About Lilith Argelich

A natural born witch

Lilith Cult


"Lilith, grant me thy dark gifts"

My name is Lilith and I'm a demonic practitioner from Ibiza, Spain. I'm different since I was born - my father was a wealthy businessman from a Catholic family, and my mother was a bohemian red-haired witch.

With this contradictory parentage of mine, you could expect anything from me.

I grew up in a beautiful white villa in front of the sea until my parents divorce. When your mother is a free-spirit on the road, you don't feel completely safe as a child, so I choose to live with my father. As an adult, I made an effort to be pragmatic and successful, and (incredible, I know), I went to study finances in Switzerland. I felt forced into making decisions that fitted into what it's considered normal. 

A Luciferian always have a fire burning inside pushing to make things happen.  Demonic rituals and ancient gremories were a part of my private room for peculiarity, but I keep them a secret. As a Luciferian, you know how to hold your tongue to not create problems in your professional and social environments. My name was already a problem - my mother named me Lilith, but my father insisted to find a nickname for me to make my life easier, Lila. 

A pact with Lucifer changed my life and from that moment, I never looked behind. It was time to walk outside my suffocating reality and embrace my peculiar self. Demonic magick opened the door to a world I never knew existed and I started living a life I never dreamed of being possible. After some time, I realized my mission was to help others who were so lost as I was. It's a pleasure for me to free others from the malodorous lies made up by religion and make my friends and customers understand that it's perfectly fine to want more out of life. However, I understand is difficult to correct two millennia of negative propaganda. 

Lucifer is the lightbringer and illuminates the path of enlightenment for us, humans, teaching us along the way. He wants us to pursue of desires instead of forgetting about them. To work with Lucifer and with demons is not unethical, unsafe or drastic. 

No matter how turbulent and sad your past is, this will no longer limit your progress.

Welcome to the path that allows you to write your own story and leave behind the oppressive chains of fate. The truth will persevere.