Lies About Luciferianism

Lies About Luciferianism

Christianism has been really successful in establishing fear and paranoia about Lucifer and demons and their judgmentalism gets darker the more we go in. 

If you try to do your research about Luciferianism, you can find yourself fascinated and terrified at the same time due to the quantity of lies about demonology. 

Luciferians listen again and again the same questions:

- Do you need to sell your soul? 

Or even worse,

- Do you sacrifice animals? 

I would like to set the record straight.


The Truth 

Because of centuries of tribalism and religious propaganda, it's difficult to believe that demons do not need us to engage in unethical practices to obtain what we want. And as Luciferians are incredibly successful, because we don't accept ordinary, it's very tempting to claim that there's must be something evil about our practices. You will never see us burning women alive suspected of being a witch or enslaving people of different cultures, but we are literally monsters. 

When you have access to great power, that comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Although I don't consider appropriate to try to convince anyone, the truth is: demonic magic doesn't involve animal sacrifice. We never injure animals for our offerings. 

Why? Because we don't need to. 


Lilith Cult


The Origin

Animal sacrifice plays a huge role in religious history. Even in the Old Testament -a fantastic source according to millions of people- you can find some references. 

Besides, nearly every culture at some point has made use of animal sacrifice. Perhaps because of the lack of understanding, our early ancestors attributed phenomena they couldn’t explain like weather disasters to superbeings with familiar human emotions and needs. Any inconvenience or disastrous occurrence was in some manner or another attributed to them. 

The sacrifices often, but not always, took the form of live animal and the communal feasting that came with it. As food was scarce back then, it was a good way to appease and persuade the deities. Remember, it's what the sacrifice means to the person who is making the offering. The whole point of it is that you don't use it. A sacrifice is giving up something that has meaning to us. For the ancient man, a chicken . It was even decisive for his survival.

For us, is not something that precious any longer. We not longer live in that world. 

Animal sacrifice is highly unnecessary in our modern lives and we move forward from things that are no longer acceptable. No more, no less. This is a very simple one. Luciferians don't sacrifice animals because animal sacrifice is pointless. 


Satanic Organizations

We Luciferians do not have a church or a local community - we do not have any national or state-wide organization tying us together. I know the idea is tempting, even glamorous, but it's far from the truth. We do not go to Eyes Wide Shut style orgies or burlesque shows. 

The truth is, Satanic organizations are literally irrelevant.


Lilith Argelich


Luciferians live life through self-interested motivations. We pride ourselves in being ambitious, willing to build empires, if that's what we want. Advanced demonic arts provide great results when it comes to innovation, stability, talent and wealth, so yes, it won't be a surprise for anybody to know that many Luciferians belong to elitist social circles. 

The "satanic" groups that do animal sacrifice and crazy stuff have nothing to do with our path. They are gangs, death cults, scammers and delusional criminals, not real occultists. They started getting money and support from people who thought they were real and con-artists use everything they can to persuade their victims of their authenticity, even resort to the Christian's smear campaign against Lucifer. 

Whatever it takes. 

A large part of the world population has grown up listening to lies about animal sacrifice to worship Lucifer. How to completely eliminate from your mind something that has been so persuasively instilled in it? Because of that, using the Satanic mythology as an aesthetic can be productive for posers and frauds - a naive individual can see these barbaric practices as a proof of how real the organization is, instead of a pure waste.

Since animal sacrifice is useless, anyone who continues to practice it does so for reasons that have nothing to do with magic. 


Thanks for the article. It gets even darker than animal sacrifice – child sacrifice/abuse… and it seems that the latter is quite common still today in certain elite circles, and a reason for the „satanic panic“ of modern days that has recently had a revival. Maybe these abusive people do associate with with Luciferians but I don’t think it somehow defines Luciferianism… these issues need to be addressed to stop all the paranoia and misinformation… nowadays so many supposed „woke“ people see „satanic“ this or that everywhere, it needs to stop…
There’s a lot wrong with our system but it’s wrong to blame it on satanism/luciferianism, even if a lot of the so called elites belong to these circles.

However there supposedly are some old witchcraft books that describe rituals using offerings coming from dead child’s bodies… I guess the same applies to that as what you wrote in this article. If it’s true at all…?
I heard that the pain and suffering coming from humans, children in particular, contains enormous energy that can be and is used for magic rituals, even today. Perhaps that’s what people who aren’t really skilled in magick resort to since they lack other resources and true knowledge?

I also second the previous commenter, an article about the „aftermath“ of becoming a Luciferian would be great.


Lila has nailed the misconceptions regarding Luciferianism. I honestly was under the impression that the most daunting stereotype of black magic is the part where spells backfire on the individuals, but it surprised me to infer that animal sacrifice comes across as ghastly as it does for the westerners, since in my country, hindu priests sacrifice chickens and goats in order to satiate the hunger of deities and it is socially and religiously legitimate. Wasn’t it pragmatic of Christians to malign the main opponent whilst ignoring the practices of other ancient religions who are not active competitors or adversaries of their own?

As with the part concerning ambition, Luciferianism only encourages the person to live out their dreams and do justice to their potential with an emphasis on personal accountability, for the person scripts their own path where discretion is imperative. In my opinion, this brings greater meaning to life than giving into depressing concepts like modesty, karma and self-abnegation introduced by organised religions, which is the root cause of limiting beliefs such as not deserving the finest from life.

Also, we are aware that the Lucifer initiation rite is the ritual of conversion into Luciferianism. However, there is such little information prevalent about the doctrine, the do’s and don’ts once the conversion takes place and practicing Luciferianism on a daily basis. I strongly recommend Lila to write yet another article on Luciferianism where such questions regarding the aftermath of the rite are answered since more people will be encouraged to follow this path, once they have a spiritual compass to guide them

Humsika Srikanth

Hello Lilith,

Thank you for your clarity and giving me a better understanding of Luciferianism. Absolutely Christianism have put fear and paranoia about Lucifer and demons. Indeed people need to be educated through enlightenment in Lucifer. for so long they have been lead to believe distorted lies about Lucifer. Once having the belief in Christianity not knowing we were being taught in error. All of what you have spoken about was a thought. I would love to explore the path with you how do I become a Luciferian?


Love the article! Very clear and finally some real information about this practices!

Francesca Ippolito

This is an article that has the merit of delivering several punches in the face. I don’t hide the fact that it knocks me out a bit with a few less teeth (a way of speaking) but nevertheless it is necessary so as not to have to suffer greater disappointment in the future.

From there, we now know what we are moving forward with.

What knocked me out the most was the fact that there is no organization that allows all Luciferians to be linked together: I can also say that you read my mind by mentioning the case of film Eyes Wide Shut with its famous orgy scene.
On the one hand, this scene always serves more or less as an illustration when it comes to talking about black magic, especially with its passage with the master of ceremonies and his naked women all around before “choosing” a partner when I was doing some research in the past to find out.

I won’t hide that this whole scene had an impact on me (I only saw it very late) and although I am a man: beyond the sexual aspect when Tom Cruise walks around (which many could see as borderline the perfect fantasy), I see above all as a form of belonging between “high-ranking” people in society (we must not forget that this event was done only by invitation since it is private) thanks to the networks created over time.
To be in an event like this with a chic environment in this mansion is to have done everything to succeed in rising in social circles: it is to show that one is above a certain mass who do not does not have or does not want to have a future.

That’s my view of things…..or at least it’s beginning to “have been” my view.

This does not mean that I will necessarily abandon the thought of wanting to become a Luciferian (as said in my testimony on the site of August 25, 2023) after reading this article, quite the contrary: it is one of the aspects of my vision on Luciferianism which breaks and disappears to give way to other reasons which motivate me even more for the future.

Thank you Lila for being able to publish an article on this subject: it has the merit of being clear now.


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