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The Truth About Parasite Spirits

There can be unwanted consequences when you do anything related to witchcraft, even lighting a candle. One of them is attracting parasite spirits. They are unwanted and low-frequency malevolent beings that purposely draw their power from a specific human or animal, invading a space without permission.

Highly credible and skeptical researchers have produced objective evidence yielding to the validity of the paranormal. It's absolutely true that these entities are the cause of much trouble, whether physical or mental. This situation sounds absolutely insane until you experience it.

If you are not ready to handle this problem, they will push you to the limit.

This post is intended to directly ascertain in detail what exactly the nature of parasites is, how they operate and how we can prevent their activity. 


Where They Are

Consistent and strong parasite spirit attacks are generally rare and there’s no need to be overly cautious or paranoid about them. If your biggest concern about magick is random troublesome entities, you are severely limiting yourself. Just keep in mind parasite entities are always available and ready to appear when we make a mistake, so let's do things right. 

Some humans are unfortunate and attract spirit leeches for no apparent reason, but trust me, when a lower spirit has made an appearance in your life, there is always a cause.

Parasitic entities rely on the momentum of energy being swayed in their favor. They appreciate an environment where persistent fear, stress, and agitation are present - these emotions are a fuel source for them to define themselves in opposition.

For example, public hospitals are full of these weird entities. Here is why natural-born witches have an extraordinary distaste for hospitals.

Certain objects do attract lower spirits, like dream catchers, tarot cards, religious statues or figurines, demon sigils and especially, antiques. Actually, antiques are very popular places for lost souls to take up residence. The older they are, the more likely they are to be haunted, but I find this not surprising, in my humble opinion. Do you really think a 150-year-old piano is a pure, crystalline object? Do you believe a medieval posy ring has no residual spiritual energy trapped inside?

This is not always a bad thing. A positive haunted presence is a reality too. Doesn't happen to visit some old place that feels just glorious? But you have to be careful when you’re in an antique store. Don't touch items that you know you are not going to buy and stay away from anything that looks creepy or gives off a bad vibe.

For example, ancient playthings may look innocent, but they are not. I consider vintage dolls the worse of them all. Their creepiness is a fact - they make people feel uncomfortable and confused. We can intuitively feel the uncertainty, the weird ambivalence, coming from them. Why? Perhaps its because they look human but we know they are not, but the real reason is that lost spirits like to attach themselves to dolls because it is the closest way they can feel alive. 



Now, here are the five mistakes that cause the appearance of parasite entities around you. 


1. Blood Fest

Human blood is a life force spirits crave and is one of the fluidum vītae accepted by Lucifer and demons as an offering or fuel to our spells. The ceremonial use of blood is common in black magick - we use blood to seal our pacts and personal deals because of the intimacy of the connections formed. It creates a lifelong bond.

Fresh blood is also extremely aesthetic - it always creates a singularly charged ritual atmosphere. It's a force of attraction.

Demons don't want you to hurt yourself, so a couple of drops as an offering is fine. Common sense does well to guide. There's no need to be dramatic with your blood offerings. Don't exceed or you may attract parasitic spirits ready to feed on a blood orgy. 



Blood offerings of uterine variety are not recommended. In other words, if you are a female, don't use your menstrual blood. The reason is very simple - period blood is nothing more than the shedding of the uterus lining and the biological evidence that conception didn't take place. And that's it. I wouldn't say menstruation is impure, like Abrahamic religions affirm, but there's nothing special about it either, nor is a moment in which a woman's power is peaking. 

Some witches love to romanticize the uterine lining, but it's like all other bodily functions. Everything out of our body is not sacred, and using your menstrual blood for magical enhancement purposes is the equivalent of offering mucus or fecal matter to entities. Would you present that? I don't think so.

For me, using menstrual blood during rituals is a cheap trick used by females to avoid cutting themselves and save a lot of hassle, and demons are very smart in identifying laziness and loose offerings. For the same reason, you can't present them with the leftovers of your dinner, only untouched food specially prepared or bought for them.

Demons don't want your menstrual blood and they won't use it. Parasite entities, on the other side, are always ready to get whatever they can, so that menstrual blood refused by demons will be a delight for them.

Be careful. If you are going to start getting into blood sorcery, make sure you have a strong foundation in your craft. When I read someone claiming that their menstrual blood is very appreciated by the entities they are working with, I can't help but think the "entity" is just a lower spirit masquerading.

Lower spirits love to take advantage of these sorts of situations. And they will. 


2. Consensual Attachment

There are some things that are just unbelievable when you first hear about them, but voluntary intimate relationships between man and parasite spirits is a reality. Even marriages to spirits are a living practice in some countries, with the intention to form a constructive relationship with them.

It's a strange world we live in. This can be fascinating, ridiculous, or terrifying, depending on your outlook.

These spiritual shenanigans are known as divine coupling and, of course, they usually come at a cost. There's no clear advantage other than the spirit messing non-stop with you.

Entities that would want to do anything like this in the first place generally don't have any good intentions. That's why I always explain to my customers that there is no such thing as a demonic binding or attachment. You can't make a demon be forever attached to you. What you have around is not a demon, for sure.

This is a conscious and deliberate mistake, as the human expects a favor from the demon, in return for the binding, usually protection and power. Sometimes the psychics tricked them, sometimes these practitioners believe they are making genuine magical work with a demon. Well, they are not.

Stay away from this. At best you’ll have a bad moment, at worst you’ll be in a mental institution or six feet under.


3. Bad Advice

The art of conjuration is an open invitation to malevolent impostors. Honestly, the quantity of terrible advice available online makes the internet the best thing ever to happen to parasite entities. In this era, any under-educated newbie has access to old grimoires and sorcery instructions that not even the most experienced witches dare to follow.

Education is fantastic, but you will never comprehend a grimoire fully unless you are well initiated into the mysteries of the occult.

Being old doesn't make any practice more correct. Medieval books seem more real to people than modern witch methods when in reality are full of inaccuracies, toxic texts recommending dealing with demons and angels together, incomprehensible code of letters and numbers, strange omissions, unverified personal gnosis, surprising incoherence, and too much context missing. Parts I found highly problematic.

Grimoires-are-not-for-the-novice or to do witchy things. And I say this as a witch who is passionate about them. Such books harken back to a time when life was different - the culture of their authors is not our culture. Now, humans don't need spells to stop cheese thieves.

For sorcerers who banish lower spirits for their customers, it usually doesn't matter where the problem came from, but I can barely contain my eye roll when I see mine screwing around with these books, especially The Lesser Key Of Solomon. I can't stop myself from trying to make the world a better place for my clients and I have little tolerance for deliberate stupidity.

Remember, our ancestors burned to death didn't have books. Their teacher was nature and the magic in their blood.



What about demonology modern books? Some of them are impressive, I must admit, but I'd never take their authors seriously. When you do your research, it doesn't take too long to see that these magicians are far from being the powerful and successful people they like to position themselves. They are broke, they don't look healthy -a huge red flag- or they can only be successful making money from merchandising that has nothing to do with real magick.

What their dummies followers are pursuing is defined by it being mostly bullshit that sometimes seems like it works. 


4. Wrong Practices 

Homemade magic also opens the doors to this mess. Be very careful with what you do. Pacts are dangerous because the chance of having them sealed with an impostor instead of a demon is sadly very high. For a genuine practitioner, it's easy to recognize an evil entity pretending to be Lucifer or Lilith. For the inexperienced, is not that simple. That's why is much better for you to have a genuine spell caster taking care of your pact on your behalf.

The worse homemade practice is the infamous ouija. Even the most skeptical people report weird and creepy experiences during a session. The most common answer when asked is I would never do that again. No wonder.

Parasites and predatory spirits love ouija boards because is their golden opportunity to appear to people as their dead loved ones. Nothing good comes from ouija, especially when you want to speak with the dead. Leave them alone. If you are a teenager who wants to play with an ouija board with your girlfriends to see what happens, I promise you will be safer at a rave taking MDMA.

Fun fact - parasite spirits adore supplanting the identity of fairies.

How to identify a self-created magical mess? It's very easy to recognize it: your rituals are incapable of producing consistent results. You feel tired, you feel miserable, you have bruises or small wounds on your hands and arms out of the blue and you can't sleep. It's difficult to describe these symptoms in a way that's meaningful to someone else, but generally speaking, you just know.

You notice something strange in your room. You have a feeling of something watching you, especially at night. Your house starts to get incredibly creepy. You feel the spiritual atmosphere of your place gets denser over time.

You have unwelcome guests, friend. Welcome to the shit show.


5. Bad Habits

Parasites build leverage by taking advantage of our lack. A clean, strong, functional and healthy individual is not the desired target for them. They feed on depression, anxiety imbalanced minds, and low vibrational signatures.

These spirits can smell misery from miles away and feed on people who have wounds, like addicts. Drug addicts look terrible for obvious reasons, but also because they are a delicious target for parasite spirits. The weak body of a human with zero self-respect is the perfect host for them.

These feeders are immensely attracted to negativity in any form, and if your environment is appropriate for them, they will come. Dirty and crowded houses are luxury five-star hotels for parasite spirits. If you add the magic mistakes mentioned above, your house will be a foster home for failure and disaster.

Popular museums are a good example. They should be a complete mess due to the nature of the objects exposed, but they are not, because these impressive institutions are extremely beautiful, clean, carefully preserved, and vital.


How to Get Rid of Them?

Good news - spiritual parasites, like the organic ones, are preventable and relatively easy to remove. Deal with it but don’t feed into it. If the spiritual mess was caused by one professional magician, choose not to take it personally. You will never solve a problem while being too emotional. I find it best not to get sucked into that line of thought.

Remember, you can be always in control. Just don't freak out, or your life would be in a downward spiral.

Can you just tell the parasites to leave? No. Don't listen to the new-age non sense that advises to speak to lower entities, much less being nice and lovely with them. Don't believe you need to show compassion or ask them politely to go. Like attention whores, they lose interest when they don't get attention. You won't appease them by playing nice. 

The fastest and most effective way to banish parasites is summoning the help of demons. Lower spirits really fear them, and a good demonic curse removal ritual followed by a protection spell banishes the problem permanently and forever. Demons have jurisdiction over restless spirits and they are instrumental in this process.

Once you build up a strong connection with demonology you don't have to worry about spiritual hygiene nearly as much. The constant presence of demons as guardians have a talismanic effect around you. 

Just keep in mind that if your place is full of demon repellents, they won't appear to protect you. Do your homework and make sure you don't possess objects not liked by demons. They must feel welcome around you. 

Once you are protected, celebrate your protection. Create your own magical ceremony with a symbolic fumigation. Take a good long shower or ritual bath and clean your home to avoid any residual damages. Corners, windows, doors. Have selenite in your bedroom. Burn rosemary. Release something to the wind. Perfume magically your space. Prepare yourself a nice drink.

Now, the only terrifying thing in your house is your power. 


It’s been ten years since I met them and we started communicating back and forth, with speech. No digital recorders. There are some, I see visually all the time, which look like worms, as this haze is shrouded around me all the time. Some, look like orbs as seen on paranormal shows. Most of them sound like children, but sometimes I see and get visions, and hear adults among them. For a long time, it’s been pretty good between us. I even went out west, walked over fifteen thousand miles up and the coast with them. Lately however though, it hasn’t been so pleasant. They have a way of making you bite your cheek and tongue, and it is getting quite annoying and painful. They know I am typing this, but I don’t care. I have had many moments thrown in my face throughout this ordeal, that only I would know, so I know that I am an open book. Last Christmas, I built them houses, and everything was lovely dovy between us, but this year is taking a turn for the worst. I don’t blame all of them, but there are a couple, I believe, are responsible for these attacks. What do you suggest? We talk back and forth just as you and I would talk. What do I say to them? How do I chase the ones responsible away?


Lila is a beautiful and engaging writer. We should all be happy she helps us.

Muchas gracias por proporcionar esta informacion tan importante. Uno por ignorancia abre las puertas a estas entidades. Aprendi algo nuevo hoy.

Maria Rendon

Ok sounds like I might have attracted such an entity. Haven’t really done any magical rituals, just been using candles and oils to help my manifestations and they’re not really working anyhow. I’m not the best at keeping a tidy and clean space and now I see the importance of it, so thanks.

Feeling tired and miserable and having random bruises n stuff. Can’t ducking sleep. Even if I do I’m tired. And I don’t have any obvious health issues and eat healthily.
Noticing strange stuff in my room, creepy atmosphere. Sometimes, yes.

Would things such as menstrual blood attract such entities when they’re not used in a ritual setting? Like stains of regular or period blood. I guess I am guilty of romanticising it a bit.

What can the consequences of working with demons and angels together be?
Does this mean, if you work with demons you shouldn’t ever work with angels, or just not in the same ritual?


Thank you very good information ❤️👍


What would you consider objects not liked by demons?

Also I recently purchase the keys of solomon script just to learn about demons, what is it that you don’t like about the keys of solomon and what do you recommend to learn of demonology instead?

Es Em

Thank you for such informative blog.


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