- Is this black magic?

Yes, correct. This is very advanced demonic magick, the most effective and life-changing one. A true force of manipulation, there is no practice on earth stronger than this. 

It's considered evil by many, and the corrupt version of divine magic, but I'm here to change this. With demonic magick, we destroy and we conquer, we control and we manipulate, we create a lot of good and we succeed to high expectations.

The purpose of this magic is to create our desired life, with structure and protection. 


- When do you the ritual after my order?

Depends on my schedule. Normally, 3-5 days after the purchase. My time is precious and being a demonic practitioner takes great focus and dedication. I don't cast spells overnight and I don't accept money to speed up your request. 

The moment of the rituals is the solemn hour of midnight. Sometimes I work during the day, in a darkened place, but this is rare. Witches are not morning people, and we are more powerful between midnight and sunrise. It's no coincidence that Catholic Church forbade women to be out at 3 AM - it's when dark forces are at the height of their ability and magical essence can be manipulated for a desired effect.


- What should I do after a ritual?

All spell work is done by me. No further actions are required from your side unless I say so. Some rituals require a homework, such as the Lucifer Initiation Rite to join Luciferianism, or Lilith's evocation to talk to her. In those cases, I always send the instructions required a few days after the competition of the work. The instructions need to be performed as instructed. They are easy, nothing drastic, but no steps can be changed or skipped. 

About the rest of my rituals, you don't need to do anything special. Just behave with common-sense and dignity and wait for your amazing results. 

Approach this path with respect and your life will never be the same again. 


- What should I not do after a ritual? 

Take control of your journey after my rituals, because I can't do it for you. If you ordered a love spell, don't chase your target like there is no tomorrow and don't be anxious about this person. Same with money rituals. Remember, we work with demons here. They are great and they will do what you want, but they feel irritated easily. Demons do not like instability or drama. They don't appreciate entitled, negative and impatient people. This is a path to approach with enthusiasm and gratitude - your attitude after a spell work is extremely important for your magical process. Consider this your personal offering. 

Common (and terrible) mistakes after a demonic magick ritual include doing other similar spells or "spells" around or mixing practices. If you do an obsession ritual with me and you purchase an obsession ritual somewhere else one week later, you are clearly showing a lack of confidence in the spell done by me that will probably ruin everything. Doubt will kill your results. Don't be silly. Feelings of intense negativity about your spell will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

This is a golden rule, and you should remember it. 


- Will you hurt me?

Sometimes I can feel that my customers are scared of me, but please, I will never hurt them! I want them to succeed and I think of them often. Anyway, the day after doing a ritual, for example, I'm irritated due to lack of sleep. Keep that in mind if I sound a little rough. 


- Is this magic safe?

Demons have been negatively stigmatized for centuries, so naturally, humans are scared of them. I can tell you real demonic magick is safe - obviously, if you are working with the right practitioner.

With me, you and your loved ones are protected from any negativity. Thanks to my knowledge and professional experience, my rituals are formulated with caution and in a way that keeps the entire process controlled. There is no need to fear of your safety. 


- How many rituals do I need? 

It depends. All my rituals are strong and right to the point, so you just need to choose the appropriate one for you. Read the descriptions carefully and you'll find out exactly what do you need. You may feel strongly attracted by a particular spell - this usually means is this the right one for your situation. Trust your gut. 

Sometimes, a complicated situation requires additional spell casting work. For example, if your target is in a relationship with another person, a love spell will work, but you won't obtain the full desired results if you don't add a break up ritual to separate them from this third person. 


- Can I keep my religion after the rituals?

Demonic rituals are compatible with religion, except the Luciferian Initiation Rite. You are not giving up your religion or selling your sell by doing a demonic magic spell. 


- Do demons hurt people?

Demons have no interest in hurting innocents. Don't believe the false stigmas that say otherwise. Demons are ruthless and don't play, but they adore to help humans and truly desire to have a positive relationship with them. Demons want to protect us and see us succeed as we should.

You can be sure they are not going to hurt you if you put your trust in their abilities. Make sure to leave behind your preconceived negative misconceptions about demons before choosing to work with me. 


- Should I worry about karma?

Genuine witches don't believe in karma. We don't care about it. This magic is safe and there is no karma or backfire associated with it.


- When I will see the results?

It depends. Some customers see results in days and others in months. But other's experience has nothing to do with you. Every situation and target are different and this affects the outcome of the rituals. For the break-up spell, is very likely to notice the results after twelve weeks and not before. 

I recommend you to not ask for timelines of magick and to not expect immediate results. Let this path surprise you. 


- Do I need to send you a picture of me and my target?

You don't really have to but sometimes it helps if you don't have the date of birth of your target. 


- What kind of spell do I need?

You must read carefully my descriptions and make up your mind, but don't try to cheat the system to save money. If you want your ex back, you need the get your ex-back spell. If you want to get your ex back but your point of interest is already with another person, you need the get your ex-back spell and the breakup spell, for example, to get the desired results. 


- What is your favorite ritual?

All my rituals are special but I personally love the "Dream of Me" spell. It's cunning, manipulative and very romantic. 


- Do you send me a report after the ritual?

I always send a picture of the ritual after the work, which is your certification of completion. Please do not ask me for a "report" (aka reading) about so-called blockages and/or the "resistance" of your target, as those concepts do not exist in demonic magick. We ask for what we want and we get it. Do not expect free reading with your ritual. Do not ask me if demons accepted your request or if they have a message for you. This is serious, real magic. Do not enter here with your personal wrong gnosis, telling me how to do my work. Don't come here with the non-sense of other warlocks and witches if you are a practitioner hooper. I don't care about what others say, do, offer or whatever you are used to listening to after a ritual.

I don't read the future. I create it.


- Can I message you?

Of course, but I don't reply to unnecessary questions or to people who want me to give them constant words of reassurance about my spells. Please understand that I'm not here to chat and respect my time. I'm always here for my customers but I don't like those who try to take advantage of my availability. 

A friendly note to drama queens and desperate cuckoos: this is a very ancient, serious, and effective magick that you must approach with respect. Please avoid buying my rituals if you don't understand that those spells are going to change your life, not to make a guy call you in 24 hours. I suggest you burn sage instead and forget about this path.


- Why are your rituals so expensive?

Real demonic magick is beautiful, but also intense, difficult and exhausting. It requires energy, knowledge and the right mental state, apart from costly offerings and opulent elements to make things right.

Don't trust in cheap rituals - there's no such thing as a free lunch in black magic. 


- Do you have social media? 

Yes, I have one Instagram account: instagram.com/lilithargelich 


- Are you associated with other profiles/pages/websites?

No. My services are available only here. I'm not associated with anyone because I don't need to. My success has opened the doors for scammers, copycats and fraudsters. Any person claiming to be working with me is just scamming you. Same with the "professionals" offering the same kind of spells, using a very similar aesthetic to lure you and trying so hard to sound like me. Watch out. These are thieves, not witches. 

There's only one Lilith Argelich, that's me, and it's here.