Join the cult of Lilith

The Queen of the night, the light in my soul, the force inside me. Missunderstood. Judged. Invincible. My eternal freedom.

  • My Power

    My name is Lilith Argelich. I am the highest-ranking practitioner in my hometown and probably in my country. Maybe I am new to the internet space, but I'm no new to casting the most effective black magic spells available.

  • Your decision

    My rituals are powerful and never to be taken lightly. You decide if you are ready for life-changing results that will shake your world, to get your point of interest even if they are not good for you, or to feel guilt after punishing your enemies.

  • Luciferianism

    Demonic magic offers a unique approach to life. Is the path of truth, enlightenment, ambition, and responsibility. Lucifer and demons want us to be the best version of ourselves.