The Importance of Respect After a Ritual

The Importance of Respect After a Ritual

What to do after a demonic ritual? What can you do make it more powerful?

First, the best thing is to understand what this advanced witchcraft is all about. 

Demons have existed for thousands of years. They want to help humans, but they are not our slaves. If approached or treated with hostility or entitlement, demons will not attend your petition. 

Old Grimoires had a huge impact in my practice - however, based on my own beliefs and practices I do not, by any means, adhere to the well-know method of harassing, yelling or commanding demons. Much less using Angelic forces or salt circles as "protection" against them. This is a huge, terrible mistake. At least, you will be ignored. At worst, you will upset them and your petition will spectacularly backfire.  

Pessimism, whining, having too much free time to think, being annoying, desperate and impatient, feeling entitled... these are terrible attributes that are not going to take you anywhere in life, so what makes you think that they are going to help you with magic?

Consider me the intermediary between you and them. When a customer is complaining right after their ritual about meaningless things ("I didn't hear back from you since yesterday" or "I didn't feel anything, why?") I know their results are going to be a disaster. For sure, they have a very long time ahead before noticing the first hint of results. 

Let's not talk about those who leave a 1 star review, claiming "I will change it to 5 starts once my spell manifests", as if they were doing us a favor. Or the worse of the worse, those who buy a demonic love ritual and then go and buy a Santeria/Angelic/Wicca love ritual one week after. This only show their lack of trust in the demonic work, and demons do not like being tested at all. 

So, what to do after a demonic ritual?

1. Be excited and thrilled. You will obtain your desire within the demon's time period. 

2. Do not worry about the "how". This is not your business. 

3. Do not obsess negatively about your point of interest. It's normal to desire your target, but make sure to enjoy your life meanwhile. 

4. Avoid desperate actions like chasing/stalking your target. Leave them alone. Let them live before they are all yours. 

5. Do not let your current situation, if it's negative, influence you. Be strong. 

Approach this path with respect and excitement. Don't be scared, just be confident and happy. Your life is about to change. 


Very professional and amazing. Highly recommend


she is amazing, and sometimes, i may lose faith. but she has proven herself and her work speaks for herself so THANK YOU!!


She is the most amazing/intriguing person I have ever had contact with. Trust her, she will make things happen, where you thought there was no other way. Many Thanks!

Kegan Nagle

Well said, thank you for sharing!

Anne Roché

I trust Lila and the demons that come forth to bless my life to a better one!


Hi Lila 😘😘😈🤘🖤Write more blogs Please, educate me 🙏 😈🤘Hail Lucifer 😈


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