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I'll Take What's Yours Spell Thief Ritual

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"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime"

Being a thief is not nice, but sometimes you want something from someone and the time to stand still has passed.

Stealing someone’s good fortune through demonic magick happens more frequently than you can imagine. This is a form of hexing based on jealousy and ambition. If this is what you need at the moment, you are in luck because I have the best solution. 

The ritual is mastered to demonically bound to Gremori and Valefor, the demon specialist in taking... what is not yours (yet). This can be a romantic interest in a relationship, a business, an inheritance, a property, a social or professional position, a certain lifestyle, social media influence  - in other words, any elusive dream that is the tangible reality of someone else. You'll find the options are really unlimited. 

The accuracy of the spell it's profound - Gremori and Valefor will work together to cleverly change the circumstances of your target's situation, until the prize is yours. Their loss will be in accordance with your desire. Valefor is one of the more ruthless of demons so the outcome of the ritual will be permanent and irreversible. 

I will use demonic sigils, snake shedding, skulls, anointed black candles and other secret elements. 

It's not my interest why would you do this ritual. Curses are for you to use as you please. It's your right to take care of your future and claim the life that you want. Destroy, conquer and steal and I'll be with you during the process, enjoying the magical turn of events.


  •   (S)

    I have found Lila’s work to be exceedingly fantastic, of the highest quality.

    I was quite literally under the poverty level in a 1st world country; I didn’t know how to survive.

    Lila performed the Gold Digger spell for me.

    Suddenly; I had a sugar daddy and he ended up spending over £6k on me in a 3-6 month period (I don’t remember the exact dates this was back in 2020).

    I was adorning myself to the best of my abilities.

    Lilith understood; and despite being low-maintenance, I still managed to reel in a man who was taking care of me.

    Since then; my income has increased 7x over. I am now ready to go into more wealth spells; and attraction/love spells.

    Thank you, Lila.

    I found you at a time when I really needed you and the demons you work with; and since then I have become closer to Lucifer, Lilith and Legion.

    Blessed be.

  •   (LP)

    There’s a woman. She was casting spells on me and ruining every facet of my life. Looking back, this has been going on for a few years. I was so afraid of her. She’s a Luciferian, herself, who also uses professional casters. This woman does not even know me, personally. She wanted my boyfriend. We were deeply in love. We are no longer together, but she also is not ‘with’ him, with him, though she is in his life and I am not…it took over a year to accomplish that. (She turned him into the worst version of himself.) I was living in FEAR, trying only to protect myself from further attacks. I could not conceive of going after her, of retribution, or of being offensive. UNTIL I FOUND LILA. Even then, it took some time. I witnessed, over and over, the results of Lila’s work, before I felt confident enough to do anything to this person. I was afraid, and now I am not. This woman didn’t just take my relationship, THEY then took my plans and left me with an empty business and almost no way out/forward. My life was shattered, and now I have hope. I’ve done so many spells. My confidence is coming back, my will, my drive, my hope for the future. Every time I open my email and see “It is done” is like Christmas morning. I don’t want to learn to forgive the people that f*k’d my life. I want to mess them up. I want my life back. Better than before. And, thanks to Lila, I know I can have it. So grateful xx.

  •   (Alfonso Acosta)

    I feel so bad for not leaving a testimonial earlier but Lila has been working my rituals for the past 2 years and I have grown and my love for demons have grown substantially. My salary has doubled since her, currently making a quarter million, and many of my targets have caved in to me sexually and romantically and several enemies have fallen. Thank you Lila for everything and I have much love for you and your work

  •   (Hk)

    This isn’t to speak of the spells (I’m still waiting for them to manifest entirely) but this is to speak of Lila’s work ethic. She flat out says no to any work done on a minor if it can be baneful to another target. I respect that. Twice I asked for a refund for different reasons and there were no questions asked but the refund was given. I respect that too

  •   (Victoria G)

    Lila is a life saver!
    Her spells are so amazing.
    I was having trouble sleeping and my car had broken down and generally having bad luck.
    Since i had the curse removal i have had better sleep and the last few days have been going great.

    I have also ordered a personal custom ritual which i wont publicly disclose but its for an ongoing problem i have had for years and i am sure Lila will take care of me with this ritual too.

    I am forever grateful to be one of her clients 💕💕

  •   (Es.Em)

    Lila has taken care of so much for me and I am so grateful to her and the demons that I have been able to bring so much to them. I cannot express enough how important Lila has been in my life journey. Thank you Queen. I love you xx Thank you for all the patience, strength, and life changing work you do/have done on my behalf. So much gratitude and respect to Lucifer, Lilith, and ALL the Amazing Demons that have helped me SO much thanks to beautiful Lila’s intervention. Thanks to you all I have so much to look forward to now, and I am unbreakable.

    Love you forever,
    - Es

  •   (SaraZ)

    When I first learned about Lilith, I came to her for matters of the heart (break up spell, miserable without me, dream of me, and . It was a complicated love triangle on my part as well as the person I was involved with. At the time, different spells manifested at different times. Some almost overnight and others showed signs of movement. But now? Wow! Suddenly, they all have come together to bring about the results I always wanted. Patience is everything.

    I also ordered the Heal from Abuse/Emotional Healing spell and I have seen that come to fruition the strongest. I was depressed, second guessing myself, an emotional mess. In the past year, I have become a different person and started to focus on my career and getting ahead in my profession. Let me tell you that my area of work is competitive and people will not think twice about stabbing you in the back while pretending to me friendly. I ordered the Protection Spell, the demonic charisma and the road opener spells at different times. I am now advancing faster in my profession and am able to be just as competitive as the others. I am one step closer to getting what I most want in my work.

    My next spells will be curse tablets for all of those who stabbed me in the back. Those curse tablets are powerful. I am also ordering another spell that will protect me in the most beautiful way but I do not want to mention it here because of how special it is. I don’t feel guilty anymore. I have the courage to go out and get what I want. I am still learning about the Luciferian way of life and doing my best to honor all the demons from the spells. I am learning to live my best life and thank you to Lila for making that possible. My deepest respect to Lila.

  •   (Aurora Rodríguez Ariño)

    Llevo año y medio trabajando con Lilith en distintos rituales. Solamente os digo que uno de los últimos que le encargué, el del cabello, supe que lo había realizado antes de que me mandara la foto de confirmación. Mi pelo había perdido su volumen y sus rizos de forma inexplicable en los últimos tres meses y este hecho me tenía bastante deprimida… Un día me paré en una tienda y algo me impulsó a comprar una línea de productos capilares que desconocía y que no había probado nunca… Fue lavarme por primera vez el pelo con ellos y que mis rizos empezarán a tomar forma de nuevo. Evidentemente, fue la efectividad del ritual. Por siempre, una clienta; por siempre, una admiradora.

  •   (Jazmine)

    I wanted to leave another update. The Come Back To Me spell worked the fastest out of the most recent four love spells I’ve requested. Lilith casted it last night (3/27/24) and before I’ve received her confirmation this morning, I already knew because my ex called me. Mind you, I broke up with him for valid reasons a month ago and we did not communicate at all. However, he called me last night and we talked for almost four hours. He admitted how much he’s missed me and took accountability for his part on why I broke up with him. I told him I would be open with us starting slow with no titles, as I did break up with him for a reason so I want him to show me. But, I highly reccomend the Come Back To Me spell if you desire communication and/or realization from an ex!

  •   (AL)

    This is an update post <3 My spells have been working wonderfully! My target and I consistently speak and he is chasing me all the time. I have completely relaxed and no longer chase him. This is a complete 180 from where we were before Lilith casted her spells for me. These spells are continuing to work and I am so excited to see how they continue to help my relationship evolve. My gratitude to Lilith and all the demons is indescribable. Hail Lilith! Thank you Lilith, you are truly amazing, I will be in touch soon for more rituals <3

  •   (SaraZ)

    This is an update for several spells. I think it is important to share them, because I appreciate it when others also post on their progress. Before I get into the details, I think it is important to share the approach that I take when ordering spells. I think about my end goal and what steps (spells) I need to take to get there. Depending on my objective and reading of Lila’s descriptions, I’ll know if I have to order one or two or three to get what I want. It’s like a chessboard almost.

    I’m so obsessed with Lila’s curse tablets. They are extremely powerful and have always brought about better results than I could imagine. The target of these curse tablets deserves it all. I decided a while back that I wasn’t going to sit around and wait and feel resentment for all the terrible things this person did to me. The person got “justice” in the way that only Lila can deliver. What was once a super vain and boastful person, thinking they were untouchable is a now a super self conscious, insecure and ugly person. I don’t feel bad at all. I’m still working on my next spell for the horrible things this person did to me. I can sleep at night and have peace knowing that this person is getting what they deserve.

    I also ordered the weight loss and beauty spells. I am already down 10 pounds and I look far younger than most people my age. Where they have wrinkles and look tired and worn out, I have glowing skin and look young and fresh. My clothes fits different and I don’t have the same cravings for junk food like before. I am making better choices with food and have not changed my skin care routine at all.

    The last one is the demonic charisma spell. That one is pure fire! I can’t get into too much detail about what has happened because I am in the public and need to be careful. I will say that I have been noticed by all the right people and see my career going upward. I have very high favors of all the powers that be in my industry and opportunities have been plentiful that would not be there otherwise because hard work is not enough if you are not noticed. Being a good worker and waiting to get noticed while other people who did less than me get ahead was frustrating for me. They knew how to be fake – something I can’t do. I have to me and only me and now it is paying off because I am being noticed for me. My profession is very cut throat. People stab each other in the back and call you friend at the same time. I am able to advance without resorting to any of this. I’m being noticed without having to bring anyone down.

    I am forever thankful and have so much respect for Lila – a powerful witch and teacher of demonology. I used to hear demons and bought into the religious lies but now I feel the religious leaders who tell these lies. I said it in a previous post, those who control the narrative define what is good and what is evil. For so long, christian leaders have spread lies to control the masses and keep us from living to our fullest potential – because that is not convenient for them to have a society of confident and successful people. Imagine a society of people living to their fullest potential? In order to be an oppressor, there has to be someone that is oppressed.

    Demons allow us to have the life that we want and deserve based on our own ideas. I have the utmost respect for demons and do all that I can to show them my gratitude. It’s not something I take lightly. I am living my best life and I owe it to Lila, Queen Lilith, Lucifer and the other demons who make the impossible possible.

    I can’t wait to order the Baptism Reversal spell and be completely free.

  •   (Jazmine)

    I was initially referred to Lilith by a member on a spiritual website and, boy she was right on how effective Lilith’s work is. I did decide last week (March 4th-10th 2024 for reference) to purchase her succubus seduction and stubborn target ritual and she casted it on March 10th and I’ve already seen effects from the seduction ritual. I’ve received an unexpected refund, my taxes were deposited a day earlier, and I’ve experienced men want to initiate conversations with me in person and online.
    As for the stubborn target ritual, I have yet to see it yet but I know I’ll hear from my target soon. He’s very stubborn and struggles with self-sabotaging behaviors. So, as of now (3/13) I’ve taken Lilith’s advice and purchased the dream of me and obsession spell to further enhance my success and I know it’s already working. I’ll be sure to update once I receive communication from him. But, I highly reccomend Lilith!

  •   (Maria G)

    She has always helped me during my most difficult times and I always trust her advice. I have already purchased several spells from her, and every time, she has always given me confidence. Thank you ❤️

  •   (SaraZ)

    The Indigo Girls have a song called Galileo where it starts out, “Galileo’s head was on the block. Crime was looking up the truth.” It is a short passage, but very powerful. I think about how many people in history were misunderstood and targeted for their will to push the limit in search of the truth. Galileo was targeted for his curiosity. Witches were persecuted for their knowledge and refusal to bow down to the religious patriarchy. The definition of what is good and what is evil is dictated by those that control the narrative.

    Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life and who I was versus who I have become. At heart, I am a good person and have always tried to do what is “right.” My idea of what is right has changed drastically since I found Lila. Before, I was trained to think that living a life of suffering and obedience to religious dogma was the only way to live. I was miserable. I always felt that there had to be more to life than turning the other cheek and longing for my reward in heaven when I died. I have always felt different from other people and have always sought out learning new things. Lila has opened my mind and helped me see that there are alternative ways of approaching life. It all feels right to me now.

    For this and many other reasons, I always remember to make an offering to Queen Lilith, Lucifer, and the beautiful demons who make the impossible possible. My respect for you Lila continues to grow. Thank you for being there and for sharing your knowledge and craft with us.

  •   (Moonlight)

    A warning to people who just want to try this out for fun :

    Naughtily I ordered a spell because I wanted to play with someone at work. I don’t have any romantic feelings towards this person but in a very female work environment he is one of the only straight males. I’m not a chaser and I let people come to me if they want to start anything.

    I ordered the dream of me spell and the male colleague who I did it on for fun is now seeking me out at work. Smiling whenever he sees me. Sparks up conversations that don’t end until someone else walks in and tries to chime in the conversation (he won’t entertain a conversation with anyone else)

    This target always minded his own business and did his job but now he lights up when he sees me and now I realize the fun with playing with fire and being irresponsible in ordering spells at times. I like being the reason his face lights up so I won’t want to reverse it.

  •   (Amber)

    I have purchased quite a few spells in the last couple of months – and there is no way I wasn’t divinely led to this phenomenal woman and this even more phenomenal spirit Lilith! I was so focused on misery, depression, being abused in my relationship and I was slowly losing myself and my children. Then before I found this website, something happened to where he was physically removed from my life – and that led me to seeking revenge, and I found the website.

    I am 100% convinced Lilith has been trying to pull me to life for forever now, and I FINALLY followed my intuition and found Her. I was nervous at first, scared of the word “demons” and I wasn’t even raised Christian OR Catholic, that’s how much society is trying to hide the truth, as I picked up these negative connotations from pop culture, friends, and society for the most part. I thought me going on the website would IMMEDIATELY send me to “hell” – but my intuition would NOT LET ME GO. I continued to spy on the website, fixated on the spells and the testimonals.

    I gave it a go – Love binding, Dream of me, the “can’t let me go” hex, obsession spell and the bring my ex back to me. I explained to Lilith the situation, and boy – the man messaged me literally within the hour of receiving the confirmation.

    My ex and I still have our problems and he still hasn’t “fully” come back – long story as there’s much more going on with him then the average guy (he’s def of the “extremely stubborn target” category ) But I swear by the spells all the same! He was already a angry, violent asshole before, so now he’s so consumed by me and obsessed, it’s only making him more crazy. I far more so wanted the results of torture vs “getting him back” at the time, so I’m sure the results are based on my purest intentions LOL

    But honestly, I feel like Lilith used him to communicate to me. Through him, I was even more fascinated. So I dropped my obsession with revenge and started working on myself. These spells that I got for myself were just casted a couple of days ago, and I already feel a difference! I feel more confident, more charismatic, more PURPOSE. I didn’t even order the weight loss spell, but just simply from confidence and self-love, I’ve naturally stopped smoking (GUYS!! I was a HEAVY WEED SMOKERRRR!!) and I’ve been so excited to actually eat HEALTHY. It’s like I naturally wanted to clean, naturally wanted to treat myself better.

    Now, I am ready to go further. My nervousness is melting every day, I want to know more about Lilith the phenomenal Queen of this world – it’s so sad how a simple google search will provide nothing but misinformation and fear mongering. I truly feel like Lilith has been with me my whole life, but unfortunately I ignored her and was too afraid to embrace her – not anymore. If Luciferian is the pathway to Lilith, then so be it. Lilith shared her blog with me recently and so I’ve been so hungry to learn more. I will continue to learn, and I will continue to be educated.

    Thank you Lilith, the Queen of this World, and thank you to Lilith the wonderful woman who runs this website and beautiful services and truly is helping to awaken so many of us! Thank you to the spirits as well, for they too have helped SO much on this journey of awakening!!

    Yes, patience is a virtue here. It’s so hard to be patient, but trust me it’s worth the wait!!!

  •   (SaraZ)

    I ordered three spells all part of a larger intention I have to advance professionally and personally. They are all manifesting and showing signs pointing towards what I want to accomplish. I ordered the Demonic Charisma Spell Extreme Allure Ritual, the Fountain of Youth Spell and the Weight Loss Spell. After a week of having them completed, I caught the attention of the powers that be at work and was invited to a very exclusive event as the special guest of the chairperson. I dressed up and felt very confident and drew a lot of attention from people – who are held in high esteem by the people in my industry. One person in particular was captivated by the conversation we were having. I was also at another gathering where I spoke about a certain matter and commanded respect from the group. I received much praise from people. Lastly, I met a friend I had not seen in 2 years and she was struck with my youthful appearance and surprised when I reminded her how old I am. She said I don’t look anywhere near my age.

    Before the rituals, I will confess that my skin looked tired and dull. I have also gained weight due to stress and age. BUT the night before Lila told me the rituals were complete I noticed a glow to my skin and suddenly I felt and looked young without changing any part of my skincare routine. I have been feeling very out together and confident. And I know I have not imagined any of this because I received other compliments from people about my skin and how young I look. In her description Lila also talks about not only the physical transformation for drawing people in, but also about the change in mood. I feel more alive. The weight loss ritual will take more time to show, but I know that my cravings have already changed and I am making better food choices without feeling like I need any junk food. My body craves good healthy foods and I was able to give up my biggest vice without a second thought.

    I have been a customer of Lila for over a year now and I continue to be amazed at the results. Each spell has worked at different paces, and I do struggle a lot with wanting immediate results. But I am working on that. All I remember is that Lila has never let me down. I will continue to say this, Lila changed my life. In a way, she saved me from my misery and feelings of despair. I am learning every day and trying every day to live as a Luciferian. Lila goes beyond what she is required to do by writing her blog, instagram posts, and sharing her knowledge with us. I will never be able to put into words how cathartic this has been for me. I am never going back to my old way of live. It will only get better from this point forward. My deepest respect for Lila and the all powerful demons.

  •   (Victoria G)

    I absolutely love Lilas work . She is always there for her customers and takes care of everything
    I have had her do rituals for me since 2021 and she is the best spell caster in the world.

    Do not hesitate please purchase from her today , you will not be disappointed .
    The amazing results speak for themselves ❤️

  •   (Tanya R)

    “Evocation Rite for Lilith”
    One word that best describes how I am feeling about this ritual…. WOWWWW! The night Lila told me to speak with Lilith, I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous, but I followed her instructions and the second I said “Lilith, Lilith, Lilith” the candle started shooting upward wildly! Since then, Goddess Lilith and I are like one. She shares things with me (we talk through pendulum), and she inspires me to stand up for myself at work- she also advises who I can trust and who I shouldn’t (she worries I am too naive), she pushes me to take better care of my appearance, and feel more beautiful. My taste is also slightly more expensive now lolll I don’t take so much nonsense anymore like I used to, and when I am feeling sad, I can actually feel Lilith touching my face. Lilith told me she would like to be more of a mother figure and has expressed that she wants to be there for me and protect me.

    I cannot even BELIEVE that i have this relationship and it’s all thanks to Lila. I love you Lila, you are such an incredible witch- you have such a strong talent and an amazing ability that has helped so many people- I just cannot begin to explain. thank you, thank you, thank you!

  •   (Tanya R)

    “Binding Love”
    What can I say about this beautiful, amazing, talented, POWERFUL witch? I purchased the Ritual of Binding Love for my lover late last year. When she says the results are beautiful, she’s not lying!!!!! Although I am still working to get him back (long story) he feels like his body only belongs to me. He is unable to “perform” with anyone else but me— this is so amazing and I love the way this ritual is. If you are thinking about this ritual, do not waste any more time, just do it- trust me :P

  •   (JB)

    I have had several spells cast over the last two months. One is the intelligence spell. Due to Covid side effects, I was suffering from cognitive issues over a year and a half. Some days I could not even operate a car. Now, 2 months later, I now have a brain that can do its complex job and more! Another was the youth and a beauty spell. Today, I got asked what I am doing because my face looks amazing (no make-up and I am 50 chronologically. Lilith and the demons do amazing work. Patience is key! I wish I had found her ealie.

  •   (V)

    Cambié de trabajo y todo parecía estar estancado, ordené el Road Opener y esa misma semana comenzaron a llegarme clientes y en una semana he tenido 3 reconocimientos en el trabajo. Si sientes que necesitas un push, no lo pienses más y abre tus caminos. Gracias Lila por ser el contacto con los demons.

    If you need to open your path, order the Road Opener; you’ll see a change from the first day Lila does the work.

  •   (nyanko)

    Since I met her, my life has been changed, and the unresolved issues have been resolved. In the past few days, I have bought three more, and now I only trust her.

  •   (Lewis Johnson)

    I’m interested in services. Awful lot of testimonials here. Don’t want scammers. I just want my ex back. That’s it and that’s all. Reading reviews. Don’t know which one to use.

  •   (AL)

    Today I offered my gratitude to Lilith and all the demons who are helping me <3 It is amazing to see the spells begin to work and see progress in my life <3

  •   (Isaiah)

    About two months ago I ordered a spell to have one of my ex friends re enter my life. They blocked me and cut off all contract just over a year ago. Today they just unblocked me and followed me on Instagram. There’s no way this is just a coincidence, I can’t believe I ever had even the slightest doubt in Lilith’s power. You’re an incredible person Lila. If you let go and let the magic just do its thing It seems results are only a matter of time.

  •   (SaraZ)

    I could not end the year without a expressing my gratitude to Lila and making an offering to Lilith and the beautiful demons that make all things possible. I think back to where I was one year ago. Crossing paths with Lila is the best thing that has happened to me as an adult. I still have much work to do, but Lila has helped set me on the path that I know will give me the life I want and deserve.

    Lila and her work is a symbol of privilege in my life. The luxuries I decided to give myself are Lila’s spells. This whole past year, I set a plan in motion to bring me peace and justice from the actions of others who hurt me deeply. This year, I am focusing on myself and continuing to create a future that I have always wanted and NOW realize I deserve.

    Lila is one of a kind. Her work goes beyond her spells – which are beautiful and a work of art by themselves. She invites us to learn and experience life in a different way through her blog and her posts from her travels. She offers us an alternative perspective that is free of institutional restrictions. Lila has liberated me. Lila has given me the life that I always wanted and didn’t know I deserved.

    For this and so many other reasons, I make my offering of gratitude and respect. Thank you Lila. You are a treasure. ❤️💎

  •   (D.G)

    Word’s will never be enough to describe my gratitude and respect…

    Thank you

  •   (JB)

    I am so filled with excitement. I have ordered 4 life changers (spells). She finished the first today. I am filled with confidence and believe she and the demons will make it successful. I just need to sit back and watch 2024 happen. I have more to order after the new year!

  •   (SaraZ)

    I needed to share an update on the results of the Debt Release Ritual. I just had a six figure debt forgiven. This would not have been possible otherwise. I’m speechless. This is not a debt that was even remotely possible of going away, but I know that it is Lila’s magic that made this possible. I’m drunk with gratitude and appreciation to Lila and the powerful demon Bune. With much respect, I will make an offering to the gratitude jar. Thank you my dear Lila!!! 🖤

  •   (AL)

    I had Lilith perform two rituals for me- come back to me and dream of me- the target and I have spoken recently for the first time in months and we are back on track! I am so thankful and excited to see this movement and it honestly happened amazingly fast just like Lilith says! He was so much more expressive and told me how much he missed me! I am looking forward to doing more work with Lilith and watching my beautiful love story unfold. If your thinking of purchasing why wait? Lilith will change your life. Thank you Lilith! Hail Lilith! <3

  •   (Jonathan)

    « Il écoute, il est bon, il attend et il fournit ».

    Je reviens dans la section des témoignages pour faire part d’une mise à jour, suite au précédent laissé le 25 Août 2023. Nous sommes le 1er Décembre 2023 et j’avais commandés plusieurs sorts me concernant directement : la motivation, l’intelligence, la guérison émotionnelle et la richesse.
    Entre-temps, j’avais réservé pour Samhain 2023 avec un sort prévu, mais je le garde pour moi : je dirais juste qu’il est la fin de la phase 1 et que le 31 Octobre 2024 sera la fin de la phase 2 et ainsi de suite….

    Dans la situation où j’ai sollicité les honneurs du premier démon, à travers la toute première commande en Avril 2023, c’est avec la reine Lilith lorsque j’ai effectué le premier sort qui était celui de la rupture, concernant un ennemi que je considérais comme un « cobaye » (ou « sujet de test », si vous préférez, peu importe), suivi d’un autre sort de rupture et du sort « Rêve de moi », tous deux pour une femme qui me plaisait mais qui était partie avec son ex avant et dont je n’avais pas accepté cela.

    Jusque là, je n’ai pas réussi à la revoir (elle est toujours dans le secteur, à une trentaine de minutes de route) mais j’ai pu constater qu’elle a « ouvert » son facebook le jour du 31 Octobre alors que c’était complètement fermé, niveau galerie photos par exemple. Est-ce un signe ? Quelque soit le résultat, ce sera uniquement moi le responsable.

    Mais dans la mesure où je parle du premier démon à qui j’ai sollicité les honneurs pour mon propre cas, c’est Paimon.

    Très rapidement, j’ai été comme « attiré » vers le sort de motivation et tout, dans sa description m’attirait : son image d’illustration, sa description, absolument tout. Une fois le rituel effectué, deux semaines après, j’ai eu le courage d’aller seul, dans un endroit bien particulier à deux reprises, de vaincre la peur que je pouvais avoir en y entrant, de casser tous les clichés et de pouvoir en ressortir grandi.

    Le sort me permet aussi de ne plus avoir des phases de procrastinations et de sentir comme des coups de boosts pour ainsi faire ce qui doit être fait, même dans mon entourage, on le constate alors que ce n’était pas le cas avant.

    Il me permet aussi de prévoir sur le long terme avec pour objectif une amélioration générale et de gagner en élégance : il faut savoir que les autres sorts au tout début de ce témoignage ont été effectués le mois suivant celle de la motivation, ce qui rajoute aussi à tout cela.

    J’ai décidé de faire une offrande à travers Lila pour Paimon car ses honneurs sont tout simplement ma colonne vertébrale (oui, littéralement) : je préfère ne pas imaginer ce que je serais devenu maintenant si je n’avais pas découvert Lilith Argelich, notre adorable sorcière, ainsi que le sort de motivation. Je me sens tellement honoré de ce résultat que chaque sort effectué, ainsi que ceux qui seront prévus à l’avenir, sont comme un pas fait en avant vers le royaume démoniaque.

    L’offrande qui est faite concerne Paimon, mais je prévois aussi pour plus tard, des offrandes pour les autres démons dont j’ai demandé leurs aides: je refuse de les dénigrer, que ce soit Seere pour l’intelligence, Marbas et la reine Lilith pour la guérison émotionnelle et le démon avec qui je suis lié par le pacte démoniaque pour l’argent (je garde volontairement son nom pour moi).

    Et pour toutes les personnes qui veulent honorer, il y a aussi un autre moyen et c’est notre adorable sorcière, Lila, qui en parle le mieux sur Instagram :

    « Soyez l’offrande. Si vous êtes heureux, confiant et féroce, vous les rendrez fiers. Montrez votre valeur. Profitez de votre vie et soyez reconnaissant pour chaque changement positif. Montrez-leur que leurs efforts ne seront pas vains. »

    J’ai encore tellement de choses à dire mais ce serait trop long. Je tenais vraiment à laisser un témoignage fait avec le cœur, principalement sur Paimon. Je tiens à remercier chaque client ayant laissé le sien depuis ce site : c’est toujours un plaisir de les lire. Je sais que j’y reviendrais à l’avenir pour apporter de nouveau, ma contribution à la réputation fiable et professionnelle de Lilith Argelich.

    La patience et la gratitude sont les deux plus grandes forces que chacun d’entre nous, pouvons exprimer pour honorer aussi bien notre adorable luciférienne que les démons.

    Je ne regrette rien, j’assume toutes mes démarches et je ne reviendrais plus jamais en arrière.


  •   (Hannah)

    Healing spell
    Lilith has performed quite a few spells for me this year and is changing my life, so I feel I’ve built up a good relationship of trust and friendship with her. I have so much admiration and respect for her.

    I asked her for help with a problem my 10 year old son has with food and she recommended the healing spell for him. I’d like to point out he wasn’t ill in any way, but was an extremely fussy eater and refused to try anything new, and this has been going on for years. As his mother, it was not only frustrating to see him like this, but I didn’t know what to do for the best. I was worried about his health but obviously can’t force him to eat a varied diet so I was just hoping he would eventually snap out of it.
    As he has got older it started to make him anxious and affect his life in social settings at school and friends houses, as he didn’t know if there would be anything he’d be willing to eat in these places.

    It’s only been 4 weeks but he is already a lot more relaxed about things and doesn’t have a panic when it comes to new or different foods. It’s like a weight has been lifted from him so I know he’s going in the right direction. He even wants to go on a week long school trip now because he isn’t worried about the food there anymore, he was refusing to go prior to Lilith’s help.

    This spell has also helped him in other ways too, he’s sailing through school with confidence at the moment, passing exams with great marks, he’s become a prefect and has started new hobbies which he hasn’t been bothered about before. It’s like he has a new lease of life which is giving him confidence and inner belief. For me, this is all incredible to watch after years of worrying about him.

    I imagine some people may find it a bit controversial putting a spell on my child, but I want the best for him and want him to have the confidence to shine in life, with nothing holding him back.
    Lilith is wonderful and has incredible powers. I trust her 100%. I certainly wouldn’t trust anyone else to perform a spell on my child, she is my one and only! 🔥

  •   (Moonlight)

    I’m one week shy of having the 90 day demonic possession end on 2 targets of mine.

    One target is not in contact at all so I don’t know how bad he has it but I trust he is miserable and will continue to be miserable.

    The other contact who I am in contact whose life I wish to add chaos to because how broken my heart is from her and her family brought about the following…

    Covid on her son’s birthday not allowing her to do anything for him. 2 car accidents both being her fault with one of them being very confrontational missing her court appearance her lawyer not being able to get the items and information she needs to possibly have the case dismissed her car broke down and when she popped the hood she burned her hand terribly severe insomnia gained massive amount of weight (she was a uk size 8 at the start and went to a uk size 18)

    Maybe there is more in her chaos in her life that I just don’t know but I want no peace for them until they make their wrongs to me right

  •   (SaraZ)

    Is it possible to adore someone you have never met? Indeed it is! That is how I feel about Lila. She has turned my life around through her powerful spells. I recently ordered two spells and the Tulum Vortex ritual.
    The demonic possession spell has me salivating at what will happen to my target next. While I do not have contact with my target, I do follow my target on social media and have seen the spell take effect from a distance. My target has recently been following different self-help, healing circle, spiritual pages which would have been unheard of before Lila’s spell. I have pretty much memorized Lila’s description of what results the spell will bring and I have been savoring watching my target suffer. I will most definitely be ordering this one again and again every 90 days. This target deserves it all. That’s all I can say. And I love that Lila does not judge at all.

    The second spell was the debt release ritual. I was left speechless at how quickly it worked. I have been trying to get out of debt that has followed me for years. Not because I have been irresponsible but I have had many unfortunate events happen that made me accumulate a lot of debt. Within days of having the spell cast, I received a notice from the source with the highest debt (student loans) that they will be forgiven. I didn’t think it was possible for me, but it is happening.

    The last ritual was the Tulum vortex. I know that it will manifest and beautiful things will come as a result of it. Lila sent me the picture and it took my breath away. I learned so much about vortices and how powerful they are. Simply incredible.

    I give my unending gratitude and respect to Lila and the beautiful demons who make it all possible.

  •   (Dessertrose)

    LilithCult always , always delivers pure, powerful magickal results that are amazing. I have had many rituals done for me in various aspects of my life. They are all a huge success. There is one, in particular, the Court Case Ritual, which recently completely astonished me. I was at the limits of my tolerance for this one person who was horrible and heartless to us in every way possible. I had the Bend Over and Court Case ritual done for that person and their team and they simply gave up! This was mind blowing!
    The Court Case ritual gave my family something better than I had originally requested. When I heard the good news, I cried from gratitude, joy and relief as the case would have a huge impact on my child. My heart is glowing bright from the sheer awe, gratitude and wonder of it all. My gratitude to LilithCult, Lucifer, Lilith and all the mighty and misunderstood Demons 🙏 Thank You Thank You and Thank You 🙏

  •   (Y.)

    Today I’m being reminded of how fortunate I have encountered Lilith and her craft. My first spell has saved me from a potentially dire situation, and my second spell (as recently as it was) has already started manifesting slightly in an unexpected way. So yeah, many thanks to Lilith and the demons.

  •   (SaraZ)

    It is with much respect and gratitude that I made a generous offering to Queen Lila for all she and Lila have made possible in my life. It is even more special to make this offering during Samhain. How can I put into words the feelings of gratitude, enthusiasm, courage, and comfort that I feel for all that Lila has made possible through her connection with Lilith and other demons? Words will never be enough to express my gratitude but I can try and this is one way to show it. 🖤🧡🖤🧡

  •   (Victoria G)

    i am so grateful to have Lila as my spellcaster, she is amazing at what she does.

    Ive had a few different spells done by her and shes always amazing at her craft.

    I plan to purchase more from her and also some spells for my friends too.

  •   (babymushroom)

    Hey Lilith fam!
    I ordered 4 spells at first: protection, magnetism, wealth and weight spell.

    All 4 casted in Monday 16/10. I felt a sudden relief and I lost 2kgs already without doing a diet, sleeping peacefully, feeling a weird energy to walk or exercise. In one of my interviews I felt the magnetism spell and they called me for a second.

    I desperately needed the protection because I was constantly being attacked, hexed.
    I am so happy to feel safe. I didn’t know if it is possible to relief you know… I am so glad I found Lilith.

    I was so near to suicide and I even tried it 6 times before I found her. Now I have hope again. I thought I was always going to be sad and left out from life so finding Lilith is something amazing for me. It is like I finally seen by god, like my sufferings are going to end.

    Don’t hesitate. She knows what she’s doing.
    I have 4 more orders and I will write a review again to share how amazing everything is.

    Hail Lilith!

  •   (Maximilian Horst)

    I love Lila because she is special.

  •   (SarahZ)

    This is about the 15th spell I have ordered. I first found Lila when I was having a difficult time with someone I was in a relationship with. It was messy. All the spells I ordered did in fact manifest and brought amazing results. One of the problems in my relationship was a third party who betrayed my trust and made a point of humiliating me on social media. I tried my hardest to ignore this person’s actions until I no longer could.

    I ordered a few spells for this target with the most recent one being the Demonic Possession Hex Spell. I received the email from Lila that it had been complete. The image was beautiful and I already started to feel a shift even before Lila sent me the confirmation. I had been feeling tense and after an in person encounter with my target. I had so much resentment and a need for justice since then. I had been trying my hardest to not overthink things. The night that Lila completed the spell, my body relaxed and I had the best sleep in weeks. I don’t have to even check in on that person to know that their nightmare has started. Lila has always come through and I have learned to embrace the process and letting it unfold the way the demons have decided it should. Now, I just sit back and enjoy the show.

    Lila’s work is pure luxury. Looking at her pictures, I can see that she places so much emphasis on the details. Her spells don’t look rushed. I truly feel that at the moment she is doing the spell, that my intention is first and foremost. I think a lot about the demons she is connecting with and how I can best show my respect to them. I see demons in a different way now. I am extremely mindful of showing them through my actions that I am grateful for what they are making possible for me. I think of Lila and how she has changed my perception of living a complete life of self-determination and not just sitting there and suffer feeling life is unfair.

    It’s a little hard for me to express in a clear way this internal shift that has taken place. All I know is that it feels right. 😊

  •   (AL)

    This is for the Dream of Me spell ❤️
    My target never dreams or remembers them but let me know he had a very intimate dream of me a few weeks after casting. I just smiled to myself and thought of Lila and Lilith breaking through to his stubborn head! ❤️‍🔥🔥 thank you so much and I look forward to more beautiful stories to unfold ☺️

  •   (SaraZ)

    Im catching up on my reviews of spells I have ordered from Lila. Etsy used to send me reminders, and I just figured out that I can leave reviews here through the testimonials link.

    I have ordered 2 curse tablets from Lila for the same target, and I have been taking such pleasure in seeing the results. I will say that the tablets do bring about faster results – like Lila says in her description. Even if they didn’t, it’s soooooo worth the wait!!

    My target is someone who is very vain, likes to brag, and also taunts me on social media. The old me would have “turned the other cheek” but felt miserable and feeling life was unjust. The new me is able to get back at my target in the way they deserve. My target has been knocked down a few notches from their pedestal. One curse tablet was sufficient by itself, but my target really deserved what they got with both intentions. Their vanity and feeling of superiority has been damaged for good.

    Lila never once has judged me or made me feel bad for asking for what I want. I’m not a bad person and actually do a lot of good for others. The spells I have ordered have been for situations that require the person not getting away with their misdeeds. What I appreciate best about Lila is that she let’s us decide where and when offense should be taken.

    Thank you Lila for sharing your craft with us. My mood and spirit have bounced back. I no longer feel helpless. Thank you to the beautiful demons who have brought my intentions to fruition.

  •   (Magicalgoddess)

    “Dream of Me”
    This review is for the people out there that are slightly impatient- our amazing QUEEN Lila did the ritual on the 12th of October and by the 14th of October, my divination specialist told me that my POI was having dreams of me- some of it was sexual but some of it was mixed with sweet things that we had talked about doing together but didn’t get a chance to yet. He proceeded to think about me a lot during the day— many many thanks to my amazing Lila and the beautiful and perfect goddess Lilith herself. This ritual is freaking amazing, I can tell why it’s Lila’s favorite.

  •   (SaraZ)

    In the course of one year, after finding Lila, my life has changed in a way I could never have imagined. I thought living a life of suffering and obedience to archaic social structures was the only way to live. Now, I know better – all because of Lila and her opening my eyes to the beauty and strength of demonic magic. I feel the demons protecting me and Lila has helped guide me towards a life of confidence, no fear, and feeling that I deserve to have the life I have always wanted. Lila has helped me navigate through some of the most difficult moments in recent years. I feel the presence of Lilith with me always. Please trust Lila and know that she has a strong connection to the beautiful demons that make all things real. I also recommend reading her FAQs. They are filled with information. Il my deepest respect to Lila and the most amazing demons who have made the impossible possible. ❤️❤️

  •   (Victoria)

    I had Lilith do the curse ritual on a second target. The first target had sexually manipulated me and ruined my life. He’s now lost his platform and all of his friends and community. The recent target was disrespectful, misogynistic, and spread false rumors about me— also destroying my life. He was recently involved in a horrific car accident ( too bad he didn’t perish boo hoo) but he’s no confined to a wheelchair and I think it’s soo lovely. I’m sure there’s more to come and I can’t wait. I will be back for a couple more people. I feel better. I don’t care about anything else. I hope that POS is enjoying the life he has to live from now on.

    Lilith’s number one priority was to get me the justice I had asked her to help me with, and to make sure I was satisfied and happy. She really puts the work in and enjoys her craft. I respect her so much for that. Thank you a bunch. I feel so good right now

  •   (Hannah)

    I purchased the Extreme Beauty Spell and the Magnetism spell from Lilith a few months ago. I’m a naturally shy person and someone who doesn’t like being in the spotlight so I felt it was time to do something about this and give myself a confidence boost.
    Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed a big change in myself. My skin is clearer and sometimes when I look in the mirror I think my eyes have more sparkle about them. I have the confidence to wear nicer, more feminine things that I wouldn’t have normally worn. I’ve also become more outgoing and can now confidently walk into a room full of people without wanting to hide.
    People I know and total strangers have definitely been making more eye contact with me, at first I felt a little uncomfortable about this change, but as time went on I got used to it and now it’s just a normal part of my life! It makes me smile to myself at the time as I’m aware why this is happening :) When I’m talking to people I have a lot more confidence to speak up and say what I’m thinking, especially at work.

    Lilith has also performed some love spells for me, these are still a work in progress and more work needs to be done but there has definitely been some movement from my target and I know for a fact that wouldn’t have happened without Lilith. He is just extremely stubborn.

    For anyone reading this who is unsure, just have faith and trust her. Try to think of it as passing on your problem for her to fix, so you can let go and forget about it. She knows what she is doing and will help you change your life. The hardest part is letting go and there have been times when anxiety has got the better of me with the love spells, but Lilith was there with some great advice to keep me in check. She is a woman of few words but her emails exude calmness and make you feel reassured instantly, and it goes without saying her work speaks for itself.

    Lilith and all the demons who have helped me, thank you for everything so far, I feel so privileged to have found you. I’m sure we will be speaking again very soon 🔥

  •   (Becky)

    I’ve had a few rituals from Lilith and never been disappointed
    The last was a curse removal for my whole family,we felt the power that day but I can honestly say any blockages were removed,doors opened for us and work went from a few clients to booked up for months!
    Have no doubts Lilith is an expert in what she does,trust her and the process it definitely works ❤️

  •   (Ryan c)

    I am commenting on my updated progress.
    I have since added 2 more rituals, I wish I could say everything is going great but the truth is I have continued to push my target as my impatience has been my down fall. Learning to sit back and allow the work to unfold. I have great faith in Lilith and her work, hoping that I can also purchase the ritual to Amon. Before I do I’m going to work on relaxing and not chasing my fiancée that has asked for separation. If you are reading this, when you order a spell or ritual with Lilith I remind you. Do not try to take control, allow the work to unfold. She is here to help work with the spirits and demons on your behalf. Your job is to sit back and enjoy the work. Thank you Lilith for the help, can’t wait to do more rituals with you. “So it is done”

  •   (K.L)

    I am leaving another review, I unfortunately did exactly what we aren’t meant to do after the spell. Lilith was so kind and understanding, pointing me in the right direction to fix my own mistakes and get back on the right path. Although I have not seen progress so far, I have full belief that I am on the right track again as it has only been 4 weeks.

    I will be ordering the come back to me spell to work the magic along side my stubborn target spell.

    Prior to me doing exactly what we shouldn’t my previous spells were working fantastic unfortunately I ruined that myself but am incredibly grateful that Lilith has redirected me and I have an opportunity to have the outcome I desire.

    Patience, gratitude and trust in the process is fundamental, this just took some time for me to understand.

    Thank you 🙂

  •   (V)

    Llevo trabajando con Lila hace alrededor de 4 meses para diferentes situaciones. Hice un cambio drástico de carrera y ella me hizo el Business Spell, en poco tiempo se abrió una gran oportunidad que llegó random sin yo buscarla y para la cual no estaba completamente calificada. Confíen en el proceso, que todo llega en el momento indicado.

    I have been working with Lila for 4 months with different situations in my life. One of them in the profesional area (business) ; she did the business spell for me and in a short time I got a random opportunity in a big and well stablished company. I don’t have the experience, nor licenses, nor contacts for that company to have called me having said that: Trust the process, everything comes at the right time.

  •   (Tanya )

    My biggest regret is not finding Lilith cult earlier… I wasted so much money on fakes and scammers out there while this beautiful, amazing, wonderful witch was here all along 🤦🏽‍♀️

  •   (Jonathan)

    « Oh, si tu savais vraiment ce que les démons te réservent, tu descendrais maintenant et danserais nu sur la plage »

    Je commence mon premier témoignage, ce 25 Août 2023, avec cette belle phrase de Lilith Argelich sur Etsy, à l’époque. Je suis un français, baptisé catholique, j’ai tenté de trouver un sens à ma vie ainsi que des réponses à mes questions. Je suis même allé faire un pèlerinage à Lourdes en France pas loin de chez moi, lieu mondialement connu pour les catholiques, pour tenter d’obtenir des réponses : au final, je n’ai rien trouvé.

    Le destin m’a amené vers Lilith Argelich, après un refus sentimental, comme si ce destin voulait me dire « Je te propose une opportunité unique pour toi, saisis-la ». Étant un peu apeuré au départ par rapport aux démons et à la sorcellerie, je suis rassuré sur le fait que Lila garantit qu’aucun karma ou retour de flammes ne se produit avec elle (les nombreux témoignages laissés par les autres clients me rassurent aussi sur la fiabilité de la praticienne).

    En avril 2023, pour la pleine lune, je prends un sort de rupture pour un ennemi qui sert de cobaye (oui, le terme est bien choisi). La photo du rituel est puissante, en plus d’être très belle.
    Résultat : un mois plus tard, séparation confirmée par les photos facebook. A partir de là, j’ai compris les possibilités qui se présentent devant moi. Tout en apprenant à travers les descriptions, FAQ, articles et compte instagram de Lila, je me sens à l’aise: je ne sais pas pratiquer et mon environnement m’en empêcherait, mais je planifie des commandes pour mon avenir sur tous les domaines (et ainsi trouver les réponses à mes questions que le catholicisme ne me semble pas vouloir me donner).

    Je commande un nouveau sort de rupture, en Mai 2023, concernant ma cible après ce refus sentimental dit précédemment : 1 mois et demi après, je pars du principe que la rupture a été faite (vu qu’elle a supprimée un ami facebook et que ses projets semblent avoir changés depuis). J’ai commandé le sort où la cible rêve de moi toutes les nuits en attendant les autres étapes prévues la concernant.
    Fait amusant : à partir de la 4e semaine, des violents orages se sont déroulés inhabituellement dans mon secteur. Je me suis amusé à les interpréter comme la reine Lilith faisant son travail, imaginant les disputes au sein du couple de ma cible.

    J’en profite pour m’améliorer et devenir la meilleure version de moi-même, comme la motivation, l’intelligence, un pacte démoniaque pour l’argent et une guérison de blessures émotionnelles que Lila m’a recommandée, le jour où j’ai « craqué » en lui expliquant en détails, ma situation personnelle. C’est trop tôt pour des résultats mais j’y crois profondément. D’autres étapes d’amélioration sont prévues.

    Je n’oublie pas mes ennemis qui paieront très cher pour tout ce qu’ils m’ont faits, à l’avenir.
    Je réfléchis à l’idée de devenir un luciférien et passer un pacte avec Lucifer dans le futur, mais c’est encore trop tôt, bien que mon cœur en brûle d’envie : je me fixe des étapes à franchir en attendant et pour éviter de prendre des décisions sous le coup de l’impulsivité.

    La praticienne parle peu mais elle est très professionnelle, adorable et toujours avec de sages conseils. Le maître-mot est la patience pour les résultats souhaités après les rituels (je compte toujours en moyenne à partir de 2-3 mois par défaut) que pour les réponses aux questions (Lila répond dès qu’elle le peut). Elle est très demandée mais elle fait tout son possible pour chacun d’entre nous.

    Soyez respectueux, courtois et patient aussi bien avec Lila qu’avec les démons: n’oubliez pas votre part du travail après chaque rituel (et de remercier via les offrandes ou pourboires si vous le voulez). Je suis si heureux de connaître Lilith Argelich, je ne saurais la remercier jamais assez ainsi que les démons pour leurs honneurs, et de pouvoir prendre le contrôle de ma destinée : c’est un privilège mais aussi un honneur.

    Hail Lilith Argelich, Hail Lilith et Lucifer, Hail à tous les démons.

  •   (Kaylin)

    I cannot praise Lila enough. I have had several rituals and all have helped change my life for the better. Most recently I purchased the professional abundance spell, and within just a few weeks my business has taken off and I have had opportunities come to me seemingly out of nowhere. Magic is real, and the demons can help you beyond your wildest dreams. Trust, be patient, and pay attention. Remember that the demons are infinitely wise and know what we need before we do. This means your results may come in ways you don’t expect. Be ready to take opportunities you hadn’t considered. Keep an open mind, and listen closely to your environment and the people in your life. Sometimes others will notice changes before you do, and sometimes the demons speak to us through other people. If you’re ready to live your best life, look no further. Hail Lilith, Lucifer and the demons!

  •   (Christopher)

    Had just ordered the Dream of Me spell and requested that I also share some of the dreams of my target. The evening of Lilith sending me a message letting me know it was done, I had a passionate dream of my target. First time I’ve dreamt about her in a long time and probably never like that before. I trust she had the same dream. Cannot wait for more amazing moments in the dreamscape. Ave Lilith.

  •   (J)

    12 spells for myself and counting… not to mention the ones for my enemies. Enough said ;)

  •   (J)

    12 spells and counting… enough said ;)

  •   (AL)

    Like so many others I wish I had found a Lilith sooner. I have been working with her for a little over a year and am improving in areas of life I needed to change. I am still working towards my biggest goal (❤️) but I am doing well in my career and moved to a beautiful place that I am proud of and enjoy having friends over. Even my tastes in furnishings have changed (think black marble and red roses). I used to be more disorganized at home and now love everything clean and tidy. I’m still working on my self-esteem but I know with more positive changes I will get there. This is just a thank you to Lilith (Lila), Lucifer, Lilith, and so many other demons working on my behalf. My sincerest thanks and gratitude 🖤🔥🌹

  •   (Victoria)

    I purchased the revenge curse spell from LilithCult. The target I had it casted on is completely destroyed. He lost his friends, community, job, and so much more. I take absolute pleasure in seeing him crash and burn. This person RUINED my life and took everything from me. So it’s justified seeing him go through what he made me go through. I’ll definitely be back as my revenge isn’t complete. But LilithCult did not judge me— she was very professional and allowed me to have the justice i so desperately needed and wanted. Thank you lilith !!

  •   (Tanya R)

    My deepest regret is finding Lilith Cult so late in my journey… After working with alot of spellcasters, there is a different kind of feeling with Lilith. Her confidence, her succinct but strong support is much appreciated. I have ordered till date, 6 spells from her and I don’t plan on stopping. Alot of injustice has happened to me and I needed someone strong by my side to help me get back on track and succeed- Lilith is this person. I love her, I feel very confident working with her, and I just feel happier and more hopeful! It is still very early on, will update with results that I KNOW will follow soon.

  •   (HK)

    This is seriously beautiful. I am 8 weeks into my extreme beauty spell. I also later (2 weeks ago) l got the magnetism, and succubus ritual.

    I am naturally a low self esteem, meek, and submissive person. I am now starting to speak up more. I am feeling a lot better about myself. I honestly haven’t seen my appearance change but I have been getting constant compliments from people who usually don’t give compliments to me. People are a lot more welcoming, accommodating, and generous to me now. Today I made a large order (for a party of 10) and the owner made small talk with only me and gave us a lot of freebies that aren’t even on the menu. A customer who witnessed all this said he has been a loyal customer for 1 year and the owner has never talked to him nor was he given anything for free. It felt nice and this type of kindness is something I haven’t seen in a very long time.

    I believe more wonderful and nice things will come my way with the rituals I have done for myself. This is the beginning to many beautiful things coming my way.

  •   (Ryan C)

    Just purchased two, happy to be honored here with the community. Can’t wait to update on the progress after the rituals. Thank you Lilith for being here to offer your guidance.

  •   (Humsika Srikanth)

    Lila has choreographed many of my intentions into effect and her powers are as real as they come since the results hit home like never before. She is really not in the craft for the money, but has the highest interests of the client in mind, for there were times when I pitched ideas to her when she asked me to sleep on them rather than be impulsive, since it’s very easy to get carried away whilst trying to arrive at the best case scenario. I look at Lila as both my stable advisor as well as my ambitious go-getter. She has inspired me tremendously during the past year and I have subconsciously acquired some of her traits, especially her particularity for self-respect and emphasis on taking effort. I consider our relationship fated and myself to be fortunate to have run into her. The greatest honour would be to recieve the blessings that she channelizes for a lifetime, hail Lilith, Lucifer and the whole entourage of demons❤️

  •   (Anonymous )

    I have worked with her in the past and everything, I mean EVERYTHING has come to fruition. I did a dream of me spell first, the VERY NEXT DAY, he called and we spent an AMAZING time together. At this point, I was still skeptical, although intrigued. I did the love ritual (we were already on our way there, she says a previous connection or attraction makes it more effective) and while it took a little while, I was dumbfounded by the results. I have also used the court case ritual, to my success! No longer a skeptic. Thank you Lilith for everything. I will definitely be contacting you soon.

  •   (EcnemelC)

    Voici 2 ans que je suis venue à Lilith et que j’ai sollicité l’aide de Lila. Et pour être honnête, j’ai quelque peu saboté mes sortilèges, en faisant preuve de frustration, de faiblesse et de tristesse… parfois de colère! Je ne comprenais pas pourquoi je n’avais pas droit cette connexion tant espérée ou encore pourquoi je ne voyais aucun de mes sortilèges se manifester. Il m’aura fallu un évènement particulier qui change la donne. Ma personnalité a dû mal à lâcher prise et reste dans l’impatience constante. La déesse Lilith et ses démons ont un chemin de vie pour nous dès lors que nous les sollicitons mais il faut faire preuve de patience, de loyauté et de fidélité… Et même si ce n’est pas facile et je parle en connaissance de cause, IL FAUT ÊTRE FORT!
    Aujourd’hui, je fais un offrande sincère à ma Déesse et aux démons à qui j’ai demandé de l’aide. Et surtout, je remercie Lila pour le merveilleux travail qu’elle a fait pour moi jusqu’à présent.
    Avec toute ma reconnaissance, mon respect et ma gratitude.

  •   (Anon)

    “Red Potion Gorgeous Skin Spell”

    This was one of the many spells I purchased. I got this few months ago on Etsy and I believe the spell has worked. And the way it works is I believe it opened up doors or opportunities for me to understand my skin better and what would actually help my skin get better . My skin condition has improved but not perfect. For some magical reason though, I would get random compliments about my skin being glowy or people thinking that I’m way younger than my actual age or asking if I’ve had any work done.

    Thank you so much Lila and her team of demons for all your help. I’m forever grateful for having your help in my darkest times.


  •   (Dragana)

    I just want to leave a recent review here for a pact that I have purchased 2 months ago from her on etsy with Queen Lilith and King Lucifer.Today Marbas took care of some court issue that I had recently in the country i‘m in currently, including government issue. Which was difficult because I have no registration of residence here. Just want to say thank you to Lilith,Lucifer and Marbas and Lila. Hail Lucifer. Hail Lilith. Hail Marbas.
    I never get in touch with Marbas before, so if you guys need some help with government or court case issues he is a good one for it.

  •   (Victoria )

    I had lilith perform a magnetism ritual for me and the results have surely been entertaining and shocking at the same time. I started noticing a difference in about two weeks after having performed the ritual — I left it alone for a while and then everything happened at once. Someone driving past me as I walked into my apartment — he honked at me and stared at me until he hit a sidewalk and blew his tires. Old friends wanting to see me again, people asking me for my phone number , coworkers wanting to hang out after work. Gaining a ton of attention/ followers online etc. I think the aha moment was when I attracted a celebrity crush that I absolutely was in love with since high school. Never had I ever imagined that this person would notice me let alone contact me or start up any type of relationship. Still processing this but seeing this person face brings me such joy and him being in my life gives me a feeling I’ve never felt. I’m so thankful for LilithCult — always recommend her to friends that are ready to change their life around . Thank you!!

  •   (Hannah)

    I purchased the ‘stubborn target’ and ‘come back to me’ rituals and ever since they were done at the beginning of June I’ve felt such positivity and calmness. If I do start to feel anxious about it I try to focus on myself and other things.
    Lilith made me feel at ease and is really wonderful. She is straight to the point, which is what you want.
    I received an email after the rituals were performed with the most beautiful photo and seeing she had simply written ‘it is done’ just made me feel she has taken care of it. No need for me to stress about it anymore.
    Over the last two weeks my target has contacted me twice to meet up and seemed a little different and more affectionate with me so I have faith and am confident that Lilith is working her magic. Thank you so much, I will be back very soon!

  •   (Karina L Little)

    I just want to leave my deepest gratitude. I had the dream of me spell completed on 06/06 and the love binding on the 14th.

    Since the dream of me spell I have met up with my target twice and although communication is still very infrequent this is a huge step from were we were as he wanted a clean cut.

    The love binding spell hasn’t even been a week yet i have seen movement with both. so I know these are already working and will take time to fully manifest and things will only get better. Patience is key, I will certainly be back for more

    Thank you so so so much!!

  •   (Jennifer)

    Am I cursed, probably not… the heading of a blog Lilith wrote. On reading this I thought that the answer would come back as ‘no’. However, I asked if Lilith would kindly do this ritual for me as I had exhausted all other reasoning for the blockages that were stubbornly present in my life. I was stunned and shocked to see that I had several curses attached to me. Lilith has removed these from these for which i am extremly grateful and somewhat relieved to finally understand why things are as they are.

    I can not recommend Lilith highly enough, I have had a few rituals done and those that I am able to witness for myself have been visibile within days, one within hours of being cast. The power that Lilith has is incredible and I trust her completley. I know that the work being done is transforming my life into the version I should be in.

  •   (Boe)

    Is it still possible to become a Luciferin? Are rituals still done here?

  •   (Steve)

    Thank you very much. I was in the pasture working cattle and all of a sudden felt a huge relief flood over me. I thought to my self what the heck? I got done and went back home feeling that a weight had been lifted of me. I checked my emails and there was an email from Lilith that she had removed the curse. Big believer in her powers and what she can do. Again, Thank you so much

  •   (Francesca )

    Lila performed many rituals for me and helped me with a difficult love situation.
    I really saw the changes in him even if I didn’t get my full result yet I am sure it is on the way

    She is the best witch and ultimately the only one where spells actually work.
    I was a bit afraid to work with demons but then I realized they are just spirits that want to help us aa well.
    Thank you Lila for everything and your patience

  •   (Maria Le Roux)

    The weight loss spell has been working wonders. I have been losing 2-5lbs each week and eating more portion controlled and very much turned off by anything that isn’t benefiting to my body. I haven’t had much energy or physical strength to exercise but I can feel my metabolism is revved up. So just going on more walks and feeling motivated to do more outdoors activities and get natural exercise, this is all adding up!! Or well dropping pounds!! Thank you 🙏 I appreciate this a lot

  •   (D.G.)

    Lilith is the best, strongest spellcaster. Only one who has not touched the gift and cannot appreciate it. When you let time, then power comes. If you hesitate, don’t. Just believe and do it. Thank you, Lilith Argelich, thank you demonic friends!🖤🖤🖤

  •   (Ré)

    J’exprime ma plus grand gratitude envers toi Lilith et les démons qui travaillent sans cesse pour rendre ma vie meilleure.
    Tout à fonctionné bien plus que je l’aurais espéré. Époustouflant.
    Elle est LA seule que l’on doit écouter. Patience et gratitude. Et les démons répondent toujours.

  •   (Selena)

    Lilith is awesome, she’s very quick considering her high demand, and a very powerful person!!! Will be coming back for another spell as I see mine is already working 💪

  •   (Lauana)

    Lilithcult, Lilith and the Demons deserve this and so much more. Every area of my life has changed for the better through Lilithcult’s rituals. I am eternally grateful.

  •   (Dessertrose)

    I have worked with Lilithcult for many very personal rituals for me and have been consistently pleased with results. I love her work; she is truly gifted. The photo is beautiful and such a powerful image. I trust LilithCult and the mighty demons with all my heart. They work to improve your life in an incredible way. Don’t be afraid, take charge of life and let these amazing spirits help you through Lilith. This road opener was done recently so let’s have patience and let that road open majestically 🙏

    Quick update: omg! The results blew my mind. Opportunities abound and most obstacles have been annihilated!!! Thank you for helping me improve my life. Some advice: Have a plan and start by changing your life step by step with LilithCult and contribute in your daily life. These rituals will give quantum leaps for your efforts ❤️

  •   (sacredmoon)

    Love Lilithcult !

  •   (Sophi)

    Spell casted on 10th September and never will i doubt Lila’s craft. Wished that i found her easiler. She is the only caster that i truly felt the connections, facts that she is a lady with few words. But each time when i felt anxiety she will respond and gave me the confidence. Till date i had purchased 18 spells from her given that i only found her somewhere between 16-18 July 2022. My first spell from her was cast on 21st July. My eternal gratitude to lila, Queen Lilith and all the demons that helped in all the spells i had purchased. I bow to all of them.

  •   (Anna)

    This spell was casted for me on July 5th. Ever since then, I have felt a sense of protection, and did notice some close calls, where things could have gone wrong, but thankfully didn’t. It feels like someone is looking out for me…like things are somehow brought to my attention at the last second…giving me a chance make a different decision or take action to avoid a possible disasterous situation. All I can say is thank you Lilith and the other Demons for having my back and looking out for me ❤

  •   (Anna)

    Thank you Lila, Lilith and all of the other Demons who have been working on my behalf to help better me and my life and the life of my loved ones.

  •   (Cliff)

    Great Service. Really takes time n Patience to listen n know what you want n your Desires.I Didn’t get the Manifestation as yet been only a few days but Really excited n was Assured Everything will Be Great Soon. Thank you again 🙏🙏🙏⚘

  •   (Steven)

    Easy to deal with. Worked like she said. Even before I saw the email confirming the curse removal, I felt a weight come off me. Thanks so much!

  •   (Alyssa)

    Lilith is the best. If you are thinking about working with her, you absolutely should. Her work is life changing and I’m grateful to her and Lucifer. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

  •   (Vengenza)

    I purchased this about 2-3 months ago and slowly I saw a change and Finally this week it happened competition was destroyed. I will wait a few more weeks to be sure they are completely out of the picture whigh I know will be the case. Thank you so much for you help. I’ll be coming back.

  •   (Anonymous)

    I trust her in everything she does , she’s the best ! I love her!! UPDATE- October 10 We have the best relationship ever since august ! He is so obsessed with me , no matter what I do or how moody I am he doesn’t care , he always tells me how much he loves me and texts me how obsessed he is with me ! The first time after 2 years he posted us in his Instagram plus he has a picture from us as his profile picture! And that’s all because of lillith I can’t thank her enough brining back my love.

  •   (lachrista2001)

    This ritual Ms. Lilith performed was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. I am indeed a customer for life. I am cleansed and protected. I’m grateful to you Ms. Lilith and your work too.

  •   (Katherin)

    AMAZING RITUAL !!! Already seeing and feeling the EXTREMELY POSITIVE RESULTS of this ritual. Much thanks to Queen Lilith, the demons involved and to Lila for her amazing magical expertise !!! If you want a spell that’s accurate, effective , and on point Lilith NEVER disappoints and ALWAYS DELIVERS !!

  •   (SaraZ)

    Lilith has never failed me. She has done so much to help me change my life. I wish I had found her sooner. Words cannot describe how incredible her work and results have been. It requires patience and a genuine belief in her craft. She is unmatched in her skills. Thank you Lilith for your presence and your magical touch. I am a firm believer. Hail Lucifer!

  •   (Erik)

    Again Thank you for this lovely spell. To all sometimes we get anxious and want immediate results. Like all good things take time so put your trust in Lilith and all will be done and this spell worked for me.

  •   (Elle)

    I feel a clear difference in myself, my thoughts and moods have all changed for the better. I am more at peace and feel lighter, like a dark cloud has been lifted. Amazing work by Lilith, I am very grateful.

  •   (Jen)

    I absolutely love Lilith, this is the 3rd ritual I’ve purchased from her. I’m due for my annual review at work and had accepted a job promotion without a pay increase, due to having “mentally checked out” of work at the time. Some days I can let little things annoy me still but have overall almost improved the quality of my work to what it once was. Any time Lilith has performed a ritual for me I genuinely feel relieved and don’t stress about it. I trust in her and remember to keep a positive mindset and be thankful to Lilith and any demons who have put forth their effort and time towards my request. Things are moving forward in the right direction and I couldn’t be more excited!! As always, thank you dear!! Hail Lilith! :-)

  •   (Raphael)

    This year I have many successes in my job. I earn lots of money, people praise me for what I’m doing and I hear that I’m popular. I think these are the prooves that this ritual works. Thank you Lilith!

  •   (Herathe)

    The picture was stunning. The night the spell casted, I spoke with my POI for more than 2 hours. I don’t think my POI is the right men for me… but I purchased this spell just for personal revenge and to make him suffer. What spell could make a stubborn men kneel down on his knees? Anyway, I learnt my lesson, sometimes the person I am interested with, might not be the right person to be with. Not expecting any official status or something. Lilith is a great spell caster and she taught me to take control of my destiny. This is my second ritual I purchased from her, and I will do again :)

  •   (Sweeetie)

    thanks for all the effort that u made for me. <3

  •   (Lauren)

    I’m already attracting more financial security in my life. I believe strongly in her Magick skills. Highly recommended. Looking forward to purchasing more rituals in the future.

  •   (Herathe)

    I trust Lilithcult 100 percent. She is legit. Too bad I found her just now, but I am grateful that I finally found you. I am your loyal customer now. After ritual photo was stunning and I felt the effect the night it was casted. Hail Lilith, I am your loyal follower now. Thanks Lilithcult. You changed me to be better :)

  •   (Lioness)

    Thank you Seere. Hail Seere. Magnificent work as always.

  •   (David)

    Thank you so much for helping . Your work is great and I’m seeing a lots of Improvement in my life. Agin thank for your dedication and hard work in helping me. I will be ordering again. 🙏

  •   (Miranda)

    Just a thank you for Lilith for working with me and my situation. I appreciate the directions everything is heading in. ❤️

  •   (Cat)

    I have been working with LilithCult for about a year now. First of all, she is the real deal. No doubt about that. Do not doubt her, or disrespect her & the spirits. Secondly, sometimes the magical working for some of us will manifest in a deeper way than the specific intention. I am leaving this review for the “dream of me”, but I have gotten multiple rituals from her. You have to be WILLING to do your part, you have to be true, you have to own your shadow self & your deeper desires. Some of us are directly confronted with the parts of ourselves that is getting in the way of our ideal manifestation. Own that & do what you need to do to heal, to transcend the limitations of the reality you are leaving behind…be open to challenging yourself. Most importantly show gratitude, self love, self respect, and respect to Lilith.

  •   (Lauana)

    I keep coming back to Lilithcult because she is the best. Plain and simple. Thank you Lilithcult and the Demons for changing my life for the better.

  •   (Salvatore)

    très satisfait du casting je recommande l aide de lilith cul très sérieuse dans son boulot elle envoie belle photo et maintenant je suis protégé pour toujours si vous avez des problèmes dans votre vie ne soyez pas septique faite appel à lilith cul ! 💪

  •   (Anonymous)

    Happy I found you. Thank you for everything ❤️

  •   (Amanda)

    Rituals are timely. Photographs are breathtaking. Communication is intentional and supportive. Grateful to have been helped when no one else could.

  •   (SaraZ)

    My life has changed for the better since I found Lilith. She has come through every time. Patience and a realistic examination of your individual circumstance is key. I read peoples reviews and I just can’t understand how some people say they will change their review after they see results. That is so disrespectful to Lilith and her work and to Queen Lilith and the other demons. That shows a lack of trust – which I think is important. If you come away with one thing, it should be this. Lilith will deliver. Her craft is real. I will forever be grateful for all she has done for me. Hail Queen Lilith!!

  •   (SaraZ)

    I can’t see myself ordering from Lilith and not contributing to the tip jar. I owe her so much for all she has done!! My life has new meaning since I embraced Queen Lilith.

  •   (Lioness)

    I’m so grateful to the demons who are protecting me. I am so thankful to Lilith for all of her hard work and generosity. I feel so blessed to have access to these rituals. Thank you.

  •   (Kaila)

    The best in demoniac magic. I’m very happy that i’ve found you on etsy. I really wish i could have known you some years ago. ❤

  •   (MeowMeow)

    Hail Goddess Lilith and thank you Lila for performing the ritual 🙌🏼 Update review: Weeks later of inviting Lilith to my life, I felt so happy and blessed to have the great demoness Lilith beside me. She protected me from unforeseen circumstances, protected me from unknown enemies and etc… not to mention that she improved my ethereal self! Thank you Lilith and thank you Lila!

  •   (Raegan)

    Absolutely amazing. Thankyou so much. I look different feel different and have so much more confidence than before. I’m being looked at in a totally different light. However you must always put in your work too. Lilith does everything on her end but please trust the process and do what you need to do on your end. Think positive, practice self care whatever the spell may be. If you sit there and do nothing snd just sit on the negative then negative attracts negative. ❤️

  •   (Lauana)

    Whoa! This spell is the REAL deal! It has only been a few days. My on again, off again relationship is back on. My guy’s current energy towards me is intense. He is extremely affectionate, loving, attentive, sensual, romantic, sexual and possessive. I am absolutely LOVING it! I want to thank you and the Demons from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all!

  •   (Scott Putnam)

    “Lilith Offerings”
    It’s a pleasure to give gratitude and thanks for one of Lucifer’s busiest witch, Lila owner of Lilithcult. She has the means and expert knowledge of the supernatural and by her introduction to and work on my behalf, I’m seeing miracles in my life almost each new day.

  •   (Samantha Collins)

    It literally worked out for me and my husband. 😃

  •   (Fabulous)

    Great spell casters good success ratings give it time to manifest their work is phenuminal

  •   (Jen)

    I greatly appreciate Lilith’s assistance and have complete confidence in her. I had previously purchased spells/rituals from other sellers but Lilith is the first one I truly feel is legitimate and knows what she’s doing. I also love how she’s very up front and found the information in her Frequently Asked Questions section extremely helpful. Addressing things such to be patient and the reason why. I certainly don’t like being rushed or doubted and it makes complete sense that demons don’t either. I also love the way she reminds us not to do anything foolish and to act with dignity.

  •   (Kimberly)

    Lilith was quick at responding to questions, provided clear answers to my questions, and provided me with a peace of mind. Now, I’m waiting to see if the Court Case Powerful Black Magic Spell renders a decision fully in my favor. 👩‍⚖️🤞 Court date is set for 07/22/22, and I can provide an update afterwards. May the force be with me. 🧘‍♀️

    Update*** Date: 7/22/2022 The Court Case Powerful Black Magic Spell did not work. 😔 Although this spell didn’t work, Lilith was very nice. My star rating adjustment was made because of the SPELL and not the customer service received from Lilith.

    Update*** Date: 07/26/2022 Well, I wasn’t aware spells can work in a delayed fashion. Three days after hearing, The Court Case Powerful Black Magic Spell did work in my favor! I’m not sure if this is normal or not, but I am thankful !!!

  •   (Lindsey)

    Lilith is absolutely incredible. Quick turnaround and of course a gorgeous spell. I am a repeat customer and will definitely be coming back for more.

  •   (Stéphanie)

    Quel bonheur et soulagement d’avoir croisé son chemin. Du début à la fin sur la qualité des rituels effectués afin de nous aider à avancer est quelque chose d’unique. L’énergie qui s’y dégage est incroyable. Je suis reconnaissante aux démons et à Lilith cult. Faites lui confiance à 100%… Ou passez votre chemin… ✨

  •   (Victoria)

    Giving my deepest gratitude to lilith and LilithCult! She has changed my life. I found her at my lowest and deepest broken place. She has brought my love back to me and reestablished our relationship. I believe I can love this person and they can love me more passionately than ever. Things are a work in progress I just cannot believe how good things have been. I’ve been telling all my occult friends and subreddits what she’s done for me. Thank you LilithCult. It was definitely fate that I found you

  •   (Coyote)

    Ayant des dons et une étroite forte relation avec les démons je peut affirmer la puissance de cette personne et de ces rituels 👌😈 mise à jour 3 semaines après : beaucoup de disputes et l’amour se perd entre eux, et plusieurs tentative pour enlever le sort on été fait mais échoué. Merci beaucoup 🖤❤️

  •   (Nups)

    She answered all of my questions and I’m waiting for all the effects of the spell to show up but the i can feel the difference. She was great at answering a milion of my queries about another spell i was considering. Thanks to her and the entities/demons working with her ☺️

  •   (Kristen R Maldonado)

    This spell exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with my purchase! Pictures were amazing! She was very helpful and quickly got to work, and keeping in touch! I would definitely recommend!

  •   (Fransesca)

    Mesmerizing and breathtakingly beautiful are but a few of the adjectives that describe the pictures that were sent to me by Lilith following the ritual. Simply amazing. I felt as though I were transcended there while it was being performed. I got chills and my home office suddenly became too cold to bear (and I currently reside in Florida) around the time that the rituals began. Lilith did not even need to tell me that she had completed the job, I just knew. So far, I feel a major boost in my confidence, which was sorely needed. It is now about a week out, and quite a few people have been asking what am I doing for a skin-care routine. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lilith, for your hard work. And thank you, Queen Lilith, for being by her side as she did it. UPDATE: Very pleased with results.

  •   (Minx)

    “Break up spell”

    Lilith is a powerful caster with fantastic customer service and amazing powers. I found her by chance and wish I discovered her sooner. The ritual photo is STUNNING and she is pleasant and willing to answer any questions you have. I have no doubts now that the targets are fighting and will break up soon, it’s just what they deserve and I’m grateful for Lilith. Vengeance shall be mine and Lilith with her impressive league of demons shall see to that. Patience and faith are key so this is a test for me to wait and let the chips fall where they may. I honestly feel sorry for the targets and my enemies because this is just the start of the hell and chaos the demons shall cause in their lives. Will definitely be purchasing more spells soon. Ave Lilith! 😈🔥🕷🕸

  •   (D)

    Au delà des mots ! J’ai contacté Lila pour un vengeance émotionnelle et voila que depuis que le sort ait été jeté la vie m’offre tout ce dont j’ai toujours rêve. Je suis extrêmement reconnaissante aux forces occultes aux démons qui m’offrent les opportunités incroyables. Merci à toi Lila, Merci pour tout !!

  •   (Rupali)

    The spell works…
    They work like wonders….
    Opted two different spells…can c d visible change….
    One was miserable without me, and yes…it’s showing its outcome…..thank you , thank you n thank you….LilithCult…my life changing for good…
    Another was a breakup spell…as it’s just a month, i m not expecting anything from that spell atleast for now…i m 100% sure…i m blessed with Lilith and her magical powers….no no no doubt on her work…..

  •   (Донка Георгиева)

    Solo puedo estar agradecido de que mi camino me haya llevado a ella: Lilith Argelich. Créanme que fue un camino largo, pero lo importante es que llegué. He aprovechado su poder, y no tiene paralelo. Nunca he estado más energizado y seguro de que mi vida cambiará y tendré la oportunidad de vivir con la persona que amo y, por coincidencia, no hemos tenido esa oportunidad en más de 22 años. Solo puedo agradecer e inclinarme ante ella y los demonios con los que trabaja para mí y cuyo poder ya siento. Felicitaciones a usted y gracias. He cumplido mi sueño de tocar a la Reina Lilith y todos los demás demonios que creo me ayudarán.Tienes mi más sincero respeto.💯✨💞

  •   (Kris)

    “Love spell Stubborn target”
    Excellent and professionalism of company was amazing! Saw results almost instantly. I was shocked…and amazed. He’s been texting all day after weeks of silence.

  •   (Beth)

    There’s nothing I don’t love about this seller. Everything I have purchased from her has manifested, I would say both quickly (coming in a month or two), but also continuing in the future. I wouldn’t shy away from the price if you want to see real change.

  •   (Lendy)

    Let me start by saying she’s the only one I trust with spells … I definitely feel so much more sexy and confident talking to others , I’ve gone on dates and they’ve gone well, I do find people starring at me and checking me out all the time.. I look in the mirror and see myself so much more beautiful, the energy is amazing .. I’ve been having weird dreams of Lilith and sexual dreams as well very often now .. I can’t wait to see what else there is to come.

  •   (Lauana)

    I am a repeat customer and will continue to be. I am loving the powerful and welcome changes that are happening in my life for the better. I simply live my life like normal, as the work of Lilith and the Demons does its thing. I am extremely grateful for all they are doing for me.

  •   (Sophi)

    Lila is a real deal, photo of the ritual are always so stunning.. I had purchased 12 spells from her.. She gave me the confidence that i needed.. Patient and have 100% faith and trust that her spells definitely manifest. Deepest appreciation for her time in casting the spell. Greatest gratitude to Queen Lilith and all the demons that helped in all the spells i had purchased.

  •   (Sajin mathew)

    Lilith cult is for real , she is really gifted ,her work speaks for her.I have ordered curse removal for myself and my family everyone feels much better .I had ordered a job interview for one of my family member, job got offered. Blessed to have met you and will be definitely ordering more.

  •   (Lauana)

    Powerful. Potent. Unrelenting. These are just a few words to describe Lilithcult’s work. I am extremely grateful for her and the Demons. 🖤 Update: The court case this ritual was purchased for is falling apart. The next court date was scheduled for tomorrow. We just found out the prosecutor has asked for more time, so it will be rescheduled for some time in October. We owe it all to Lilithcult and the Demons. Thank you so much!

  •   (Katherin)

    The BEST RITUAL EVER !!!!! Thanks Lilith for your amazing work/magical knowledge, you are truly AMAZING at what you do !!!!! TWO-THUMBS UP MY QUEEN !!! 👍👍👌🥰😊

  •   (Keni)

    The picture was stunning. The night the spell casted, I spoke with my POI for more than 2 hours. I purchased this spell just for personal revenge and to make him suffer. What spell could make a stubborn men kneel down on his knees?
    Lilith is a great spell caster and she taught me to take control of my destiny. This is my second ritual I purchased from her, and I will do again.

  •   (Izel)

    Lilith is absolutely amazing! She is so dedicated and hard working and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She has performed a number of rituals for me and I can truly feel the energy shifting. Since the evocation rite I have been feeling a very strong pull to work with Queen Lilith more and to serve her. It is comforting, powerful and reassuring. If you are undecided about purchasing one of her rituals all I can say is don’t hesitate! She is the real deal. I will be continuing to order from her in the future. She is absolutely fantastic! I also want to express my eternal gratitude to Queen Lilith and all the demons that are assisting me. All hail Lilith!

  •   (cat)

    I have been working with LilithCult for about a year now. First of all, she is the real deal. No doubt about that. Do not doubt her, or disrespect her & the spirits. Secondly, sometimes the magical working for some of us will manifest in a deeper way than the specific intention. I am leaving this review for the “dream of me”, but I have gotten multiple rituals from her. You have to be WILLING to do your part, you have to be true, you have to own your shadow self & your deeper desires. Some of us are directly confronted with the parts of ourselves that is getting in the way of our ideal manifestation. Own that & do what you need to do to heal, to transcend the limitations of the reality you are leaving behind…be open to challenging yourself. Most importantly show gratitude, self love, self respect, and respect to Lilith.

  •   (Missy)

    She can help you with any kind of life’s problem. She is honest Kind and straightforward . She is an incredible spell caster. Very highly recommended ! Thank you for everything you have done for me. Forever grateful to you.

  •   (Katherin)

    Awesome ritual, with amazing results !

  •   (hamnerd)

    My POI had ghosted me, spent most of the summer hating me, but a little over a week after this spell was cast he and I are talking again, taking small steps towards something, I’m certain of it. I’m so thrilled! The morning after the spell was cast I noticed an energy shift, a strange anticipatory vibe in the air. Beautiful photo of the ritual. HAIL LILITH I am very grateful.

  •   (AppleU)

    This is the most amazing ritual. The night the ritual started , I started to feel so good already, I felt so light, confident and sexy immediately and the altar is very amazing. Thank you so much for channeling your energy through the ritual spell and thank you amazing lilith for making me feel powerful.

  •   (Stéphanie)

    Unique experience! I am very grateful for everything. Patience is important, it is also a pledge of respect towards demons and Lilith cult ✨

  •   (Zara)

    My life has changed for the better since I found Lilith. She has come through every time. Patience and a realistic examination of your individual circumstance is key. I read peoples reviews and I just can’t understand how some people say they will change their review after they see results. That is so disrespectful to Lilith and her work and to Queen Lilith and the other demons. That shows a lack of trust – which I think is important. If you come away with one thing, it should be this. Lilith will deliver. Her craft is real. I will forever be grateful for all she has done for me.
    Hail Queen Lilith!!

  •   (Sonia)

    Lilith te pido una disculpa publica, la verdad es que no tengo ninguna queja de tu trabajo, al contrario, eres la única persona que me a podido ayudar y por eso sigo aquí. Mil gracias por tu gran ayuda y a toda la gente que esta pensando en hacer un hechizo, están en el lugar correcto, se lo dice una persona que a sido estafada muchas veces por gente que miente. Llegue aquí no se ni como lo hice y algo dentro de mi me dijo hazlo, lo hice y funcionó, no lo pienses, hazlo!! No te arrepentirás.

  •   (Jen)

    Highly recommended, this seller is impeccable. A truly powerful and palpable experience from this evocation of the Great Queen Lilith.

  •   (Katherin)

    All I can say is WOW !! Simply AMAZING… within a few days I noticed a huge difference in the energy shift , the energy that was once negative , shifted super quick to an extremely positive and absolutely positive amazing changes/results. ABSOLUTELY THEE BEST PURCHASE EVER !!! Thanks Lilith for all your time & dedication in helping your clients. The energy you put into your rituals are AMAZING… But MOST IMPORTANTLY GIVE RESULTS LIGHTENING FAST !!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MY QUEEN

  •   (Sacredmoon)

    Life changing! She is amazing. My life has transformed in every way. Before, I was very insecure and needed constant reassurance but now, through her work, I’ve become a completely different person. Even if you think your situation is difficult or have doubts, I respectfully ask that you give her work a chance. Give her you full trust and then watch your life change for the better. I am proof that her rituals help even the most damaged people. I only wish I met her sooner.

  •   (Nikolay)

    Very thoughtful, answers all my questions, and the moment of the ritual I felt great deal of relief, she is very powerful I will definitely goback for more help. Thank you!

  •   (Lauana)

    I am loving how quickly this spell is effecting my target. He is now the chaser, something he has never been in 7 years. Lilithcult and the Demons have my sincerest gratitude. I thank you.

  •   (Madison)

    IF YOU ARE FEELING UNSURE THIS IS THE REVIEW TO BUY THIS SPELL and finally start living your life full of abundance and confidence! Before I even recieved the message that my spell was completed, I had awoken feeling something had changed, it was an airy light feeling and it felt like good energy. Ever since it was casted my self esteem has been high and I feel good about myself! I normally am very harsh on myself and my appearance but this spell has made me realize just how truly wrong I am! There are so many things about myself I’ve taken for granted or shut down and I’ve finally been able to embrace my biggest insecurities.
    Thank you Lilith!

  •   (Lioness)

    I’m so grateful to the demons who are protecting me. I am so thankful to Lilith for all of her hard work and generosity. I feel so blessed to have access to these rituals. Thank you.

  •   (Vanessa)

    Lilith can change your life, i recommend to anyone who is in real trouble. She can fix it. Do not doubt, be patient ( to be patient was the most difficult) step by step everything start changing, and you will finally get best from your dreams.

  •   (Lisa)

    This WOMAN , if I tell y’all she is the real deal !!!! I’ve ordered from her and 2 days after my boyfriend unblocked me and texted me he is like another persons I don’t even recognize him anymore how much a good person he is now it’s insane !!! I would always always buy from her again !!! She is the queen 👸!!! I can’t thank her enough it’s insane this power !!!! Thank you lillith

  •   (Zara)

    When I came to Lilith Cult, I didn’t know how much my life would change for the better. I ordered 2 spells, my own choosing, and saw how well they worked. I decided to order 2 more, targeting special circumstances in my life. Lilith has not let me down. Lilith has brought hope when I felt despair. I was patient, put my trust in Lilith, and she delivered. My situation is still evolving but I am already seeing results. I will continue to order from Lilith to address areas of my life that need help. My relationship with Lilith will be lifelong. I am forever grateful to Lilith and Queen Lilith! Thank you!!

  •   (Claudia)

    My boyfriend has been acting different. He calls more and seems more into me. He tries to do things to keep me happy that he never did before. I believe the spell has been working.

  •   (Jen)

    I greatly appreciate Lilith’s assistance and have complete confidence in her. I had previously purchased spells/rituals from other sellers but Lilith is the first one I truly feel is legitimate and knows what she’s doing. I also love how she’s very up front and found the information in her Frequently Asked Questions section extremely helpful. Addressing things such to be patient and the reason why. I certainly don’t like being rushed or doubted and it makes complete sense that demons don’t either. I also love the way she reminds us not to do anything foolish and to act with dignity.

  •   (Cri)

    Il reste seulement le fait d’avoir la patience pour que le sort se manifeste! Le service a été irréprochable et bien livré à temp! Les photos sont très belles et le vendeur répond à toutes les questions.

  •   (Fransesca)

    I love that someone accepts gratitude on Lilith’s behalf for those of us who cannot communicate with her but appreciate everything she represents and does for women. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  •   (Scott Putnam)

    The ability and willingness to connect and establish a path for the uninitiated to the eternal and powerful creative forces of demons and their Queen Lilith is not something that is to be regarded as a cheap card trick learned in a few minutes by fake magicians, so if your greatest need is to have a place of recognition by those beings who can freely pass through their hidden reality and the one we presently occupy you would be wise to request aid from a highly credentialed and wholeheartedly sincere witch who can open the way for you. Otherwise, close your eyes and burn your money over a butane flame then walk backwards, count to 3 and ask why didn’t it work for me… if you are completely serious about gaining the power of the demons you will not be disappointed by Lilithcult. She delivers the gold.
    Hail Lucifer Hail Lila !!

  •   (Romina)

    Nessuno può immaginare la potenza e l’emozioni che si vivono con i suoi rituali se non si provano. Ho fatto già parecchi rituali con Lilithcult ed invito tutti quelli che li provano di non avere fretta nella realizzazione, tenete a mente che tutto quello che succede dopo anche se sembrano cose banali e senza senso, non è cosi, la realtà è ben diversa, cogliete gli attimi del nuovo cammino perché passo dopo passo vi porteranno nella direzione del vostro obbiettivo, abbiate fede e fiducia e senza che neanche ve ne accorgiate realizzerete guardando indietro che quello che sta succedendo nella vostra vita ha lo scopo di arrivare alla meravigliosa destinazione del rituale fatto! Non avrò mai abbastanza parole per ringraziare questa persona per tutto il lavoro fatto per me. Semplicemente io lo adoro. Grazie, mi inchino a te 🙏❤️

  •   (Jeremy Miller)

    Hmmm, honestly..where to start? Before I do let me just start by saying, this spell has started to fix areas of my life that I specifically asked for, which is amazing. I used to have a lot of skin issues, one of them being Hydrogenitus Superativa, and let’s just say it makes things pop up in places you’d never imagine, super painful too. But a few places that were inflamed, no longer are, and they’re actually closing up. On top of that, I seem to make and hold friendships together a lot stronger. People seem to flock to me and seem genuinely interested to learn about me and enjoy my company as I do theirs. My eating habits have changed and I’m eating a lot less now, I love. Thank you Lilith for slowly getting my life on track. I haven’t felt this good for years.

  •   (Dark)

    Ayant des dons et une étroite forte relation avec les démons je peut affirmer la puissance de cette personne et de ces rituels 👌😈 mise à jour 3 semaines après : beaucoup de disputes et l’amour se perd entre eux, et plusieurs tentative pour enlever le sort on été fait mais échoué.
    Merci beaucoup

  •   (Stéphanie)

    Quel bonheur et soulagement d’avoir croisé son chemin. Du début à la fin sur la qualité des rituels effectués afin de nous aider à avancer est quelque chose d’unique. L’énergie qui s’y dégage est incroyable. Je suis reconnaissante aux démons et à Lilith cult. Faites lui confiance à 100%… Ou passez votre chemin… ✨

  •   (Karmen Carroll)

    Wonderful experience, very glad I came across this shop

  •   (erik)

    simply amazing!! For all those who doubt, do NOT. Get Lilith to help you and you will be amazed

  •   (Scott Putnam)

    I don’t claim to understand the working of supernatural phenomena or casting a spell or making conversation with the demonic host, but our grand majesty Lilith does know and understands the vital elements needed to effect your wishes and her black magic is as real as the earth I’m standing upon. How can we who are experiencing the great works of Satan and the eternal demons who do work miracles and wonders, how can we not show gratitude to our intercessor and great sorceress Lilith? It’s a pleasure to share a little of this worlds gain with the one who is opening up this playground of pleasure and power for us who call upon her and the great Lucifer

  •   (Matthew)

    I contacted Lilith about a road opener and court case spell. I sent her the details regarding my case. All I can say is things didn’t look good for me and potentially was facing a prison sentence up from 5 to 20 years if I lost in a trial. I wanted to settle out of court with no jail or prison time. It seemed unlikely & was a gamble to go to trial. I told Lilith my expectations & needs, wanting to settle out of court that wouldn’t result in any prison or jail time. HAIL Lilith for the powers she possess as the court case was set for trial but suddenly the prosecutor had to leave town for a family situation which wouldn’t allow him to prepare a defense against me. Which ultimately lead to a plea agreement to settle without going trial. The plea was granted by the judge with no jail time or court fines. 😈

  •   (RavensCry019)

    Absolutely stunning!! Best money I’ve spent, I’m grateful for such beauty and to witness such power.

  •   (runtotheskies)

    “Court case spell”

    Waited to do this review to see if anything happened near the date. Needless to say, it worked! 😏 thank you x100

  •   (Skylar)

    “Break up a couple”

    Lilith delivers. My ex and the person she left me for split up, and her ex-wife went from wanting to try and get back together to deciding that’s not what she wanted. My opening has been created thanks to Lilith and her impressive command of demons!

  •   (Skylar)

    “Come back to me Ritual Get your Ex Back Love Spell”

    Shortly after the casting, communication with my ex was re-established, and she was extremely enthusiastic about talking to me again. She is still not sure what she wants in the romance department, but we have been flirting and having deep conversations. I feel like everything is on the right track, and I have faith in Lilith and the demons to reward my patience.

  •   (Moon)

    “Lilith Evocation Spell Talk to Lilith”

    I completed my part of this evocative ritual 10 minutes ago and here I am to share what I just experienced with everyone. This was my first time as an average person talking to Queen Lilith by following Lila’s step-by-step guidance. Before I have no idea how to tell if Queen Lilith heard my heart, if she approved my devotion…I was full of curiosity, excitement and of course, nervousness. Until when I was amazed by my own sensations. I am deeply grateful since all my callings were responded by Queen Lilith herself. I am so honored that she took some time to be with me…YES! There was a moment when I clearly knew she arrived and there was a moment when I clearly saw her reply. She let me know that she is here listening to me. With love, respect, gratitude and loyalty. I know that I am reborn with Queen Lilith’s power!

  •   (Rachel)

    Amazing! Actually worked! I’m very stoked. I had to update that to 5 stars. Coincidences or not , I prefer to believe in possibility it’s much more fun!! I look better then I have in a while. I have been saying out loud to the “Helper” how much gratitude I feel. Haha thanks again

  •   (Jeremy Miller)

    So, I can honestly say that all the great things being said about this seller are 100% accurate. I’ve seen very many different things being said about the the results, but also the seller herself, Miss Lilith. I remember putting in my order after having told her everything I was feeling and going through. Literally maybe a few minutes to an hour have gone by, and suddenly I just started getting this sense that “Everything will be okay”, and everything was. I checked my messages and there she was saying “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this” and that she did. I know some things take time, but literally a day after, whatever was there, bothering me, giving me paranoia and awful anxiety, just vanished, and I look at my messages shortly after, and there she was again. She is my go to for everything now. Thank you ❤️

  •   (Es)

    Impressive ritual foto. Good customer service. Excited about the manifestation. Noticed the beginning manifestations very soon

  •   (Ayat)

    I’m grateful. Feeling confident, guided in wiser decisions, at peace in my skin, mojo is budding out stronger, there is a great sense of freedom growing in my spirt. Glory to Queen Lilith!

  •   (Moon)

    There must be something really amazing and magical about our witch Lilith! Her spells build us an authentic and aesthetic connection towards our queen of night, Lilith and her incredible power. My personal experience with Lilithcult was impressive, intuitive and incomparable! Sending my love and great gratitude to beautiful Lila and queen Lilith! ❤️🖤🪄🌹

  •   (Victoria)

    “Break Up Spell”

    Spell was casted in a timely manner. My target is in constant contact and one night on the phone the third party called her and she opted to ignore his call and continue to speak to me. I will stay positive and wait for manifestation.

    Literally after a couple hours of posting this review— she called me because they got into a massive fight. He still hangs out with his ex and she hates it. Will continue to update.

  •   (Romina)

    Non saprò mai come ringraziarti abbastanza per tutto quello che hai fatto per me. Adoro Lilithcult.

  •   (Romina)

    Ho fatto già un bel percorso con Lilithcult ed è sempre più sorprendente. Grazie infinite.

  •   (EcnemelC)

    to thank the demons I solicit, the goddess Lilith and her priestess Update 02/07/2022: A BIG THANK YOU, A DEEP RESPECT AND A HUGE GRATITUDE to you Lila, to my Goddess Lilith and to the demons.

  •   (Alexis)

    She definitely puts amazing effort in her rituals, staying positive for the results, thank you so much 💜

  •   (erik)

    Only thing I can say is: TRUST her and believe what she can do. She knows her skills and craft. Just do what she tells you to do..:) She is a good person and will be able to help you and yes, this spell is great!

  •   (EcnemelC)

    What is striking are the pictures… they are breathtakingly beautiful, whether it is the colors, the ritual objects and I can only imagine the smells that must be released during the ceremony! I don’t have this perception that other buyers have when they say they feel the energies that emanate from them… However, this does not prevent me from having a great respect for all that LILITH ARGELICH does for me. With my greatest respect and my most sincere gratitude. Thanks to the Goddess LILITH and her priestess.

  •   (Jasmine)

    She is legit , I bought servals from her but with finical ones are the best . I see almost right away and keep getting better and better . I used to struggle with money and now it’s flowing regularly . Really appreciated.

  •   (DennisDerFuchs)

    Lilith was able to customize this spell for me to achieve the opposite effect on my target (to make him appear unattractive and unpalatable to others). As always the ritual was performed in a timely manner and the picture looks beautiful and powerful. Lilithcult is the real deal, if you’re serious about getting results, no one compares to her!

  •   (J)

    I requested this ritual in March- and I believe it is manifesting as a blessing in disguise. I have the opportunity for my lease to be sold to the new owners of my rental building upwards of six figures. I live in a prime NYC neighborhood and the market rates have more than doubled in the last year. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. All love and respect for Lilith

  •   (Zara)

    Make sure to leave a gratitude offering to Lilith once your spell is cast. I am already seeing much movement in my case. The important thing to do is to follow Lilith’s instructions and also believe in her and her abilities. She will deliver, but you have to do your part too. I am forever grateful! Hail Lilith!!

  •   (DennisDerFuchs)

    Received beautiful picture of the ritual work within the expected timeframe. The seller answered any questions I had. Her answers are straight to the point, but clarity is more important than being pampered so I’d say her communcation is great. It’s important to follow the instructions you receive after the ritual has been cast! I’m doing my best to follow any advice Lilithcult has given me on my situation, and the communication I have received from my POI since the spell has been cast proves it is indeed working! There’s definitely lots of movement in the right direction so I am grateful for what’s still to come!

  •   (pixie1506)

    This was cast on 06 May and I immediately starting seeing subtle changes. In just over 2 weeks, I’ve had a major financial windfall, so the spirits are working tirelessly on my case. Massive thanks to them and to Lilith for her amazing spell casting skills. She’s like the demonic sister I never had :)) I highly recommend her!

  •   (Zara)

    I have been waiting to leave a review!! All I can say is that there is no one else like Lilith! She is absolutely amazing and her work is authentic and the real thing. Chances are that if you are looking at Lilith Cult is is either because you: 1) are already familiar with spell casting and how it works or 2) you are desperate. If you are here out of desperation, you will need to change your focus and truly believe in the power of spell casting for this to work. This takes time and you will need to be patient and trust in Lilith. She is not here to serve as a therapist or hold your hand. Be respectful and let her do her work and you will be amazed at what she does. It works different for everyone. Be realistic about your situation. Some will take less time and some more. But her spells will work!! Trust Lilith and be patient!! 🖤

  •   (Moonsita)

    It has been CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My rituals manifest so FAST on me!!!!
    There is a constant empowering urge getting out from the inside of me. It feels like my life has been shifted UP to its perfect version!!!!!!!!!!!

    Small things: I definitely received more attention from strangers wherever I go. The staff in a coffee shop was starring at me throughout his whole process of making me coffee this morning.

    Big things: I received a great opportunity on my work from someone who is on top of the industry. Then I received another man offered me a free aid on this project!

    I told Lila about my specific intentions before my rituals and she definitely helped representing and strengthening my will powerfully in front of our Queen Lilith!

    I could not thank her enough!
    I could not thank her more!

    Lilith’s magic TRULY works!!!!!!

  •   (Moonsita)

    There must be something really amazing and magical about our witch Lilith!

    Her spells build us an authentic and aesthetic connection towards our queen of night, Lilith and her incredible power.

    My personal experience with Lilithcult was impressive, intuitive and incomparable!

    Sending my love and great gratitude to beautiful Lila and queen Lilith! ❤️🖤🪄🌹

  •   (Angel)

    I love Lilith. She helped me true a difficult process and she is always there for me when I need her. She is understanding, magical and beautiful pictures. Thank you so much Lilith for every spell you have done for me. I am so grateful that I found you 🙏 ❤️ 🌺

  •   (Keturah)

    Beautiful ritual photo. I can feel my confidence already and a chance in me and my target. Thank you so much. I know things take time to fully manifest but you do your work too by staying positive and confident it will come true. I have been practicing manifestation for years and dealt with many others. So far she has been very professional and blessing. I have purchased from her before. I have no complaints.

  •   (Katherin)

    Lilith’s work speaks for itself … the day after it was completed I saw proof with my own eyes. Her magic is powerful! Thanks Lilith ❤️

  •   (Tony)

    wow!!! greatly impressed indeed, this spell manifested like in within a week. I have had literally had one encounter after the next all in one week, that’s like super lucky for me.

  •   (Angel)

    I love Lilith. She helped me true a difficult process and she is always there for me when I need her. She is understanding, magical and beautiful pictures. Thank you so much Lilith for every spell you have done for me. I am so grateful that I found you 🙏❤️🌺

  •   (Zoe)

    Una rapidez de pasmo, jamas experimente algo tan destructivo y monstruoso en poco más de 24 horas. Es miserable por mí el resto de su funesta vida, Aterrador. Gracias infinitas a Lilithcult, que sin ella, que es una diosa demoledora y arquitecta de nuestras vidas, nada habría sido posible. Mis mas grandes respetos. ¡Hail Lucifer! ¡Hail Lilith!

  •   (Zoe)

    Obstinado para Lilithcult NO hay nada, me da hasta risa, ella es su propia diosa, disfruta de los desafíos y retos. Gracias a ella estoy edificando mi vida, como quiero y deseo. Eliminando y creando, igual de fácil que pedir en la carta de un restaurante cinco estrellas. Para ella no hay obstáculo que se le resista. ¡Hail Lucifer! ¡Hail Lilith!

  •   (Zoe)

    Demoniaco, perverso y siniestro. La rapidez de manifestación logro abrumarme átonitamente, en poco más de 24 horas. La oscuridad de este ritual es una deliciosa y sabrosa necesidad que debes probar, no lo dudes. ¡¡¡Penetrante Intenso Vicio!!! La Diosa Lilithcult es invicta, y yo soy bendecida y muy agradecida por ella, ella es la arquitecta de mi ahora envidiable vida, Y seguimos construyendo… Siempre mis mayores respetos y admiración a esta Diosa, que nos regala su gracia, tiempo y unas facultades que no dejan de sobrecoger. ¡Hail Lucifer¡ !Hail Lilith!

  •   (Prey)

    Got amazingly kind attention mainly from women the day after I bought the ritual, in my usual clothing. Then I went invisible again, which I love because I don’t always want this kind of attention. But it was proof for me that the ritual worked. I also felt lots of healing energy on my skin. Will come back!

  •   (Moonbeam)

    Lilith cult is the real deal! Very caring , honest and great communication. She will not babysit you through the process but her work speaks for itself!! Have faith , patience and give it time, relax and let the demons do the work! Youll be amazed each time. ☆☆☆☆☆

  •   (Romina)

    Sempre la mia più profonda gratitudine a questa persona fantastica. Non è il primo e neanche l’ultimo rituale che ho acquistato da lei. Sempre moto disponibile e gentile a darti consigli, penso davvero che i suoi rituali siano fantastici….il solo contatto con Lilithcult è in grado di cambiare il vostro umore e la vostra giornata. Un semplice grazie per lei non è mai abbastanza.

  •   (AlvarezE06)

    I’ve actually received a lot of attention and someone willing to pay my bills monthly so I guess it’s a good start!!! Thank you Lilith!

  •   (Isabella)

    All spells Lilithcult has performed on my part have been working ❤️ and continue to work. Lilithcult is a powerful caster. Thank you forever!!!

  •   (Tina)

    This Belial Domination Spellcast is absolutely authentic, HARDCORE MAGICK! It has empowered me in so many ways, not necessarily to dominate people but also not to be intimidated by them. The thought that I have Belial on my side means to me that I have a Supremely Powerful Being looking after me and my interests. This is the sort of Spell that is absolutely of critical importance to me.
    Thank you so much LilithCult! HAIL BELIAL!!!

  •   (Raphael)

    it’s been a few weeks after Lilith did this ritual on me. Almost instantly I noticed more attention from people. It helps me with my clients – sometimes I have a feeling I hypnotize them :) also, I feel more attention from girls – especially younger than me. I’ll observe the developing situation but as for now, I’m very peased about this ritual.

  •   (Romina)

    Ho scoperto per caso questa persona fantastica e mi sono affidata a lei per alcuni rituali. Ho piena fiducia in lei, i suoi rituali sono fantastici, non la conosco di persona eppure la sento accanto a me. È diventata la mia guida, sia lei sia le entità che lavorano con lei, adoro in particolar modo Lilith. Mi sono affidata a loro, avrò gratitudine per loro e li ringrazio infinitamente per avermi preso per mano e condotto in questo percorso di vita meraviglioso. Non saprò mai come ringraziarvi abbastanza. 🙏

  •   (K)

    This was POWERFUL. I’ve purchased the Lilith evocation rite as well as the magnetism ritual so this spell hit me especially hard. I would highly recommend it for any woman!
    Thank you Lilith

  •   (Jonathan)

    Absolutely wonderful and amazing! This is the absolute real deal and many thanks and blessings. Highly recommend, works better than you can imagine!

  •   (T)

    Amazing! I can actually feel and see a difference after the curse removal Beautiful photo after the work is done also I will definitely be purchasing from Lilith again in the future Thankyou!

  •   (idk)

    Demonic Protection Ritual:

    This is the kind of powerful protection spell I’ve been looking for. A necessity for anyone that is someone. A few days after this was cast, a weirdo came up to me, randomly, and started threatening me for 10 minutes over nonsense. I just laughed in his face.

  •   (Zoe)

    arrebatadora la fuerza del ritual, en la misma noche me atrevería a decir que comienzas a sentir los cambios… y día a día crece de manera salvaje, lo veo en las personas de mi alrededor también, es muy impresionante lo llegado a sentir y percibir… muy muy agradecida por lilithcult, ella con su desmesurado poder y gracia está cambiando por completo y rapidísimo mi vida, doy fe de ello 💥
    Hail Lucifer! Hail Lilith! Hail Belial!

  •   (Zoe)

    Admiradora leal de lilithcult, ella es vigor feroz con su maestría y sus artes, la velocidad con la que mueve todo es sin igual 🔝⚡️ ¡¡¡salve lucifer!!!🖤¡¡¡salve lilith!!!

  •   (M)

    Court case spell:

    She completed the spell in a timely manner and is very thorough. Don’t stress or be anxious about the court date after the spell is completed. Just make sure to get spell done several weeks to a month prior to court date to allow the spell to work. Certain things have happened that I can’t explain. My custody case worked in my favor. Everything I requested..I received. Sole full custody of my children with limited visitation. I’m so happy and grateful. She is awesome.

  •   (Jude)

    Fame ritual, become famous:

    Some people are born to be more. This ritual is for those that are ready to step into the limelight unafraid. Lilith is a straight shooter and very wise. She has helped me so much and I am already seeing the effects of this ritual coming into the 3D. Thank you 💫💫💫

  •   (Jan)

    She is amazing, knows her craft, let go and let the process take its course!

  •   (Victoria)

    Horrible things were happening to me. I’ve been losing so many relationships and getting mysteriously ill at random. I reached out to LilithCult for help and she was able to remove the curse — someone who was close to me hexed me.
    Thank you so much ❤️

  •   (Shane)

    This is my second purchase with Her, my first spell was the Demonic love binding spell which was casted on 08 Feb 2022, and the spell is still under Manifestation, my target is so stubborn and we are no longer in contact but I know Lilith’s work will take care of her ;) I needed to change this spell to an Obsession spell to increase more pressure on my target after talking with Lilith she did me the Obsession Ritual instead of this spell, Lilith is so generous and I have no words to explain how well she care about her customers, Have faith and respect her work She puts so much energy at her work, be grateful for the Demons who help you in your desires, just keep in mind you will not find anyone like Lilith here on etsy or anywhere else, I always get what I want! so excited for my desires. Hail Lilith and Hail Lilith’s Cult ! ❤️

  •   (CC)

    I’m not sure if words are enough but this ritual has worked wonders. It isn’t about beauty anymore, I’d literally search and want to read about Lilith all the time and would want to spread the information to as many people as possible whenever I get a chance, I’m a fan! what a powerful figure and how lucky I’m that she’s blessed me with this undeniable beauty. Lilithcult is truly a gem, very sweet and professional lady, doesn’t need to speak since her work says it all. I’m so so grateful to have come across Lilithcult. My skin has been incredibly glowing,no acne can survive on my face, people are insanely staring at me and can’t take their eyes off. I’m fierce and not scared of anything anymore. People respect me like a goddess and are disturbed in my presence. Thank you Lilith and Lilith ❤️❤️❤️

  •   (k5mnieb8tbjv5anh)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  •   (Sign in with Apple user)

    Absolutely amazing. Lilith is great and has an amazing energy. I have been under constant attack for over 12 years and I think this has solved all my issues. I feel more energised and with a positive outlook on life! Cannot recommended more if you need strong protection Thank you dear Lilith!! 😊

  •   (Zoe)

    Muy poderosa y absoluta Lilithcult, solo hablando con ella sientes su fuerza y su soberanía, es brutal!!! si lo que buscáis es el poderío, este es vuestro sitio, no busqueis más y olvídaros 🖤🤘🏽 tenemos que ser muy agradecidos con Lilithcult por todo lo que nos ofrece y en la calidad más superior existente 🔝💥

    Actualizo ahora: es de inmediato, los miedos injustificados y extraños, mas una ansiedad muy desagradable con cierto desasosiego desaparecieron en cuanto terminó el ritual, esa misma mañana me desperté bien. ahora día a día, sigo notando mejorías, me siento más fuerte y más yo, quedo hasta sorprendida de mi persona, hacia años que no la sentía así.

  •   (David)

    I got 3 spells. Stubborn, breakup and obessesion. Background 3 year relationship 2 years engaged never any major issues and out of no where she says she is falling for another guy and breaks up. Like anyone else that goes through this u are in shock walking around like a zombie searching for who what when n why with no clue. That’s how I came across Lilith n the spells. They are responsive but sometimes you need to nudge to find out the status. You’re wondering results? FcBk is the beginning of all evils and how I think these problems began. 1. Bring back spell. I see that she wrote in her FB page her first message directed towards this and wishing all her problems would go away. 2. Obsession- almost every ex I had b4 has messaged me. The latest was yesterday and another that I dated 8 years ago. Its crazy.

  •   (Max)

    She deeply cares about your issues and has complex ways of solving them. She also is a great advisor for anyone who needs to that. Working with her has been very special because I deal with complex issues. You should always thank her because if you don’t you’ll feel bad about it because she puts so much into her work.

  •   (Leensay)

    If you are thinkimg of working with Lilith i’m here today to tell you just do it DO IT you will be amazed by the results.

    Thank you soooo much Lilith I saw the results so fast I’m speechless.

  •   (Kasey)

    She is very honest and to the point. I love the fact that she is very truthful and does not sugar coat things. I am happy to have found someone who takes their work very seriously. Thank you for all you have done.

  •   (Max)

    It really worked to block off negative stuff in my life and it will for you also. Do whatever I can to get this.

  •   (Victoria)

    The spell was casted 3 days ago . As soon as I saw the stunning ritual photo I immediately felt at ease. I was so riddled with anxiety about this person but now I’m relaxed . They’re coming back to me and the demons are working on this. All I have to do now is focus on me and relax. Will update once it manifests. I have such a strong positive feeling about this one UPDATE: I got unblocked !!! I haven’t reached out. I want them to reach out to me . I’m so grateful to Lilith I could cry UPDATE: spell was casted in late March it is May 7th and they contacted me and we’re talking again ! Thank you lilith !!

  •   (Melmieow)

    She was very helpful and the results were great.the delivery was quick and the spell was beautiful.I really recommend her 10/10 ❤️

  •   (Vanessa)

    Guys, all spells done from Lilith worked 100%. I am working with her since 2 years, she fixed everything. But I am fighting with 3rd party and other 3 witches helping her with spells on my husband, and believe me Lilith is stronger and she always win the battle. As many if you I was impatient and I was counting the days, the weeks…. Finally i stop doing because I learned to be calm and patient. 8 weeks is minimum time and after that …. everything started to manifest.

  •   (Lumi)

    LilithCult has always been so so supportive and comforting whenever I had doubts or anxieties. After all, it is my first time handling any sort of dark arts / black magick! But, LilithCult told me that Queen Lilith understood and knows I am not a robot. The day before I found out the ritual was done, I had such overwhelming confidence. It’s like I KNEW he was finally starting to return to me. If you stumble upon this, don’t look any further. LilithCult KNOWS what she’s doing!! I am so excited and ready to have him back. Thank you LilithCult and Queen Lilith!!

  •   (K)

    I purchased this spell for my dad who suffers from some health issues that sort of defy medical diagnosis. I had a suspicion it was something more than what the conventional medical model could explain. After LilithCult performed the spell she told me that my dad had indeed been cursed in the past, but that she was able to remove it for him. I didn’t tell my dad anything about the spell… then a few days after the ritual he tells me that he is feeling stronger. His healing is unburdened now and I am so happy! Thank you so much for helping my dad ❤️

  •   (Rob)


    Healing from Abuse:

    Lilith is very professional and powerful. If this is what you are looking for, look no further!! There’s nothing she can’t help you with.


  •   (Victoria Rodriguez)

    I asked for help getting a former lover back. Our break up was a bad one and I didn’t think I’d ever hear from them again. The spell was casted late March and May 7th my former lover contacted me. I was in such a dark place and on the brink of ending my life when lilith helped me. Ave lilith . Thank you so much for changing my life

  •   (Liza)

    This is a bit personal for me to say, but I feel like anyone reading this (including Lilith) should know. I was ready to take my own life before Lilithcult showed me that the ritual was complete and showed me a powerful image of the spellwork she has done. Ever since then, I am slowly healing from the mental inflictions I suffer from. Funny enough, I bought 2 love spells! I did not buy any healing spells, but this just shows how powerful and life-altering Lilithcult and the demons are. I am so incredibly thankful, for they have literally saved my life! I am learning how to be patient, strong, and reassuring to myself and to battle my own doubts and failures. Thank you Lilithcult, Lilith, Lucifer, and demons for helping me. I know my ex will come back as well, I just need to work on myself. Have faith everyone!

  •   (Luna)

    Lilith Argelich is a seriously impressive, powerful, genuine Witch. Be patient with the delivery as she is high demand for good reason, understand it is worth the wait. I cannot express in words the way her work has dramatically changed my life.. I am beyond grateful to her and the amazing spirits. The photo she provides is breathtaking and you can feel that energy in your bones. She was caring/thoughtful enough to make an adjustment to this ritual with Lilith to not risk me breaking the pact, which I really appreciate. Incredible experience and I feel so safe, so protected. and so in touch with my personal power like never before. Ave Lilith Ave Lucifer.

  •   (k)

    I noticed that I have more clarity and more intuitive “ah-ha” moments. The effects were subtle at first, but now that I’m starting to notice improvement, I am very impressed with how powerful this spell really is! It’s like the gears in my brain turn smoothly now and I’m not bogged down with frustration and confusion. LilithCult always delivers! 🖤

  •   (teagan)

    She always is prompt and gets to your rituals in a timely manner, not to mention her rituals are gorgeous. I highly recommend LilithCult’s spells to anyone considering them.

  •   (Lokita)

    Lilith was prompt in delivery and sent an information sheet which was what I needed. Included was also a beautiful picture of the ritual. Thank you Lilith and Prince Seere!🖤

  •   (Lindsey)

    Thanks again for a wonderful beautiful spell. Once this was cast I knew I no longer needed to worry about her anymore. Plus my BF was completely focused on us. Thank you again. I can not recommend Lilith enough. I have purchased from her before and will continue. She’s very thorough and answers all questions. She is absolutely amazing at what she does.

  •   (Lindsey)

    I can not say enough good things about Lilith. She casted this spell for me and not even a week later I got my dream job. I will definitely be purchasing more!!

  •   (Lindsey)

    Lilith is incredible as always. Sent a gorgeous picture of the spell once it was completed. She always responds quickly and is willing to answer all questions. I have bought several things from her and will continue to do so.

  •   (Blondelady)

    amazing work! bought this for a relative and its starting to show signs already shes making an effort to make herself more attractive to get a new partner when she has not done this for around 3 years

  •   (Mikaila)

    Literally the day I got notified, at 4am I get a call and it’s my POI telling me he is outside my house. It has been a week and things have been great. Back story: We had a big fight to where he blocked me and everything. Told me he can’t give the relationship a chance because he never goes back to a ex. After I did the spell he came right back.

  •   (deana)

    Great seller. Beautiful pictures and answers in a timely manner.

  •   (Lumi)

    Hail Queen Lilith! It’s my first time dealing with dark arts, but LilithCult has made it smooth and reassuring. I know that I am in good hands with her, and she is definitely a reliable spellcaster like no other on Etsy! I am so excited to see things manifest soon. :) I felt guilty whenever I had doubts or anxieties, but LilithCult sent a very sweet reply and it helped me to see things in perspective. I am definitely being too hard on myself and my expectations, but again, LilithCult has been very helpful in guiding me around this for the first time. Thank you again!! Can’t wait to continue working with you and Queen Lilith. Praise!

  •   (Jan)

    Seller is amazing and great at exactly everything besides answering your questions, she knows her craft!

  •   (Shimmery)

    Crush your enemies the way they wanted to crush you. Beaux Reves 🌚

  •   (fyne)

    I told Lilith my situation as it is about my recent conflict with my best friend and she customized the spell for me. Two weeks later which is now, I have to contact him due to work and we chat like normal as usual just like nothing happened. I am glad to have him back and for that, I appreciate what Lilith did for me. Thank you, Lilith.

  •   (Lindsey)

    Absolutely incredible!!! I have obtained several spells from Lilith and they never disappoint. Just have faith.

  •   (Andrew)

    Amazing. It was great to be able to talk with the wonderful Lilith and have a chat with her about everything. She is a wonderful lady and mother. My wife and I owe her so very much. Thank you Lilith Argelich for facilitating this.

  •   (Luna)

    I felt a surge of calm energy, and had the sudden thought “he’s already on his way back”. Checked Etsy and I had a message from seller saying it was done. I’ve felt calm and relaxed, like it’s all working, since. Sure enough, today (4 days) he contacted me. Still a long way to go, but the energy that I felt alone was worth the price of the spell. Impressive power

  •   (Demz)

    Very kind and informative services, not judgmental at all. Trust and believe in her services and your expectations can be met and much more. Very beautiful ceremony photos as well.

  •   (Jennifer)

    Everytime….every single time. It’s not only the work itself but everything that comes after. Your life changes, you are forced to change. Things appear better because you ARE better spiritually. If you need a reason I’m here to tell you. Go for it. Her work has changed me for the better. I couldn’t be happier. If I went into how it would be an essay. Thank you. You are appreciated and loved immensely.

  •   (sacredmoon)

    She has performed many love rituals on my behalf and I am so grateful. I always feel the effects of the work and I know results are on the way. Patience and confidence is key :)

    All hail Lilith!

  •   (sacredmoon)

    She went above and beyond with my binding rituals! The photo was breathtaking. Lilithcult will never judge you so be really honest with her about your intentions. She really listened to me and was understanding about my situation. So happy with my purchase :)

  •   (preshus1120)

    My spells were recently performed so still awaiting manifestation (of course, it takes time – patience is part of the process!) but this shop is incredible beyond words. Lilith’s work is absolutely beautiful and you can definitely feel the energy just from even looking at the photos. Real deal, and helpful too! I’ll be back for more. Thank you :)

  •   (Grey)

    thank you! I love the energies from the rituals she conduct everytime.

  •   (Dioselina)

    I have noticed a number of great things that have occurred in my life in just the days before and after purchasing this service. Prior to the three days wait period,I had been utilizing enn chant meditations which I found to strengthen and intensify the ritual experience. Honestly these last few days I’ve felt a heightened awareness as well as Her influence and energy all around me and through me ! It has helped make this entire experience that much more magical . I’m truly grateful to Lilith Cult for her assistance in all of this and I am excited to build a stronger connection to Lilith thanks to the help of this shop.

  •   (Yo)

    she was fantastic very detailed answer all questions. She is so sweet answer as soon as she can she is extremely busy but she will answer you. Will be back. Real deal

  •   (Shimmery)

    Mind blowing results.

  •   (Daniel)

    “Pact With Lucifer”

    Great quality and details information!

  •   (Venus)

    Lilith Cult is the real deal. Once the work is done let it be and let her powers do the talking.

  •   (Venus)

    Amazing work and highly recommended. Of course you have to do your part by being interesting, having a pleasing personality and working on your appearance as a priority. As a result I’m getting so much attention, compliments and gifts from admirers and all in a respectful way so I know I have the power thanks to this ritual. Thank you Lilith Cult

  •   (M.G.)

    She is a Real Witch!!
    Thank you Demons!
    Thank you LilithCult!

  •   (Tina)

    This is one of several pacts which I have purchased from LilithCult, and once again this one is very pleasing!!
    It is early days yet, but as with all of LilithCult ritual workings, I have total faith in the Ceremony and in the superb magick which is manifested with the help of Demonic Magick.
    Lilith is very easy to communicate with, and she is always very gracious and patient to take time to answer any questions. Absolutely recommend to the highest degree. Thank you Lilith!

  •   (Watcharapong)

    Amazing work!!! She’s the real deal. The night when she completed the ritual, a demon came to my dream to acknowledge my wish. I know me and my POI are definitely binded.

  •   (Maria)

    Great spell, gets the job done, thank you.

  •   (Destiny)

    Love this seller she is amazing.

  •   (M.G.)

    I always recommend my fds to her🌹 Coz LilithCult is Real Deal! All you need to do is Trust and Be patient 💜

  •   (J)

    So grateful to have this shield of protection over me and my loved one. Immediately felt a difference.

  •   (J)

    Since this ritual has been done, my confidence is through the roof. I can feel it’s still manifesting but all positive movement so far.

  •   (Funny)

    Felt immediate difference in mental clarity and judgment. Ideas just kept flowing to me and I was a star in every work conversation and presentation.

  •   (EcnemelC)

    This is my second purchase, made on the advice of Lilith ARGELICH who is always insightful. I am aware that the turnaround time is different for each of us and I have the utmost respect for her work and this ancient magic. However, in my personality, patience and optimism are very difficult concepts for me to internalize.
    In all honesty, I envy (as a child would, without being mean) all those people who see immediate effects in the realization of their spells. Sometimes I have desperate doubts and a sad heart because I feel like nothing is happening for me. BUT if I close the doors of my heart to this magic, I can only penalize myself. That’s why I try to keep the faith, be receptive and show respect and gratitude for all that Lilith ARGELICH has done for me.
    I don’t want to fail and have my requests fail to succeed.

  •   (EcnemelC)

    The description is very beautiful as all the texts that Lilith ARGELICH writes. She was a good advisor on this spell when I had questions about it.
    It is very recent and what I absolutely must know how to do is to let go and let the elements be.
    I will succeed, I want to succeed… I am succeeding! That’s all there is to it 💜💜💜💜

  •   (sacredmoon)

    After this was cast, my skin cleared right up despite not changing my routine and the eczema I have on my legs (thanks genetics) went away too. Coincidentally, this was cast right before a big presentation I had to give at work. I hate public speaking and was nervous about but I got so much positive feedback specifically about my ability to engage with a large audience and compliments on my public speaking skills. I used to have crippling social anxiety too and I feel like that has gone away completely. I recommend this to anyone and everyone no matter what your aim is. I didn’t buy it with the intention of attracting a boyfriend or anything (but you totally could if that’s what you want) but more so to feel confident and it definitely did that for me.

  •   (Shimmery)

    Love it when Lilith takes care of my family.

    Being blessed with demons love is the greatest honor one can have and the top demonic witch to guide along this path is the best choice one can ever have.

    If you like to take pleasure in people drowning in their own evil, this is for you.

  •   (Shimmery)

    “Revenge Spell”

    Feast on the blood of your enemies.

  •   (Pao)

    She’s wonderful person, and always willing to help, she responds to your message in a timely manner and gives a great advise, and she won’t leave your side until you get results. I can’t wait for my manifestation to happen. I definitely recommend her. ❤️❤️

  •   (sacredmoon)

    She is incredible. She has done several love spells for me and I can feel them working. I can always tell when she’s casting because I can literally feel the energy, which sometimes even wakes me from sleep. IMMEDIATELY I feel a wave relief after she completes the work. She answers questions and is kind and thoughtful, always. I can honestly say that I feel privileged to know her. I think there’s a misconception about dark magic practitioners being unfriendly or requiring you to sell your soul or something. It really just comes down to being respectful to those who work on your behalf and showing gratitude to the demons who help you. Black magic is powerful and dark and beautiful. Trust Lilithcult and let her change your life.

  •   (sacredmoon)

    She’s amazing and the work she does is incredible. She cast demonic protection for my family members and we felt the effects immediately. I HIGHLY suggest purchasing this with the curse removal ritual. She was able to tell me which of my family members were cursed and in doing so, I was able to figure out who was cursing us. Her rituals always provide a sense of relief. Since the casting, my brother’s pain (in his feet, due to collapsed arches) has gone away and my mother’s unexplained skin ailments have started healing. A few days after this was cast, my dad called me to tell me that he felt as though a weight had been lifted. None of them are knew that demonic protection was cast for them so this was completely of their own volition. It works. Buy this and stop living in fear.

  •   (sacredmoon)

    The long and the short of it: THIS WORKS. She cast a bunch of these for me and I’ve already seen movement. There was a guy at work who hardcore harassing me and making my life a living hell. I tried to report it but he had friends in HR so my complaint went nowhere. I was distraught initially but I told LilithCult what was happening and she recommended the hex. Shortly after it was cast, I felt relief. And last week, I found out he is now under investigation for harassment and misconduct because other victims came forward OUT OF THE BLUE and threatened to sue the company if action was not taken against him. Now, a third party company is investigating the matter so his “HR friends” can’t get him out of it. This was a no-win situation for me until LilithCult intervened. She is incredible. If someone is bothering you, buy this!

  •   (sacredmoon)

    “Revenge Spell”

    This was great and came to me at exactly the right time. All Hail Lilith :)

  •   (sacredmoon)

    She has cast two of these for me and I saw movement immediately. The lawyer dealing with my case was initially so bitchy and generally awful to me but after LilithCult cast, the lawyer was immediately much nicer to me. I’m still waiting on the final verdict but I’ve already seen progress to indicate victory. Don’t obsess. Instead, let the demons handle it and go about your business. Her work is phenomenal. She is incredibly kind and generous with her time too. I explained my situation and she really listened. She never pressures you to buy anything, she only advises what would be best based on your situation. I’ve asked her AT LEAST a hundred questions and she has always answered in a timely manner. Trust her! She’s the real deal and will make anyone rule in your favor.

  •   (Isabella)

    This is a pretty amazing and very powerful ritual.. thank you Lilith Cult

  •   (idk)

    AWESOME!!! There were signs here and there of it working from the start, but the build up was gradual. The situation was causing major issues in my life, so I was anxious and wanted full results ASAP – and there were times I worried about it working to the extent I wanted, but I knew Lilith got my back, so I kept the faith and reminded myself to be patient. Plus, the ritual set up is so gorgeous, you know it’s legit. Right around the 3 month mark is when the results got real and undeniable. Things played out beautifully, naturally, and it was entertaining too! My family is now peaceful and harmonious for the first time in many years. Absolutely life-changing experience in the best way. Extremely grateful 💯

  •   (Venus)

    Good feedback after the ritual and a good feeling of relief.

  •   (parisle)

    I am so grateful for her help and craft. She is the real deal. Be bold. Be brave. And believe 🙇‍♀️🙌

  •   (Sacredmoon)

    I cannot say enough good things about LilithCult. She is so powerful. Trust her and you will be glad you did. I bought these for each of my family members because of bad luck we’ve been having. She was able to tell me who was cursed and then she cast demonic protection so we’d all be safe. Things improved for us almost immediately. Don’t wait! I would say this and the demonic protection are the best investments you can make for yourself, regardless of your situation. Allow her to cast and then live your life without fear.

  •   (Laura)

    Thank you so much- You are amazing :) All I can say is, have patience, move forward and try to stay calm and focused on your own life. This was about a 2 month period, and I decided to let go and move on…then he contacted me.

  •   (K)

    LilithCult is a powerful practitioner and compassionate guide. Just let go of your expectations and keep a grateful heart, the magic will manifest when you’re not looking for it. Thank you Lilith

  •   (darkandlight)

    Purchased on December 25, and finally started seeing some movement in my target on January 16. Thank you!

  •   (Tina)

    LilithCult appeared in my life exactly at the time I needed it. The result is this gorgeous introduction to Lucifer Initiation Rite.
    I do believe that I am on the path that I have always wanted live.

  •   (Tina)

    The Succubus Seduction Ritual really is an invitation to live your life boldly, with courage and yes….Audacity!
    This ritual is beautiful, and LilithCult has been absolutely been fantastic to answer all questions very quickly and patiently. Highly recommend!

  •   (Claudia)

    She clearly knows what she’s doing.

  •   (B)

    “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice.”

    Ever since I bought this spell, I’ve been seeing signs everywhere that things are going my way! I can rest easy now knowing that the ritual is done I have nothing to worry about. My situation is in the best hands and there’s not a single doubt about it. All I have to do now is move on, focus on myself, and not obsess; I know he’s on his way back to me.

    Thankyou demons, and thankyou to the truly talented witch who performed the ritual. Crossing the threshold into demonic magick will change my life for the better and open up a new future for me, and I’m so ready for it. I feel truly blessed and endlessly grateful.

  •   (B)

    I’m so excited for this to manifest, and I absolutely know it will! I have so much trust in this ritual and I finally have the peace of mind that it’s been done and the results are processing. What they say is true, you really do see tiny subtle changes quite quickly! The key is to just let go, occupy yourself, and don’t worry. Don’t obsess over trying to see a change every day. Be patient. It’ll take time, but if your desire is worth the wait, you’ll get through it.

  •   (Finley)

    Thank you Lilith ❤️🖤
    Thank you Lilith Argelich 😘

  •   (Michael)

    Lilith is exceptional. Thank you so very much for your work. The favor I’ve gained manifested immediately. I will remain a client of your shop.

  •   (Mariam)

    Very in-depth spell casting! She sends a picture after the spell has been casted. Definitely the real deal.

  •   (Serchy)

    LilithCult is top!
    Things already getting in place and speeding up. Expecting results soon.. THANK YOU

  •   (Steven)

    Since casted there has been a lot of movement

  •   (J)

    Lilith es increíble. Por lo general, le doy tiempo a sus rituales para que se manifiesten, pero inicialmente ves signos sutiles. Si está buscando resultados dramáticos, sus expectativas son demasiado altas. Me he dado cuenta de que esta magia cambia la vida y no convertirá a tu rana en un príncipe azul de la noche a la mañana, pero aprenderá a serlo. Desde que se realizó este ritual, me ha dicho que ha estado soñando conmigo. Hay otros factores que deben abordarse, pero sé que con el tiempo y con la ayuda de Lilith, lo serán. He comprado varios rituales de Lilith desde diciembre pasado y lo que puedo decir es que mi vida y mi perspectiva son totalmente diferentes de lo que eran hace un año. ❤️

  •   (sacredmoon)

    She is amazing. Kind, thoughtful and so helpful. I recommend her services if you’re ready to take control of your life.

  •   (Leonora)

    It has been more than a month since I purchased it and I am so extremely grateful and thankful! I thank you and Lady Lilith! I feel so beautiful and attractive and I get so many compliments. Overall I am so confident and very happy! Thank you sm!

  •   (Thomas)

    Thank you to all the Demons who help me😈😈😈 💯💯💯 🔥😈😈
    Thank you Lilithcult 🙏 😈😈 💯💯 🔥🔥 And Thank you Lucifer💯💯 ❤️❤️❤️😈😈😈
    Hail Lucifer my dark Father

  •   (tdhsya9s)

    She’s the best, you feel the energy when she’s casting. It works, money keeps coming to me, I have had unexpected deposits into my bank account. Belief, have patience, let it manifest. She knows what she is doing, trust her.

  •   (DivaFonda)

    “Destroy Your Competition Spell”

    One competitor down, two to go! I’m continuing to work hard on my end to help manifest. Things are improving!

  •   (Maddie)

    I cannot recommend this enough! It’s only been a week but I have noticed such a change in my whole being. I trust in my pact coming to fruition, I have a new knowing that what my pact was about is going to happen whereas in the past I have had anxieties around it, but that’s changed now I’m working with Lilith. I just know Lilith is there for me and she is working on this for me. Thank you Lilith and thank you LilithCult!

  •   (Kizzy)

    I brought the ritual and a week later I seen money and it’s hard for me to get money.

  •   (Judith)

    Lilith is always on point. She gives great advice and knows how to fix even the most messed up situations. I know this will manifest. She wants her clients to trust Queen Lilith and she put all her energy into the spells.

  •   (S)

    Thank you for protecting my daughter, her nightmares finally stopped. Everyday Lilith amazes me with the work she does, especially for my children.

  •   (xiomy2000)

    Lilith , the best caster very responsive and always guides me . A + thank you Lilith 😉

  •   (rosed12841)

    This was for my mother. she said she feels so much better and lighter.

  •   (Judith)

    Lilith was very knowledgeable about my situation. She answered my questions and directed me to what would best help. She educated me and was patient. I know it will manifest because when I asked it was granted. Great shop. Thank you Lilith!

  •   (Lori)

    Highly recommend this seller. Very powerful magic as I felt it as soon as the spells started. I am still waiting for them to manifest but I am patient and this is worth waiting for. Highly recommend

  •   (Bobby)

    I have ordered four spells from LilithCult. While the others have shown signs of beginning to manifest, this one has been working like crazy. I’m a quiet and reserved man with social anxiety due to a past filled with trauma. I have not changed my mannerisms but people now approach me.

    I have had multiple people (men and women) come up to me at various pubs/bars and offer their number or ask me out. I have had people approach me to work with them on projects too. It is like someone turned on a switch to a quality I never had.

  •   (x)

    This one is powerful, waited to give the review as always. This seller is legit I’ve seen the changes in my life already. You won’t be disappointed at all.

  •   (Shirin)

    hat alles wunderbar funktioniert, gerne wieder.
    Danke :)

  •   (ccangel1001)

    Spirit directed me to her page to help me. I haven’t heard from anyone about my lawsuit so I believe that this worked!

  •   (laughinganna)

    This was a powerful experience for me. I felt weird (in a good way) before Lilith told me she completed the ritual. And my ritual was an intense experience too. Super fast turnaround and very prompt communication. This is why I keep coming back. I feel closer to Lilith and my goals than ever. Thank you so much. Hail Lilith!

  •   (Grey)

    I can’t explain how life changing this ritual has done for me. I felt the immediate impact a few days after the ritual was done. Thank you lilithcult. Hail Belial! ♡

  •   (micnut)

    This purchase is so life changing for me. I feel so much more confident and so much calmer since this ritual was performed. Also, I have been receiving a lot more attention from men…

  •   (M.G.)

    Another amazing experience with Lilith Cult 🌹

    The ritual was casted in late Sep for my fd and his crush. You just need to be patient!

    Something happened between those 2. They started to get closer and closer! 💞

  •   (Shimmery)

    “Pact With Lucifer”

    Lilith is the only witch I trust for a pact with Lucifer. I could feel the intense energy and my life is going through a major overhaul now.

    I bought pacts from other witches before and there was nothing, all scams and useless.

    Thank you so much Lilith for helping me, because of my trust in other ‘witches’ who did not know what they were doing I got myself into an extraordinary mess that Lilith helped me over and over to undo.

    I appreciate you very much, thank you.

    Hail Lucifer.

  •   (Pernelpi)

    Don’t Doubt Her!!
    She’s THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!
    Excellent customer support and very honest!

  •   (Juan)

    She is great. Awesome experience.

  •   (Ева)

    I got great results! I thank LilithCult dearly for all the work she’s done for me. Works like a charm every time.

  •   (micnut)

    I have always felt alone but once this ritual was performed I could feel Queen Lilith’s strength. When I am doubting myself, I remind myself Queen Lilith is on my side and I feel so much better. Thank you Lilithcult, I am a customer for life.

  •   (teagan)

    “Come Back To Me”

    He has re-entered into my life, we both still feelings of love for one another. The spell did work, he is hesitant on entering a relationship. LilithCult performed a ritual for me to force him and the other individual apart, he feels guilty for conversing with me so soon after the breakup, which is causing feelings of hesitation.

    I know this hesitation will leave as LilithCult’s ritual precedes to manifest, as it’s only been a short amount of time, and the entities she works with continue their influence.

    Update, 11/28: we are dating, our communication has been more open. We are still healing from things that occurred in the past, but we are healing together. We are committed to one another, it feels healthy.

  •   (x)

    It definitely works, waited to give the review as well. This was the first item I got from this store. This seller is the real deal, do NOT doubt them. Remember that this takes time and you have to take care of yourself as well. The seller has great customer service and answered all my questions.

  •   (Julie Darcy)

    I live in France and I’m a baby witch . I was septical at first of course of scammers and don’t have a lot of money . Lilith answer fast , send me a beautiful photo of her work . It’s been almost 2 weeks, I’m a believer I keep faith . Can’t wait to see the result but I feel more powerful and goddess now.

    Update November, 27th : after 3 weeks I found my SD ! Thanks a lot ^^

  •   (Mj love)

    I’m glad to be able to say I am protected by the most powerful demons ❤️ I’m blessed

  •   (xiomy2000)

    Fantastic and matter of being patience and trusting in the process . Thank you

  •   (xiomy2000)

    Lilith just want to said you are the best caster that I can ask for it , you are short of words but big patience person when comes about costumer like me who was passing for really hard time and in the way i gived you hard time , I’m better now . Thank you for great and awesome costumer service and so more . Thank you so much .

  •   (Maria)

    As busy as Lilith is, her service is very quick. She also sends pictures. Her spells really do work and very well. This one, I am keeping positive for quick manifestation. Hail Lilith.

  •   (teagan)

    LilithCult does amazing work. She demands respect and appreciation for her castings, which you should give to her. My results already have begun to manifest. The girlfriend is no longer speaking to the other half. He still has an interest in a relationship, but I’m sure that will come to an end soon.

    LilithCult puts an enormous amount of energy into her spells, be appreciative for this, be appreciative of those she works with as well.

  •   (RutaA)

    She is the best. Specially was waiting for so long to get the results to write review. She is so strong and very professional. Just can say Thank you!

  •   (Alberto)

    I am very confident in Lilith’s great powers. I sincerely thank you for what you are doing for me.

  •   (Shimmery)

    She’s the best of the best.

  •   (Blue)

    Very powerful spell I can see it also affected my mindset with money and I’ve seen it start to open many opportunities for me that I hadn’t had before.

  •   (DennisDerFuchs)

    LilithCult is the real deal! The picture she sends as proof that the work has been done is absolutely beautiful. You can tell that she is very knowledgeable in her craft and that powerful forces are at play here. Highly recommended!

  •   (Blondelady)

    This is real magic!
    please do not be impatient with results.
    Your spells will work when you let go of the situation!
    i am so grateful to have lilithcult help me
    will be back for more spells soon

  •   (Shimmery)

    She helped me with a massive spiritual issue and banished evil, parasitic forces. I knew I needed major help and no one else around could help me besides Lilith.

    Only Lilith is strong enough to identify the true problem and helped me resolve it.

    She is the best of the best. Forever grateful, without her I will end up ruined.

  •   (Isabella)

    It’s been 3 weeks since this spell has been casted and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference. I can walk out of the house in anything with minimal makeup and still get all the looks. Both women and men notice me A LOT. I get many stares, smiles and many “omg you’re so beautiful” or “You’re so pretty” compliments. My confidence level has spiked. I’ll be returning for more spells for sure.

  •   (Blondelady)

    wow! this spell is amazing!
    i had instant results within a few days
    getting lots of friends requests on social media , asked on dates, new and old flames liking my photos
    I went out shopping the other day and alot of people were looking at me as if i had lit up the room when i walked in anywhere
    if you are on the fence about this spell please purchase you will not regret it!
    thank you LilithCult

  •   (Aurelie)

    Awesome!!!! Second purchase and second perfect experience! Hail Lilith!

  •   (Juan)

    Trust on Lilith, she always delivers. Waiting patiently and not even worrying about it. Hail….

  •   (Missy)

    Lillith I want you to know that you are an an amazing gifted person! You are straight to the point, honest , compassionate and have the biggest heart! To everybody else’s out there pls! Just patient! Things will slowly materialize if you just let her do her work . LILLITH IS THE ONE AND ONLY . I highly highly recommend her ! ❤️🙏

  •   (Moonbeam)

    Excellent communication . Powerful work.
    Lilith cults spells are brilliant! Buy from this shop and you will be very very happy. ▪︎☆☆☆☆☆
    Five stars!

  •   (Mj love)

    Too soon too tell but he did tell me he dreamed of me the next day. He hasn’t lately hopefully I come back and update like everyone’s reviews I’m excited ! I recommend her though ! Her picture was stunning. Thanks again

  •   (Mayra)

    If you are thinking about purchasing this spell I whole heartedly recommend it. I was going back and forth for a while on whether I should purchase this, but after doing so I regret not purchasing it sooner. Since it has been cast I have felt empowered both physically and mentally. I feel sexier and full of life. I can guarantee you will not regret it!

  •   (Emmanuel)

    Amazing thank you so much for helping me I am grateful for all that you have done for me may the universe bless you.

  •   (Shimmery)

    She truly cares, and helped me when no one else could. ❤️ Simply the best, no doubt about it. Trust in her and her skills, she’s not chatty but when she does dish out advice it is as good as gold. Listen to her.

  •   (Dessertrose)

    Belial’s energy is pure, unfiltered power. Self confidence to go after what I want and a general sense of empowerment are what I felt a few days after this ritual was done for me. This energy is raw, direct and powerful 👑 Gratitude to the Queen LilithCult, the Mighty Belial and the demons ♥️

  •   (Moonbeam)

    Hail Lilith cult !! Again im slowly seeing results after only a few weeks. Lilith cults spells totally work. Try for yourself. Just have abit patience .
    Five stars! ☆☆☆☆☆

  •   (Dessertrose)

    Pure energy! I am not entirely sure how to describe how I feel now versus how I used to feel. Empowered? Yes! Stronger? Yes! Sexier? For sure 😊
    I purchased this beautiful ritual and other spells from LilithCult and do feel the effects building steadily yet strongly.
    I was initially worried that energies would clash as prior to finding LilithCult, I had gotten spells from other spellcasters but I felt so strongly drawn to LilithCult.

    I think that faith, confidence, patience and respect for these immense powers are key to getting what you want.
    This lady has an immense, powerful gift 🎁 I look forward to working with her to help me with other matters.
    Gratitude to LilithCult and her very powerful friends ❤️

  •   (Dessertrose)

    Update November 11,2021
    It is working so incredibly and powerfully 🖤 ♥️
    Wow! is all I can say ⭐️
    Get this if you want some peace in your life!

  •   (Shimmery)

    Custom protection for my pets. It’s been a month and their infections that kept recurring for no reason the past few years suddenly improved drastically and almost stopped. Thank you so much Lilith.

    Hail Lucifer.

  •   (sacredmoon)

    She is so wonderfully kind and thoughtful. Immediately she after She cast, I felt better about everything. All Hail! :)

  •   (Lindsey)

    I have used Lilith for several spells now and she doesn’t ever disappoint. The change that I have seen is absolutely incredible. I felt like he was pulling away, and now since this, he is more attentive, more loving, talking about a future.

  •   (Dessertrose)

    Breathtaking pictures of the ritual. Very, very powerful. I purchased this spell along with the Lilith evocation as it “just felt right” to get these 2 together.
    For a few days after the spells were cast, I felt really drained and foggy. Maybe this was because these powerful energies were starting to settle in me. I understand that these are not quick fixes and do take time, faith and patience as this is black magic that must manifest in the physical plane.
    Now it has been more than 2 weeks after rituals were done and the fatigue is lifting and I do feel myself stronger mentally and physically. Somehow, the fog is lifting and I am starting to feel empowered. Empowerment is something I need after years of feeling like a powerless victim to the circumstances of life.

  •   (Ellie)

    “Breake Up Spell”

    The spell worked as intended😊 highly recommend Lilith as she is truly gifted 👌

  •   (Jessica Abreu)

    Very fast at responding.
    Also I already started to tell some different, I feel prettier, my body looks better and I notice both women and man staring at me at places I go… the magic have started 😃❤️

  •   (Olga)

    Bought this for my daughter. Eternally grateful!

  •   (Shimmery)

    Lilithcult helped me do a custom hex auto returner on top of the demonic protection ritual for me. I’m under constant attacks by someone due to intense jealousy and also general jealousy. If you are surrounded by ill wishers, her protection and auto returner IS THE BESTTTT! Stop getting robbed of your abundance and happiness because people are being jealous and a piece of sh*t.

    For the past 2 months, I can feel when hex attacks get bounced off and there are days I’m just so happy for no reason. It almost feels like the more people tries to rob me of happiness, the more happiness and abundance gets returned to me. This only started when my protection and hex returner was done. My happiness is back!

    Why let people get away scot free without punishment for trying to rob you of your happiness and abundance?

  •   (Jessika )

    Very nice and quick responding, always have pics of the spell. ☺️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  •   (Samantha)

    💙I’m A Forever Client💙
    When The spell was Finished I Honestly Felt Lighter,more energized,My Life Became More Full of Joy And Be Sincere with All Of You I spent Hundreds of Dollars every Week Cause I Would Find Out by Different Spell Casters That I had A Curse on Me Placed,Black Magic Hex,a Evil Spirit attached to my Soul,A entity Destroying my Happiness but Now ever since I purchased this spell my Life’s changed.I Thank LilithCult For Everything she’s done for me Into My Life I Couldn’t be more grateful than I Am Right Now. Her Magic Is Truly amazing the pictures that she sends are Beautiful I Highly Recommend💙thank you so much LilithCult

  •   (Marian)

    Demons working magic for you is the best you can get. This is top notch magic at work and LilithCult is very good. I like that she sends pics afterwards too.

  •   (Raegan)

    I purchased this spell along with the extreme glamour spell. I feel a difference already. It’s been a week! Have faith do your side of the work too. You will feel sexy. Be prepared because you will attract lots of dates. I’m enjoying teasing men. Thankyou Lilith Cult you have really helped me. And please guys respect your demons as they only do their work if you are grateful and patient. X

  •   (Chamita)

    “Curse Removal”

    So I waited for a few days because I wanted to give a awesome review. I am loving the work that I got done. I can tell the difference and i don’t feel a heaviness no more. I feel as though alot has been lifted off me. Don’t sleep on this her work.

  •   (Vanessa)

    She is the best, and the only one who really can help. I was in a hopeless situation, and she was the only one who fixed it. And Yes the most difficult is the waiting, but guys believe her.

  •   (glimmeresque)

    Great service. exceeded my expectations with customer service.

  •   (Rosa isela)

    I am so happy to be protected fir my whole life 🙏
    The photo that she send to me is super beautiful loved 🙌🏻❤️
    I definitely recommend her love her 🙏

  •   (Raegan)

    I purchased this spell along with the powerful seductive spell and already I feel I difference! I feel more confident in myself and it’s gave me motivation, people are looking at me in a different light. I’m getting compliments by men and women. Even about little things like my shoes! It’s has only been a week! You have to do your side of the work which means think positive, smile, make eye contact and believe in the spell, respect Lilith a cult and of course Lady Lilith! I’m amazed and so grateful. Thankyou x

  •   (Olga)

    This review is long overdue. The results were almost instant and even a bit overwhelming because I had gotten attention before the spell. Love the seller!

  •   (Kerry Goerke)

    Amazing energy and beautiful work. 2 – 3 weeks and I can feel the roads opening for me!! Thank you…. xoxo

  •   (juliette)

    Slowly but surely ! Suddenly had lots of clients from years ago remembering my existence and contacting me to pick up order they flaked on back then, amazing !

  •   (Shimmery)

    This is a special ritual Lilith did for my beloved spirit who is part of my spirit family. It broke my heart to realise she was someone I knew in another life and had a spirit condemnation curse without her telling me. The ritual was absolutely beautiful and I teared when I saw the picture of the ritual done. She is free again thanks to the work done to reverse the curse ❤️

    In this crazy evil world, Lilithcult shines so bright and her work to help others is beyond amazing.

    Thank you so much!

  •   (poppycrimson)

    Lilith’s rituals are always beautiful. I cannot tell you how or when they work, but I trust that they do and did for me and my life improved since I found her.

  •   (Olga)

    “Luciferian initiation rite”

    The best decision I’ve ever made! Thank you!

  •   (tony)

    The seller is response when time permits, sent very beautiful pictures of her work. And a lot has happened since spell, and still continue to see very positive results with this spell. I very pleased with her work in this regard and will be loyal customer in the future with results like she has delivered. Thank you for helping me.

  •   (Thomas)

    It works🙏❤️😈Thank you to Lilithcult, And thank you to the Demons😈🔥

  •   (Samantha)

    😭💙 I love It ! Her Magic Worked honestly The Guy I was Talking To Used to Stay Distant From Me And Now That I paid For this service It worked wonders he Started Being More attached to Me And Giving More Attention and Complimenting me More Often Of how Good I look💙highly Recommend her services and grateful For Her Work 💙

  •   (Ariestar)

    She will never let you down. She has changed my life!

  •   (Jasmine)

    As always amazing result.
    So grateful. 🙏

  •   (Shimmery)

    Lilith is the strongest black witch I’ve come across, her spells work with extremely strong effectiveness.
    Trust that you are in good hands with her spells.

    The energy shift is immense, highly recommended.

  •   (Marian )

    “Dream of me”

    I wanted to wait to review the spells that were done for me. This manifested quickly and the target did indeed dream about me quite vividly and told me so! This is the real deal… I had no doubt in my mind but I wanted to have a story to tell :)

  •   (Marian)

    I had her do two of these. One was on the wrong person so she reversed it. The one of these that was correct has 110% worked so far. I waited to write a review until I saw it start manifesting. Patience is key in doing spells and this was worth the wait.

  •   (EcnemelC)

    What can I say except that this person is INCREDIBLE. Events led me to her and I didn’t ask myself any other questions except that I had to do it with LilithCult. And ONLY her!
    Please keep in mind that for the success of the ritual, we also have our part.
    I thank LilithCult with all my heart, with all my flesh and with all my soul for what she did for me.

  •   (M.G.)

    You can feel the strong energries from the ritual photo! And always keep your positive mindset and be patient!

  •   (Olga)

    Got a spell from Lilith Cult a month ago for help to pass a difficult exam and passed it this morning with flying colors! Thank you so much!
    For those who complain or have doubts, have respect for spirits, put in work, and they will deliver!

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