Who is Lilith, the Queen of the Night

Who is Lilith, the Queen of the Night

The references about Lilith are confusing, but all sources tend to agree about one thing: Lilith was the first woman created who cohabited with Adam before deciding to voluntarily leave. 

Jewish folklore defamed her for centuries but her dark figure has earlier incarnations - she was already envisioned as the dangerous stealer of babies spirit in Sumerian mythology, around 3000 BC, so we are talking about a very, very ancient reputational damage. 

However, other reports from Babylonian, although not respectful, were not that fracturing: Lilith was a beautiful woman "who lead men astray", able to sexually seduce them in their dreams, and a protector of prostitutes. As such, an historical research about Lilith is particularly difficult. 


Lilith's Nature

Thanks to Abrahamic religions and their archaic conception of insolent women, Lilith still invokes pure terror. It is best to ignore this misinformation, but the Judeo-Christian narrative is so persuasive and we have been so manipulated by it since we were born, that no matter how liberal our upbringing was, the lies of religion are grabbed into our minds in a way almost irreversible. 

As variations of her nature traveled between cultures and civilizations, she retained the trait of being a true treat for families, children, women, men and even animals. 

In the Middle Ages, Lilith's so-called evil nature was counteracted with laughable amulets of "protection", but I'm sure they give a false sense of security to the ignorants who used them.

They couldn't know that Lilith rises to any challenge presented to her. 



I must admit that other protection objects against Lilith are fascinating, like the Aramaic incantation bowls to "conquer and seal" her. Their features are striking and I honestly regret their disappearance. I mean, if we are going to have useless tools against demons in our home, isn't an incantation bowl more beautiful than a pathetic circle of salt or a sprig of sage?

But things have changed. Some years ago, Lilith's tale became a celebrated paradigm of feminism - she is suddenly everywhere. Her refusal to be controlled by men is admired, and single and independent women are now her target audience.

Lilith fascinates with her strength and fierceness in a period of history in which we are finally rebelling against patriarchal laws. 


How to Work with Lilith

As a Luciferian, I believe in using anything you can to obtain everything you want, so if people is ready to embrace Lilith's power, I'm fine with it, because she is incredible. Unfortunately for the most romantic fans of the queen of the night, demonology doesn't admit inaccuracies. Man catalogued demons for over three thousand years and the pop culture cannot create their own method of classifying them. 

Occultists have our personal gnosis and we respect the fact that Lilith wears different masks. Some of them are nice, but some others are dark. Lilith is a fierce protector of women and children, but she is also savage instincts and sinister alchemy. For the advanced magician, in order to obtain her blessings, many trials must be conquered. 

Demons are not going to listen to you if you don't address them accordingly - that's why we have spiritual gurus who are fascinated with Lilith but have never be able to truly get in touch with her. I know because I have been reached by some of them via my Lilith's Evocation Ritual. This work is extremely successful because my customers receive very precise instructions to communicate with Lilith after my ritual. The combination of my work and theirs is undeniably powerful and generates an intensified level of efficacy. Sadly, some of them decide to introduce modifications to their homework, adding outdated chants or calling Lilith "mother" - something she doesn't appreciate.

Other people feel insulted by my description of Lilith as a female demon. Let me say this clear: Lilith is a demon and there's nothing wrong with that. The word demon means literally "guardian spirit", so where is the problem? Demons are extremely proud of what they are and they don't feel flattered by unnecessary cute pseudonyms. Being scared of Lilith won't give you any benefit. But seeing her like some kind of mother figure is not going to positively work for you either. 

No matter how tempting, resist the impulse of being creative with very ancient entities and rituals, because by doing that, you will be severely ruining your progress. Lilith will grant you passage to her world if you respect her nature, her aggressive aspects and her misunderstood strong sexual energy. She does not take into account middle terms.

When Lilith is your ally, she teaches you how to create the webs of your destiny and shine in your entire esplendor. 



Lilith's Sigils

Sigils are a Latin term with roots of paganism and a truly determinant component of magic, as they act as communication devices between us and demons, and are terrific talismans as well. Thus, choosing the right one is crucial for making contact and succeed. 

Lilith is not found in within any established Solomonic tale tradition, and this is confusing for newbies, but in reality, Luciferians do not adhere to classic grimoires nor consider them a credible source of information. Lilith has many sides, so this means she has multiple sigils, including a grand seal which is a combination of various epithets from a variety of different traditions.

However, some of the elements included in those alternative seals represent her imprisonment, with a subtle yet clear commanding side, and Lilith obviously can't be a fan of them. Lilith understands the darkness of all these energies, but even with the highest occult background, I would rarely use these sigils. 

Fortunately, the most know and commonly used sigil of Lilith works nice in all practices. 



Lilith's Offerings

My relationship with Lilith seemed fated. I was named after her, when my mother, a natural born demonic witch, decided she didn't want to lust over anything - she wanted me to be called Lilith and that was it. My father was dead set against it, so they agreed Lilith was going to be my legal name, but I would be called Lila. 

Lilith keeps a prominent position in my path but it took me years to learn how to properly work with her. I wasn't living under her expectations and I knew it. I felt a demand for discipline and I've changed, and oh, when you finally engage with Lilith, the pleasure is quite amazing. 

We can respectfully consider Lilith a magical multitasker. She has the knowledge of shapeshifting, which makes her an expert of beauty, hair and magnetism spells. She also specializes in maledicted magic, nightmares and severe punishment rituals.

Lilith is a lover of reddish aesthetics, something that I try to reflect in my environment. Lilith appreciates a beautiful, romantic, and sensual ambiance, even when it's time to perform her darkest spells. As I will soon explain, demons like tidy spaces, but Lilith adores the practitioner's quality of creating art. There's no room for laziness and bad taste when you want to catch Lilith's attention. She can be demanding and rarely accepts excuses. A gorgeous altar with red roses and a feminine figurine representing her is not too much effort.

Some of her favorite offerings are red wine, chocolate with berries or strawberries inside, and red lipstick. Cinnamon scents are also attractive to her. 

With that being said, when is the right moment to work with Lilith? To each its own, but her association with the night is not a lie, so that would be the best time to reach Lilith out. 



Con mi devoción. Con mi más inmensa gratitud.

Gracias, Lilith. 


Very informative, thank you for your service and time.

Brian Klosterman

Brilliant article although I’ve never been able to call Lilith a demon. I’ve never seen her as a demon.

Donna Mulvey

The part about the Judeo-Christian narrative lie being so ingrained in us that it is so hard to escape really hit home. Letting go of these false narratives has been liberating and it is through Lila’s blog that I have come to re-educate myself on living a more authentic life.

Your words are beautiful and it is such a gift for us to be able to get your perspective on so many things. Thank you for going above and beyond in your rituals and sharing your knowledge with us. I appreciate that you also share your own struggles and learning process on working with demons and living as a Luciferian.

With much respect to you Lila and the beloved demons who make it all possible. 🖤


This was beautifully written and in a clear and concise manner. Thank you so much!

Lauana Autery

What a beautifully written article! There is so much confusion about who Lilith is and the ways in which we can call out to her so I am grateful for this information. All across the internet, many refer to her as “mother” or a “maternal figure” which I always thought was strange. Glad you cleared this is up for me! I will continue on path with Her feeling more confident now.

Lila: Thank you for empowering us through knowledge so we may better connect with Lilith. You’re the best 🖤🖤🖤

Sacred Moon

Thank you Lila🙏🙏🤘😈Hail Lilith


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