something I can’t do. I have to me and only me and now it is paying off because I am being noticed for me. My profession is very cut throat. People stab each other in the back and call you friend at the same time. I am able to advance without resorting to any of this. I’m being noticed without having to bring anyone down.

I am forever thankful and have so much respect for Lila – a powerful witch and teacher of demonology. I used to hear demons and bought into the religious lies but now I feel the religious leaders who tell these lies. I said it in a previous post, those who control the narrative define what is good and what is evil. For so long, christian leaders have spread lies to control the masses and keep us from living to our fullest potential – because that is not convenient for them to have a society of confident and successful people. Imagine a society of people living to their fullest potential? In order to be an oppressor, there has to be someone that is oppressed.

Demons allow us to have the life that we want and deserve based on our own ideas. I have the utmost respect for demons and do all that I can to show them my gratitude. It’s not something I take lightly. I am living my best life and I owe it to Lila, Queen Lilith, Lucifer and the other demons who make the impossible possible.

I can’t wait to order the Baptism Reversal spell and be completely free.


I was initially referred to Lilith by a member on a spiritual website and, boy she was right on how effective Lilith’s work is. I did decide last week (March 4th-10th 2024 for reference) to purchase her succubus seduction and stubborn target ritual and she casted it on March 10th and I’ve already seen effects from the seduction ritual. I’ve received an unexpected refund, my taxes were deposited a day earlier, and I’ve experienced men want to initiate conversations with me in person and online.
As for the stubborn target ritual, I have yet to see it yet but I know I’ll hear from my target soon. He’s very stubborn and struggles with self-sabotaging behaviors. So, as of now (3/13) I’ve taken Lilith’s advice and purchased the dream of me and obsession spell to further enhance my success and I know it’s already working. I’ll be sure to update once I receive communication from him. But, I highly reccomend Lilith!


She has always helped me during my most difficult times and I always trust her advice. I have already purchased several spells from her, and every time, she has always given me confidence. Thank you ❤️

Maria G

The Indigo Girls have a song called Galileo where it starts out, “Galileo’s head was on the block. Crime was looking up the truth.” It is a short passage, but very powerful. I think about how many people in history were misunderstood and targeted for their will to push the limit in search of the truth. Galileo was targeted for his curiosity. Witches were persecuted for their knowledge and refusal to bow down to the religious patriarchy. The definition of what is good and what is evil is dictated by those that control the narrative.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and who I was versus who I have become. At heart, I am a good person and have always tried to do what is “right.” My idea of what is right has changed drastically since I found Lila. Before, I was trained to think that living a life of suffering and obedience to religious dogma was the only way to live. I was miserable. I always felt that there had to be more to life than turning the other cheek and longing for my reward in heaven when I died. I have always felt different from other people and have always sought out learning new things. Lila has opened my mind and helped me see that there are alternative ways of approaching life. It all feels right to me now.

For this and many other reasons, I always remember to make an offering to Queen Lilith, Lucifer, and the beautiful demons who make the impossible possible. My respect for you Lila continues to grow. Thank you for being there and for sharing your knowledge and craft with us.


A warning to people who just want to try this out for fun :

Naughtily I ordered a spell because I wanted to play with someone at work. I don’t have any romantic feelings towards this person but in a very female work environment he is one of the only straight males. I’m not a chaser and I let people come to me if they want to start anything.

I ordered the dream of me spell and the male colleague who I did it on for fun is now seeking me out at work. Smiling whenever he sees me. Sparks up conversations that don’t end until someone else walks in and tries to chime in the conversation (he won’t entertain a conversation with anyone else)

This target always minded his own business and did his job but now he lights up when he sees me and now I realize the fun with playing with fire and being irresponsible in ordering spells at times. I like being the reason his face lights up so I won’t want to reverse it.


I have purchased quite a few spells in the last couple of months – and there is no way I wasn’t divinely led to this phenomenal woman and this even more phenomenal spirit Lilith! I was so focused on misery, depression, being abused in my relationship and I was slowly losing myself and my children. Then before I found this website, something happened to where he was physically removed from my life – and that led me to seeking revenge, and I found the website.

I am 100% convinced Lilith has been trying to pull me to life for forever now, and I FINALLY followed my intuition and found Her. I was nervous at first, scared of the word “demons” and I wasn’t even raised Christian OR Catholic, that’s how much society is trying to hide the truth, as I picked up these negative connotations from pop culture, friends, and society for the most part. I thought me going on the website would IMMEDIATELY send me to “hell” – but my intuition would NOT LET ME GO. I continued to spy on the website, fixated on the spells and the testimonals.

I gave it a go – Love binding, Dream of me, the “can’t let me go” hex, obsession spell and the bring my ex back to me. I explained to Lilith the situation, and boy – the man messaged me literally within the hour of receiving the confirmation.

My ex and I still have our problems and he still hasn’t “fully” come back – long story as there’s much more going on with him then the average guy (he’s def of the “extremely stubborn target” category ) But I swear by the spells all the same! He was already a angry, violent asshole before, so now he’s so consumed by me and obsessed, it’s only making him more crazy. I far more so wanted the results of torture vs “getting him back” at the time, so I’m sure the results are based on my purest intentions LOL

But honestly, I feel like Lilith used him to communicate to me. Through him, I was even more fascinated. So I dropped my obsession with revenge and started working on myself. These spells that I got for myself were just casted a couple of days ago, and I already feel a difference! I feel more confident, more charismatic, more PURPOSE. I didn’t even order the weight loss spell, but just simply from confidence and self-love, I’ve naturally stopped smoking (GUYS!! I was a HEAVY WEED SMOKERRRR!!) and I’ve been so excited to actually eat HEALTHY. It’s like I naturally wanted to clean, naturally wanted to treat myself better.

Now, I am ready to go further. My nervousness is melting every day, I want to know more about Lilith the phenomenal Queen of this world – it’s so sad how a simple google search will provide nothing but misinformation and fear mongering. I truly feel like Lilith has been with me my whole life, but unfortunately I ignored her and was too afraid to embrace her – not anymore. If Luciferian is the pathway to Lilith, then so be it. Lilith shared her blog with me recently and so I’ve been so hungry to learn more. I will continue to learn, and I will continue to be educated.

Thank you Lilith, the Queen of this World, and thank you to Lilith the wonderful woman who runs this website and beautiful services and truly is helping to awaken so many of us! Thank you to the spirits as well, for they too have helped SO much on this journey of awakening!!

Yes, patience is a virtue here. It’s so hard to be patient, but trust me it’s worth the wait!!!


I ordered three spells all part of a larger intention I have to advance professionally and personally. They are all manifesting and showing signs pointing towards what I want to accomplish. I ordered the Demonic Charisma Spell Extreme Allure Ritual, the Fountain of Youth Spell and the Weight Loss Spell. After a week of having them completed, I caught the attention of the powers that be at work and was invited to a very exclusive event as the special guest of the chairperson. I dressed up and felt very confident and drew a lot of attention from people – who are held in high esteem by the people in my industry. One person in particular was captivated by the conversation we were having. I was also at another gathering where I spoke about a certain matter and commanded respect from the group. I received much praise from people. Lastly, I met a friend I had not seen in 2 years and she was struck with my youthful appearance and surprised when I reminded her how old I am. She said I don’t look anywhere near my age.

Before the rituals, I will confess that my skin looked tired and dull. I have also gained weight due to stress and age. BUT the night before Lila told me the rituals were complete I noticed a glow to my skin and suddenly I felt and looked young without changing any part of my skincare routine. I have been feeling very out together and confident. And I know I have not imagined any of this because I received other compliments from people about my skin and how young I look. In her description Lila also talks about not only the physical transformation for drawing people in, but also about the change in mood. I feel more alive. The weight loss ritual will take more time to show, but I know that my cravings have already changed and I am making better food choices without feeling like I need any junk food. My body craves good healthy foods and I was able to give up my biggest vice without a second thought.

I have been a customer of Lila for over a year now and I continue to be amazed at the results. Each spell has worked at different paces, and I do struggle a lot with wanting immediate results. But I am working on that. All I remember is that Lila has never let me down. I will continue to say this, Lila changed my life. In a way, she saved me from my misery and feelings of despair. I am learning every day and trying every day to live as a Luciferian. Lila goes beyond what she is required to do by writing her blog, instagram posts, and sharing her knowledge with us. I will never be able to put into words how cathartic this has been for me. I am never going back to my old way of live. It will only get better from this point forward. My deepest respect for Lila and the all powerful demons.


I absolutely love Lilas work . She is always there for her customers and takes care of everything
I have had her do rituals for me since 2021 and she is the best spell caster in the world.

Do not hesitate please purchase from her today , you will not be disappointed .
The amazing results speak for themselves ❤️

Victoria G

“Evocation Rite for Lilith”
One word that best describes how I am feeling about this ritual…. WOWWWW! The night Lila told me to speak with Lilith, I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous, but I followed her instructions and the second I said “Lilith, Lilith, Lilith” the candle started shooting upward wildly! Since then, Goddess Lilith and I are like one. She shares things with me (we talk through pendulum), and she inspires me to stand up for myself at work- she also advises who I can trust and who I shouldn’t (she worries I am too naive), she pushes me to take better care of my appearance, and feel more beautiful. My taste is also slightly more expensive now lolll I don’t take so much nonsense anymore like I used to, and when I am feeling sad, I can actually feel Lilith touching my face. Lilith told me she would like to be more of a mother figure and has expressed that she wants to be there for me and protect me.

I cannot even BELIEVE that i have this relationship and it’s all thanks to Lila. I love you Lila, you are such an incredible witch- you have such a strong talent and an amazing ability that has helped so many people- I just cannot begin to explain. thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tanya R

“Binding Love”
What can I say about this beautiful, amazing, talented, POWERFUL witch? I purchased the Ritual of Binding Love for my lover late last year. When she says the results are beautiful, she’s not lying!!!!! Although I am still working to get him back (long story) he feels like his body only belongs to me. He is unable to “perform” with anyone else but me— this is so amazing and I love the way this ritual is. If you are thinking about this ritual, do not waste any more time, just do it- trust me :P

Tanya R

I have had several spells cast over the last two months. One is the intelligence spell. Due to Covid side effects, I was suffering from cognitive issues over a year and a half. Some days I could not even operate a car. Now, 2 months later, I now have a brain that can do its complex job and more! Another was the youth and a beauty spell. Today, I got asked what I am doing because my face looks amazing (no make-up and I am 50 chronologically. Lilith and the demons do amazing work. Patience is key! I wish I had found her ealie.


Cambié de trabajo y todo parecía estar estancado, ordené el Road Opener y esa misma semana comenzaron a llegarme clientes y en una semana he tenido 3 reconocimientos en el trabajo. Si sientes que necesitas un push, no lo pienses más y abre tus caminos. Gracias Lila por ser el contacto con los demons.

If you need to open your path, order the Road Opener; you’ll see a change from the first day Lila does the work.


Since I met her, my life has been changed, and the unresolved issues have been resolved. In the past few days, I have bought three more, and now I only trust her.


I’m interested in services. Awful lot of testimonials here. Don’t want scammers. I just want my ex back. That’s it and that’s all. Reading reviews. Don’t know which one to use.

Lewis Johnson

Today I offered my gratitude to Lilith and all the demons who are helping me <3 It is amazing to see the spells begin to work and see progress in my life <3


About two months ago I ordered a spell to have one of my ex friends re enter my life. They blocked me and cut off all contract just over a year ago. Today they just unblocked me and followed me on Instagram. There’s no way this is just a coincidence, I can’t believe I ever had even the slightest doubt in Lilith’s power. You’re an incredible person Lila. If you let go and let the magic just do its thing It seems results are only a matter of time.


I could not end the year without a expressing my gratitude to Lila and making an offering to Lilith and the beautiful demons that make all things possible. I think back to where I was one year ago. Crossing paths with Lila is the best thing that has happened to me as an adult. I still have much work to do, but Lila has helped set me on the path that I know will give me the life I want and deserve.

Lila and her work is a symbol of privilege in my life. The luxuries I decided to give myself are Lila’s spells. This whole past year, I set a plan in motion to bring me peace and justice from the actions of others who hurt me deeply. This year, I am focusing on myself and continuing to create a future that I have always wanted and NOW realize I deserve.

Lila is one of a kind. Her work goes beyond her spells – which are beautiful and a work of art by themselves. She invites us to learn and experience life in a different way through her blog and her posts from her travels. She offers us an alternative perspective that is free of institutional restrictions. Lila has liberated me. Lila has given me the life that I always wanted and didn’t know I deserved.

For this and so many other reasons, I make my offering of gratitude and respect. Thank you Lila. You are a treasure. ❤️💎


Word’s will never be enough to describe my gratitude and respect…

Thank you


I am so filled with excitement. I have ordered 4 life changers (spells). She finished the first today. I am filled with confidence and believe she and the demons will make it successful. I just need to sit back and watch 2024 happen. I have more to order after the new year!


I needed to share an update on the results of the Debt Release Ritual. I just had a six figure debt forgiven. This would not have been possible otherwise. I’m speechless. This is not a debt that was even remotely possible of going away, but I know that it is Lila’s magic that made this possible. I’m drunk with gratitude and appreciation to Lila and the powerful demon Bune. With much respect, I will make an offering to the gratitude jar. Thank you my dear Lila!!! 🖤


I had Lilith perform two rituals for me- come back to me and dream of me- the target and I have spoken recently for the first time in months and we are back on track! I am so thankful and excited to see this movement and it honestly happened amazingly fast just like Lilith says! He was so much more expressive and told me how much he missed me! I am looking forward to doing more work with Lilith and watching my beautiful love story unfold. If your thinking of purchasing why wait? Lilith will change your life. Thank you Lilith! Hail Lilith! <3


« Il écoute, il est bon, il attend et il fournit ».

Je reviens dans la section des témoignages pour faire part d’une mise à jour, suite au précédent laissé le 25 Août 2023. Nous sommes le 1er Décembre 2023 et j’avais commandés plusieurs sorts me concernant directement : la motivation, l’intelligence, la guérison émotionnelle et la richesse.
Entre-temps, j’avais réservé pour Samhain 2023 avec un sort prévu, mais je le garde pour moi : je dirais juste qu’il est la fin de la phase 1 et que le 31 Octobre 2024 sera la fin de la phase 2 et ainsi de suite….

Dans la situation où j’ai sollicité les honneurs du premier démon, à travers la toute première commande en Avril 2023, c’est avec la reine Lilith lorsque j’ai effectué le premier sort qui était celui de la rupture, concernant un ennemi que je considérais comme un « cobaye » (ou « sujet de test », si vous préférez, peu importe), suivi d’un autre sort de rupture et du sort « Rêve de moi », tous deux pour une femme qui me plaisait mais qui était partie avec son ex avant et dont je n’avais pas accepté cela.

Jusque là, je n’ai pas réussi à la revoir (elle est toujours dans le secteur, à une trentaine de minutes de route) mais j’ai pu constater qu’elle a « ouvert » son facebook le jour du 31 Octobre alors que c’était complètement fermé, niveau galerie photos par exemple. Est-ce un signe ? Quelque soit le résultat, ce sera uniquement moi le responsable.

Mais dans la mesure où je parle du premier démon à qui j’ai sollicité les honneurs pour mon propre cas, c’est Paimon.

Très rapidement, j’ai été comme « attiré » vers le sort de motivation et tout, dans sa description m’attirait : son image d’illustration, sa description, absolument tout. Une fois le rituel effectué, deux semaines après, j’ai eu le courage d’aller seul, dans un endroit bien particulier à deux reprises, de vaincre la peur que je pouvais avoir en y entrant, de casser tous les clichés et de pouvoir en ressortir grandi.

Le sort me permet aussi de ne plus avoir des phases de procrastinations et de sentir comme des coups de boosts pour ainsi faire ce qui doit être fait, même dans mon entourage, on le constate alors que ce n’était pas le cas avant.

Il me permet aussi de prévoir sur le long terme avec pour objectif une amélioration générale et de gagner en élégance : il faut savoir que les autres sorts au tout début de ce témoignage ont été effectués le mois suivant celle de la motivation, ce qui rajoute aussi à tout cela.

J’ai décidé de faire une offrande à travers Lila pour Paimon car ses honneurs sont tout simplement ma colonne vertébrale (oui, littéralement) : je préfère ne pas imaginer ce que je serais devenu maintenant si je n’avais pas découvert Lilith Argelich, notre adorable sorcière, ainsi que le sort de motivation. Je me sens tellement honoré de ce résultat que chaque sort effectué, ainsi que ceux qui seront prévus à l’avenir, sont comme un pas fait en avant vers le royaume démoniaque.

L’offrande qui est faite concerne Paimon, mais je prévois aussi pour plus tard, des offrandes pour les autres démons dont j’ai demandé leurs aides: je refuse de les dénigrer, que ce soit Seere pour l’intelligence, Marbas et la reine Lilith pour la guérison émotionnelle et le démon avec qui je suis lié par le pacte démoniaque pour l’argent (je garde volontairement son nom pour moi).

Et pour toutes les personnes qui veulent honorer, il y a aussi un autre moyen et c’est notre adorable sorcière, Lila, qui en parle le mieux sur Instagram :

« Soyez l’offrande. Si vous êtes heureux, confiant et féroce, vous les rendrez fiers. Montrez votre valeur. Profitez de votre vie et soyez reconnaissant pour chaque changement positif. Montrez-leur que leurs efforts ne seront pas vains. »

J’ai encore tellement de choses à dire mais ce serait trop long. Je tenais vraiment à laisser un témoignage fait avec le cœur, principalement sur Paimon. Je tiens à remercier chaque client ayant laissé le sien depuis ce site : c’est toujours un plaisir de les lire. Je sais que j’y reviendrais à l’avenir pour apporter de nouveau, ma contribution à la réputation fiable et professionnelle de Lilith Argelich.

La patience et la gratitude sont les deux plus grandes forces que chacun d’entre nous, pouvons exprimer pour honorer aussi bien notre adorable luciférienne que les démons.

Je ne regrette rien, j’assume toutes mes démarches et je ne reviendrais plus jamais en arrière.



Healing spell
Lilith has performed quite a few spells for me this year and is changing my life, so I feel I’ve built up a good relationship of trust and friendship with her. I have so much admiration and respect for her.

I asked her for help with a problem my 10 year old son has with food and she recommended the healing spell for him. I’d like to point out he wasn’t ill in any way, but was an extremely fussy eater and refused to try anything new, and this has been going on for years. As his mother, it was not only frustrating to see him like this, but I didn’t know what to do for the best. I was worried about his health but obviously can’t force him to eat a varied diet so I was just hoping he would eventually snap out of it.
As he has got older it started to make him anxious and affect his life in social settings at school and friends houses, as he didn’t know if there would be anything he’d be willing to eat in these places.

It’s only been 4 weeks but he is already a lot more relaxed about things and doesn’t have a panic when it comes to new or different foods. It’s like a weight has been lifted from him so I know he’s going in the right direction. He even wants to go on a week long school trip now because he isn’t worried about the food there anymore, he was refusing to go prior to Lilith’s help.

This spell has also helped him in other ways too, he’s sailing through school with confidence at the moment, passing exams with great marks, he’s become a prefect and has started new hobbies which he hasn’t been bothered about before. It’s like he has a new lease of life which is giving him confidence and inner belief. For me, this is all incredible to watch after years of worrying about him.

I imagine some people may find it a bit controversial putting a spell on my child, but I want the best for him and want him to have the confidence to shine in life, with nothing holding him back.
Lilith is wonderful and has incredible powers. I trust her 100%. I certainly wouldn’t trust anyone else to perform a spell on my child, she is my one and only! 🔥


I’m one week shy of having the 90 day demonic possession end on 2 targets of mine.

One target is not in contact at all so I don’t know how bad he has it but I trust he is miserable and will continue to be miserable.

The other contact who I am in contact whose life I wish to add chaos to because how broken my heart is from her and her family brought about the following…

Covid on her son’s birthday not allowing her to do anything for him. 2 car accidents both being her fault with one of them being very confrontational missing her court appearance her lawyer not being able to get the items and information she needs to possibly have the case dismissed her car broke down and when she popped the hood she burned her hand terribly severe insomnia gained massive amount of weight (she was a uk size 8 at the start and went to a uk size 18)

Maybe there is more in her chaos in her life that I just don’t know but I want no peace for them until they make their wrongs to me right


Is it possible to adore someone you have never met? Indeed it is! That is how I feel about Lila. She has turned my life around through her powerful spells. I recently ordered two spells and the Tulum Vortex ritual.
The demonic possession spell has me salivating at what will happen to my target next. While I do not have contact with my target, I do follow my target on social media and have seen the spell take effect from a distance. My target has recently been following different self-help, healing circle, spiritual pages which would have been unheard of before Lila’s spell. I have pretty much memorized Lila’s description of what results the spell will bring and I have been savoring watching my target suffer. I will most definitely be ordering this one again and again every 90 days. This target deserves it all. That’s all I can say. And I love that Lila does not judge at all.

The second spell was the debt release ritual. I was left speechless at how quickly it worked. I have been trying to get out of debt that has followed me for years. Not because I have been irresponsible but I have had many unfortunate events happen that made me accumulate a lot of debt. Within days of having the spell cast, I received a notice from the source with the highest debt (student loans) that they will be forgiven. I didn’t think it was possible for me, but it is happening.

The last ritual was the Tulum vortex. I know that it will manifest and beautiful things will come as a result of it. Lila sent me the picture and it took my breath away. I learned so much about vortices and how powerful they are. Simply incredible.

I give my unending gratitude and respect to Lila and the beautiful demons who make it all possible.


LilithCult always , always delivers pure, powerful magickal results that are amazing. I have had many rituals done for me in various aspects of my life. They are all a huge success. There is one, in particular, the Court Case Ritual, which recently completely astonished me. I was at the limits of my tolerance for this one person who was horrible and heartless to us in every way possible. I had the Bend Over and Court Case ritual done for that person and their team and they simply gave up! This was mind blowing!
The Court Case ritual gave my family something better than I had originally requested. When I heard the good news, I cried from gratitude, joy and relief as the case would have a huge impact on my child. My heart is glowing bright from the sheer awe, gratitude and wonder of it all. My gratitude to LilithCult, Lucifer, Lilith and all the mighty and misunderstood Demons 🙏 Thank You Thank You and Thank You 🙏


Today I’m being reminded of how fortunate I have encountered Lilith and her craft. My first spell has saved me from a potentially dire situation, and my second spell (as recently as it was) has already started manifesting slightly in an unexpected way. So yeah, many thanks to Lilith and the demons.


It is with much respect and gratitude that I made a generous offering to Queen Lila for all she and Lila have made possible in my life. It is even more special to make this offering during Samhain. How can I put into words the feelings of gratitude, enthusiasm, courage, and comfort that I feel for all that Lila has made possible through her connection with Lilith and other demons? Words will never be enough to express my gratitude but I can try and this is one way to show it. 🖤🧡🖤🧡


i am so grateful to have Lila as my spellcaster, she is amazing at what she does.

Ive had a few different spells done by her and shes always amazing at her craft.

I plan to purchase more from her and also some spells for my friends too.

Victoria G

Hey Lilith fam!
I ordered 4 spells at first: protection, magnetism, wealth and weight spell.

All 4 casted in Monday 16/10. I felt a sudden relief and I lost 2kgs already without doing a diet, sleeping peacefully, feeling a weird energy to walk or exercise. In one of my interviews I felt the magnetism spell and they called me for a second.

I desperately needed the protection because I was constantly being attacked, hexed.
I am so happy to feel safe. I didn’t know if it is possible to relief you know… I am so glad I found Lilith.

I was so near to suicide and I even tried it 6 times before I found her. Now I have hope again. I thought I was always going to be sad and left out from life so finding Lilith is something amazing for me. It is like I finally seen by god, like my sufferings are going to end.

Don’t hesitate. She knows what she’s doing.
I have 4 more orders and I will write a review again to share how amazing everything is.

Hail Lilith!


I love Lila because she is special.

Maximilian Horst

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