Am I Cursed? Probably Not

Am I Cursed? Probably Not

How do you know if you are cursed? How do you know if you are a victim of witchcraft? Let's find out how to determine if you are truly the victim of bad magick.

Warning: perhaps you'll find my extreme skepticism strange and contradictory. 

I always stay away from the curse conversation unless my customers clearly mention the issue. Unfortunately, the suggestion of a malediction going on sounds like a goofy fortune-teller’s way of getting easy money. Mentioning a curse out of the blue is a common scam remark to entice a client to spend money in subsequent services to remove said hex. Is one of the oldest cons in the book.

For this reason, I rarely suggest a curse removal even if I should. I prefer to let my customers take action and decide. 


What is a Curse?

It’s good to begin with definitions. The objective of a maleficium -curse- is to cause damage to an individual via magical manipulation. A curse results in a succession of negative incidents which appear to be specific. The misfortune intended can range from illness and harm to even death when the curse is exceptionally malevolent. 

The experience is always devastating, even if the curse is what we consider "weak". A curse stops you from progressing and any efforts are rewarded with more and more negativity. It changes your life for the worse. 

Can words do harm? Depending on their purpose and context, yes, they can. Passive-aggressive words like "may your day be as pleasant as you are" are subtle curses you can send back in a second. When this happens, make sure to reply immediately with a "yours too". The  middle finger gesture is also a good idea.


Curse or Paranoia? 

We must accept that paranoia and psychotic features are sadly very prominent in the occult community. Some of their members can be pretty suggestible, to put it nicely, and they join the dark world while going through the most turbulent times of their lives, which only makes things worse. 

I would say that 80% of the time, people who believe they are cursed are just deluding themselves. The chances are low if you consider that you need to have pissed off someone severely enough to make them want to curse you. Also, this person must know or find a genuine spell-caster skilled enough to put a consistent and serious hex on you, something I really doubt. 

I promise you the reality is much more practical. What is far more likely is that you have unconsciously developed habits or relationships that are negatively impacting you. 

Annoyances and bad luck exist and we are the consequence of our actions and decisions. A miserable life is the sad reality of most people. Calamities can happen to anyone according to situation, especially if we have grown up with negative ideas about ourselves.

I don't mean to sound condescending, but I embrace all opportunities to help you in therms of mental clarity.



A real practitioner must walk with integrity and not accept curse removal requests just because. People come to us when uncertainty fills their lives, but I'm personally very careful when someone talks to me about their alleged hex symptoms and their sentences have no sense. 

Some stories make my bullshit meter redlining, like a woman who send me an insane long message about an enemy who was "putting death spells" on her since 2004. Well, we are in 2022 and you are still much alive, so the "spells" are obviously not working, huh? 

I reserve my right to refuse to work with people who seem to lack the most essential common-sense. In this case, this woman is the perfect target for charlatans. Her belief is empowering her enemy, who I'm sure doesn't even bother casting spells on her at all. They don't have to. 


The Signs of a Curse

Some extreme curses are feuled by death essence so evident sickness and decrepitude are visible effects. But what about the most common symptoms? 

Here you have: 


- Hair loss. 

- Continuous damage on your property. 

- Insects following you around or strange animal appearances. 

- Very obsessive feelings about a particular person. 

- Inexplicable injuries and random bruises. 

- Missing personal items. 


Remember, those symptoms need to repeatedly take place on a regular basis. Also, it takes more than one of them to actually consider yourself cursed. Correlation does not equal causation.


Generational Curses

Unfortunately, the idea of familiar curses seems to be trending. The truth is that spiritual blood debt are a thing within our ancestry but at the same time, are very uncommon. 

Yes, a proper curse may affect whole family lines but most of the time, there is no family hex to blame. It’s intergenerational trauma and toxic patterns of behaviour. Dysfunctional parents are specialists on passing on the damage to their offspring. Children learn by imitation, so they grow up watching behaviors that cause unavoidable disastrous outcomes. 

That's why you end up living the same exact life your parents did. 

Lineage is what predisposes us to things like diseases, but also social disorders and an unhealthy mindset.  

If your family is very religious and superstitious, take their stories about generational curses with a liberal amount of salt before assuming magical issues. Remember, is your responsibility to look into the patterns and do the deep shadow work to fix your internal issues before blaming a so called bloodline hex.

If you take the paranoid route, you will spend a huge amount of money doing curse removals and nothing, absolutely nothing, will positively change. 



The Curse Removal

At some point, the situation must go beyond the superficial level of investigation. If you are cursed, you must delete the hex before it's too late. Fortune favors the bold. Don't be scared. Don't co-operate with the antagonist who is hexing you with feelings of indecision, sadness and fear. 

Can you just let it go and see what happens? It depends. Some curses fall off with time, but is not smart to think "I'm cursed, but I'm not going to take care of it because it will eventually go". Don't be stupid and think time and karma will work in your favor. Rest assured, the hex sender won't karmically answer for what they have done to you

Home remedies may help, but they can't be powerful enough to remove a malefic spell. And sad news, burning sage doesn't lift curses. The art of smudging is an ancient ritual for purification to clear the air of your space and make you feel better, but sage is ineffective and not appreciated by demons. 

More on this another day. 

The only way to know for sure if there is a curse on your is during a proper curse removal spell. The confirmation will be clear during the magical work, and then you can decide to call it a day or avoid this mess again with a good protection ritual to make you immune to eventual new attacks. 


What Happens Next

I can confirm that a curse removal is immediate. There's no waiting time, as it happens with love or money rituals. Once is done, is done. The curse is gone. 

It's likely to experience the spiritual version of the phantom limb syndrome for a while, but there's nothing to worry about that. A person who has been cursed is a victim, after all, and they need time to come to terms with what happened to them and finally move on. 

As I explained in my post about parasite spirits, make sure to do something ceremonial and tangible about the end of this nightmare. Celebrate. Then, put the curse thing from your mind as much as possible and enjoy your life. 


Thank you.

With all that said, are there any spells that help clear family trauma/self sabotaging patterns and negative beliefs handed to you by your parents? Specifically, lack of belief in oneself and lack of self love and confidence.
Could the ,heal emotional pain‘ and road opener help with that?
I’d say I’m pretty self reflected and been ,doing the work‘ – for the last years I’ve been trying various forms of therapies and methods to deal with this stuff but with rather limited and slow results whereas other report great transformations, hence I’ve been thinking nothing is really working and I might be cursed or have some entity attachment (I sometimes have disturbing dreams about evil malevolent stuff being after me).
I am making some changes, just too slow for my liking. In general life feels hard and like I’m stuck.

I do sometimes have these symptoms though:

Obsessive feelings about a particular person

Random bruises and scratches

Missing personal items. (Tbf though might just be because I’m chaotic but sometimes it seems unexplainable)

I’d be grateful to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


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