Dream of Me Spell, My Favorite Ritual

Dream of Me Spell, My Favorite Ritual

Do parents have a favorite child? If true, here is mine: the dream of me spell

Although it's not a love spell per se, because it's not meant to make your target act in any specific way, it's an extraordinarily clever option when you want to seduce or win back someone.

Here is why. 


Why Dreams Are Important? 

The dream niche is a world of its own. Dreams have fascinated people since the beginning of recorded history - we even have "experts" making a living interpreting them. In Ancient Egypt, individuals believed that one of the best ways to receive divine revelation was through dreams. Clearly, this subject has intrigued us for centuries, and trying to interprete it it's like chasing the dragon. 

Humans had always thought of dreams as a medium between humans and supernatural entities, leading to the belief in prophetic or precognitive dreams. On the other side, neuroscientists think dreams don’t mean a thing spiritually. They are not symbolic, just nothing more than a collection of random thoughts and images, projected during our sleep. 

Fun fact - medication like antidepressants make dreams more vivid and intense, too much sometimes for the patients liking. 

So yes, undeniably, dreams got this mysterious element. We experience ourselves being in hypothetical, even incredible scenarios, that lack a coherent and linear narrative structure, or can evoke extremely strong emotions, sometimes even more intense than those experienced while we are awake. These emotions can be a mix of joy, fear and sadness. The intensity of these emotions can add to the overall sense of confusion when trying to make sense of dream experiences. 

The presence of these surreal and illogical elements can further contribute to the confusion when trying to interpret or understand the dream's meaning.

In brief: just imagine what a target magically manipulated to dream of you will think. That's why I find my ritual so clever and appropriate for a stubborn point of interest, an ex, or someone that you want to have sex with. 



The Spell

Only certain spirits and demons are naturally capable of dream magic, being Lilith one of them.

Our queen is the regent demoness of the lunar sphere and she hunts in dreams - working with this aspect of her power is fascinating, but it's not easy to practice it without going insane. The preparation is meticulous, the night to perform the ritual must be chosen carefully and incense related must be burned while the smoke fills the place of the ritual.

I must not only imagine, but feel the very presence of Lilith. 

For the dream rituals, a batch it's marinated for a month and mixed with special herbs, secret ingredients and spider web collected carefully. A picture of the target that will be manipulated with romantic and sexual dreams of you will be introduced inside. 


The Nocturnal Horror

Lilith, of course, is also the great ruler of the predators of the night - the reverse magical work of my dream of me spell exist and it's called the nightmare ritual

It's definitely a spell to not take lightly. Classified as a hex ritual hex, it's permanent, extremely hard to reverse, and the target can't do anything to control these chaotic and anguished dreams. In a few weeks, they'll be miserable, scared, tired and sad. 

Make sure they deserve this. You'll be the judge of the question. 

Do you think a ritual to cause nightmares it's silly or not ruthless enough? Keep reading. 



Negative dreams are extremely anxiety-inducing. A nightmare it's like an horror movie specially made for our brain, which knows perfectly what do we fear the most. A target under the influence of the nightmare spell will be exposed to dangerous, sometimes life or death situations. There will be certain satisfaction after they wake up and realized that it was all just a dream, but they will be disoriented for hours, or probably all day long. The strong sense of meaninglessness and sadness after a nightmare will stick with them for the rest of the day.

The emotions after a nightmare can feel very real and overwhelming, even though we are aware that we are in a dream state, leaving a lingering sense of fear or unease.

Nightmares frequently involve a loss of control over the dream narrative or the ability to protect oneself from harm. In nightmares, we may feel helpless, unable to escape, or incapable of changing the outcome. 

In some cases, nightmares can also be accompanied by physical sensations. For example, the target may experience a rapid heartbeat, sweating, or even sleep paralysis -a temporary inability to move or speak during sleep. These physical manifestations can intensify the overall fear and contribute to the perception that the nightmare is very, very real. 

If your target deserves it, watch the decay and rejoice in it.


Does it make two spells ineffective if you do two spells with the same agenda like bringing one’s ex back?? Does it make them more effective? Would I need to get a break up spell or would a return my ex spell be sufficient if they are in a relationship? Thank you for your time

Lewis Johnson

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